2013 Organic Transit ELF Video Review – Solar Powered Electric Bike with Canopy and Cargo Holds

http://electricbikereview.com/organic-transit/2013-elf/ The Organic Transit ELF was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 as a solar powered electric bike. It’s built around a custom designed recumbent trike that uses all 26″ wheels. The plastic body includes a windshield, roof (with built in 100 watt solar panel) and has options including a Nuvinci hub, wheel caps and upgraded tires. The bike goes 20mph top speed and has a recharge time of 6 hours with the solar panel in optimal conditions. It can ship with a 3 speed or 9 speed internally geared SRAM hub but comes standard with headlights, brake lights and turn signals.


Alex Tran says:

I’d buy one! if they sealed off the bottom, add some doors and maybe a winsheild wiper(s).
I live in Seattle so it get decently cold and rains alot.

Or Koren says:

wow so cool

David Macdonald says:

I really like it , but as soon as you get interaction with a car as in any crash , whether there is any recorded or not so far , you will be in a poor way , a car will I would think smash it to bits, and flatten the person in it , my point was I like it , but not on a road , and it’s on most paths to big , so with a better shift in attitude to the transportation problem we have , this could have a place , I just don’t think on a road it would be to safe , not its fault, its other drivers faults impatience, you see it any trip you take on a road day in day out , it’s not right , but it is the reality when people are behind the wheel of a vehicle. we need more of a Dutch system.

gsotoaz says:

Do you get paid to do these reviews? How do you do so many?!

Tran Lily says:

Sorry my silly question cause I don’t speak English well.
If this is electric solar power, why you need use strength of legs to run this? I though we just turn on the button to start electric to run it.
How can ppl use this if they have to go to long road in hot weather summer? I mean run this by legs strength, it cost a lot energy. It’s make ppl sweat like hell when they use this to go to the work in summer day.

Ladislav Jurdik says:

Is this able to be charged while driving? would make insane impact on range

Brianna Snow says:

How do you buy this


can tell me how big the motor is in the elf as looking for something that meets australia dep of transport in australia of 200w motor to classed as a ebike with pedel ass

Brendon Bosy says:

Why not just go all the way and get an electric car? i dont see the advantage of this. Seems pretty dangerous and you lose the manuverability of a standard ebike

Rusty Rivet says:

Reasonable price!? Maybe for someone who can throw money away!? Fuck that sideways.


I just got back from another trip to get groceries in a cold rain with my daughter riding in back. The leg room , even in the solo is very long, so you can push the seat all the way back and put up to teen kid behind you on the seat and still have just enough room to sit, and I’m about 180 pounds. Anyway, this thing is still fun after over 20 trips all over the place. We went trick or treating in it.

No insurance is needed, and the price is a LOT cheaper than a triple bypass.

Here’s what the controller screen looks like, but you need a little serial to USB RS232 adapter to connect to your laptop or PC. Ebay or Microcenter have them for under $5.00:


Abrar Ahmed says:

one fail: you cant leave your stuff in it or use it for storage it has no trunk or lock.

Tulho mania says:

legal quero uma.

peter schiller says:

You drive like an old lady.

TechWizPC says:

Can you actually use this for Uber service?

Yamaguchi Hiroki says:

i like this cause we don’t need to scarce of rain . but bad for singapore .singapore not allow us to make this .

Kay Alipio says:

im sure the price is to high…hmmmmmmm

Mark Ohlson says:


Ester Belemgomez says:

Oh man I love it how I wish I could afford it I am going to save my money to buy me one cuz I am tired of falling off of my regular bike lol I have not seen nothing like this in my side of the world


you need a licence to drive this contraption around? you park this as car or bike area?

KC Nham says:

bad suspension or no suspension

halmc says:

Where does the Trump / Pence sticker go?

Airsoft fan says:

how much are they

Robert Hess says:

The electrical system in my new elf failed and I’ve been waiting three months for replacement parts. Non-existent customer service. Beware.

Nestor Ramirez says:

cual es su precio? what is you $?

Master of who says:

pia you are so stupid i goten hotter every here in arkansas tell me its not do to globale warming


Do you need a licence to drive this contraption around? you park this as car or bike area?

Ctk Bryton says:

They could also made this kind of frame for a 2-wheel bike, purely for wind and rain, like the rear sheet glass, it be a flexy bike frame bubble,like a motor bike that had a wide roof loop that could open like a sports car that have vertical side roll open doors, with only the knees and leg sides exposed to stop/balance.

Alzona Parker says:

How can I order one right now. I was gonna get motorcycle but not now

Roger Geyer says:

I just looked at the website. The Elf Solo now STARTS at $8500.

Sorry, but you’ve GOT to be kidding.

When people want to spend $9000 and up on an EV, they’ll be using the used EV full car market the vast majority of the time. For similar money, there’s no comparison it terms of safety, speed, convenience, range, etc. when looking at where real world EV cars are rapidly heading.

And if the people raving that EV’s will last for decades with very little maintenance are accurate (I don’t think we know yet), then the idea that used ones won’t be available and practical is a fail.

kHadija mOhamed says:

how much it cost..? is there a way to know more about it

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