Yoann Barelli Shreds a Downhill MTB Track on a Cyclocross Bike

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As a professional discipline, enduro is still pretty young – but in riders like Yoann Barelli it already has its natural superstars. Whether it’s a downhill bike or a cyclocross, the level of riding he can produce on just about any bike is incredible. Watch him rip down a Squamish trail on his CX – you can actually hear his tires suffering as he’s smashes the turns.


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alexis bbac says:

Barelli…. Not Birelli

SantinoDeluxe says:

Birelli or Barelli ?

Tino Kekoni says:

0:46 “Dude, when you get to ride like 100%, you can even hear the noise of your bike, it’s like TZHU-THU-THUU PHA-PHA-PA-PA-PHAA”

mjs1231 says:

ya f— the music, anoying as f

i want to hear the tire ripping
that -hits sick

She Left Me For Jesus says:


SWTBRO says:

I would if I had a rim sponsor.

SanghinMusic says:

it’s barelli not birelli ! 🙁

Adilhan ŞANLI says:

Maybe lıke my vıdeos

Dewoy1 says:

1:28 Wah ?

cortarelva says:

I didn`t know you could do that with such skinny tires and live.

Andranik Ghazaryan says:

0:42 Apetor?

Ross De Jesus says:

That’s why i wondering to every person’s comparing all kinds of bikes and its wheel sizes!
Its all up to the one who will ride and the level of the skills. A bike is a tool.

Lorenz Schäfer says:

That’s showing the importance and epicness of sound design! Awsome!

fuckin ay says:

this must of been made by the same person who did the mark wallace shreds raw

Njoken says:

Wow, the sound is spot on

Julien Durand says:

Great riding!

Pedal God says:

And all the downhill mtbers with 10000 dollar dh mtbs be like…

Kamil Gamil says:

that’s sick

engwind says:

I love how this video was edited! And the skills of Yoann Barelli!

SuperArcher2345 says:

even as an Enduro rider he throws some insane whips

velo1337 says:

those 2000$ wheels are music enough 🙂

Nanchi Knives says:

hey thumbs up but there isn’t a thumb up bottom this. video is awsome

Tom Pitts says:

how did the tires not pop on that thing

Jared Carino says:

Woah, which brand of mountain bike is he rocking?


Travelocity gnome at 0:16


R.O.D. Race or Die says:

i do it all the time! with my radon zr-team hardtail cc.

Danial Arif says:

This video. I like it. No BS music in my face, just the calming yet intense sound of the action.

Seanway says:

The sound of those tires!

69Police says:

So great to hear the mechanical sounds I know and love instead of some foul dubstep over this artistic highlight reel.

Jexsy says:

It sounds so good

bhMTB says:

Ummm. Re-upload. Also his name is spelt wrong in the title. Seriously, Red Bull.

Nanchi Knives says:

crazy awsome

rex aitken says:

someones already done this at whistler

CAN Control says:

Thumbs down for not recycling! I mean, come on its 2016.

Dave Sanders says:

no words to describe…

Tom Allender says:

This is one of the most perfect videos ever created

TimmyskateHD says:

Dont whatch this Video when you are drunk… I am drunk right now……….and high……..#stoned und #betrunken durchs internet

Radu Segal says:

Make more videos without music !!! this one is amazing

ParkourEh says:

More like Psychocross

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