10 Cheapest Electric Bicycles You Can Afford (Review of Bikes Starting at $699)

Electric transport is a hot topic for sure. Just recently we have featured on our channel an episode about the fastest electric bicycles that exist today.

Here is the link for you, in case you missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oNKWAcBA9s

The major feedback that we received was our viewer’s dissatisfaction with high prices of those two-wheelers. So in this episode we decided to review 10 of the cheapest models on sale that come to your doorstep almost factory assembled and do not require additional skills and sophisticated instruments to be put together. Do you think you can get a decent electric bicycle for $1000 or less? Let watch and find out!

Electric bicycles featured in this video:

Populo Sport: populo.com/products/populo-sport-v1

Store link: https://amzn.to/2EuCEuM

On today’s market there aren’t that many ebike models that combine light weight of 36 lbs and rather affordable price of $1,000. Populo Sport has a single speed drivetrain with a hub motor in the rear wheel.

Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent Air: juicedbikes.com/pages/crosscurrent-air-product-information

Store link: https://amzn.to/2JryyXV

This is the second generation pedelec from Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent line, that is now even more affordable. It comes with lifetime warranty on the frame, two years on the mechanical components and 1 year on the battery.

Populo Scout: populo.com/products/populo-scout-electric-bicycle?variant=33460653201

Store link: https://amzn.to/2IB3m7g

The Scout is an oversized middle price model from Populo that gets richer package of features, more battery capacity and higher speed. Unlike many bikes from this class it has a mid-drive motor with 350 W output.

Moar Bike: moar.bike

In this video we tried to avoid featuring crowdfunding bikes that are not readily available and have proven their worthiness, but Moar managed to grab our attention, being the first comparatively affordable electric bicycle with full suspension.

Mijia QiCycle: xiaomi-mi.com/electric-bikes/xiaomi-mijia-qicycle-folding-electric-bike-red

If you are looking for an affordable electric bicycle from a reliable manufacturer, you should definitely look into the lineup suggested by the Chinese high-tech giant Xiaomi. Mijia QiCycle has foldable construction and can fit into a car trunk.

Sondors Original: sondors.com/collections/north-america-pre-sale/products/2018-sondors-original-us-canada-only

This exact model put Sondors on the map of electric bicycle buyers and at the time of the release in 2015 the Original secured the title of the most affordable eBike ever produced.

Folding Wave: waveelectricbikes.com/shop/electric-bikes/folding-wave/

Folding Wave priced at $899 is the cheapest offered by the company. With a 350 W motor, it is less powerful than its siblings.

Propella: www.propella.bike/

Propella combines a minimalistic design with the latest battery technology to create lightweight plug and play ebikes that are easy to use, reliable and pretty fun to ride.

Tidal Wave: waveelectricbikes.com/shop/electric-bikes/tidal-wave

Tidal Wave is a typical beach cruiser equipped with a 750 W electric motor that has a step-through frame to make mounting and dismounting the bike easier.

Wave 2.0: waveelectricbikes.com/shop/electric-bikes/wave-electric-bike-2-0/

Wave 2.0 is a lighter, safer version of the company’s original electric bike that was first launched in 2015.

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blakutnuj says:

That’s more like it. Believe it or not, but I’m actually considering buying one of Populos or that Propella. Thanks for the update!

Marciel Luta says:

Nice bikes but for us osteuropens these price are to expensive we are only 500$ budget.

James Oconnor says:

What about rad power bike’s???

Dbf Crell says:

The Juiced’ Cross Current is the best bang you’ll find for a commuter. It actually does have front suspension and the best batteries you can find. It’s got all the goodies done right.

Alwyn Dellow says:

What is wrong with a little 50cc petrol engine on a bike. A litre of petrol would get you as far as these bikes. You dont say how long it takes to recharge either.

Bry Bridge says:

Love the ones who actualy fit in a trunck and in an elevator without having people wanting to kill you

jack hart says:

We bought two elec. bikes ,smart motion 250 watt dual on/off road. $3150 , Luther 250 watt $1250 folding with f/b serspention and throttle only too ,value for money bike from a. Sydney bast seller , REALY nice to ride and not worry about hills or wind ,
In my view money well spent

FrankD71864 says:

699 is still too steep for me. I guess I’ll stay with a 100 buck pawn shop manual.

1 E L M E R says:

What do I buy? Budget 1300.00 for this project. Thanks

The Drift Cars says:

8/10 wave ❤

Dario Milardovic says:

Still expensive.

Damian Vesik says:

How many of the vehicles that you post have you actually rode/driven? All i see are the company promotional videos with your voice over. You just play their stuff, collect a fee and who cares about an actual unbiased review. I have tried a lot of those bikes and while they look good most are way under powered. Like you tell us, do your own testing.

dave himlin says:

Many of these cheap ebikes..are only 250 watts of power…If you weigh above 160 lbs and want to ride thru sand, trails, or up hilly roads, 250 watts of power is not much. I would suggest 750 watts as a bare minimum and 2000 watts is great because it allows you extra power when needed.

Paladinbr says:

I put a Luna BBSHD and 48v 13.5 Amp hour on a Yuba cargo bike. I could have gone with the BBS02 and that would outperform pretty much any bike listed here at about the same cost. Installing the kit is dead easy, and can be done on most bikes.

Ryan Gifford says:

What a great idea to make already fat and lazy people even fatter and lazier. Now they don’t even have to pedal anymore. Evolution at its prime!

mommy bear says:

Ok where do you charge it in the mountains? Where do you charge it on back roads in the middle of no where?

james eagle says:

Don’t buy the populo scout! Once your battery dies, it’s game over for the bike because they don’t carry replacement batteries.

ಠ_ಠ says:

When you compare so many bikes.. it would be really great if compared the same specifications.
Research them then tell us , you are definitely going to get lots of likes.
Price / power
Price / range
Power / range..

Someone will do it eventually so we can compare the same values.. will you be the first . ?

PlasmaBurns says:

This video needs more ads.

Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews says:

Electric bicycles outperform their classic predecessors in almost every aspect – they have pedal assist technology, loads of smart features and the ability to ride for significant distances without requiring any physical work. If you are looking for your entry-level e-bike but don’t want to spend a fortune, here are 10 bicycles that you should check out. Which one would you like to own?

johnny llooddte says:

you can buy a good cheap bicycle at walmart for 80 bucks.. why does it cost 500 dollars and more for a cheap motor

Roger Rennenger says:

these bikes look amazing, great video man, thanks for making this. i just ordered a volt bike mariner, and i’m more excited than i’ve been in a looong time at the thought of biking to work

Ilan says:

750 watts. one HP, for just 25 MPH?

Harvey Holloway says:

it is nice to know what Eco friendly options are available. Good video.

Ken Bell says:

You can build a better bike than you can buy for less money.

James X says:

Those wave bikes have really bad reviews, they are basically 400 dollar knocks offs with a wave badge. There’s plenty of YouTube videos about it

Pushyhog says:

Your full if shit as a Christmas turkey.

jackgoldman1 says:

Rad minin and Rad bikes should be considered too.

Richard Conner says:


kght222 says:

#7 when you say unique folding mechanism on that bike it makes me question your research. that type of folding bike has been around for quite a long time, and there is nothing unique about having a folding frame and handlebars in that configuration. my old columba 26 has the same mechanism for the frame to fold (and i mean literally the same, there are a few different ones floating around on the market, my x-treme x-cursion ebike for example uses a different one) and the folding bars are probably pretty standard at this point, able to be replaced from many sources. so no, there isn’t anything unique about the folding mechanism on that bike, even for an ebike (like i said, my x-treme x-cursion is a folding ebike, 26 inches though so no folding bars)

Miguel Messam says:

Moar or scout

Marek Marek says:

for 700eur I can have 125ccm scooter. And scooter outperform any of those toys. More comfortable ride, unlimited range, speed, service….you can ride with girlfriend on one scooter….

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