2015 Rad Power Bikes RadRover Video Review

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/2015-radrover/ The Rad Rover by Rad Power Bikes is an Indiegogo funded electric fatbike with a powerful 500 watt motor, ample 48 volt battery and seven speed drivetrain. Comfortable saddle, ergonomic grips and suspension fork with lockout, two color choices but only one frame size 19″. Integrated headlight, sturdy mechanical disc brakes, quality Kenda fat tires and two drive modes (throttle and pedal assist). No quick release on the wheels, battery has to be powered on independently from the display, no bottle cage or rack bosses but there are optional fenders available and you get a solid one year warranty (unique for a crowd funded e-bike). RadRover is currently for sale direct.


Stepping On Legos says:

The motor name sounds like one of my favorite video genres.

artbell1 says:

Thanks for the great reviews! How much torque does the motor produce…how many Nm…Newton meters???

Thanks again!


I’m about 5’4 to 5’5. would this be too big

Bruce Stanley says:

I got mine a little over a month ago. It has been a fantastic bike, and a transformative experience for me.I hadnt been on a bike in almost 40 years! At first i was riding this in mostly twist and mode, but now I do mostaly all pedal assist, and am feeling so much better physically an emotionally! Everywhere I go, people ask me about the bike, and I’ve even sold a few for Rad. It’s the best $1500 I have ever invested. I love riding this beast. I am semi retired and my straight commute to work is 1.2 miles to work… but on sunny days, I take the scenic route (4 miles), for my morning moment of Zen. You cannot go wrong with this bike. Yeah it’s heavy (61 pounds) but it is too much fun!

SanityLoss says:

My commute is 18 miles, would this be a good choice for the 18mile ride everyday?

Mark Mollat says:

Thanks for the review. Looks like this RadRover is a huge contender for my first electric bike. Question, I was looking at the accessories, but I dont see that fender option from your video at the RadPowerBiles website. Is that a different brand?

BigDuke6ixx says:

Wish I could get one of these in the UK.

Chris Ciak says:

I noticed that you stated that the frame was only one size. I am 5’5″ in height. Would I still be able to ride the RadRover? I currently ride a Non-electric bicycle from Giant. It is a medium frame Talon 27.5 (2015). I am not sure how all the measurements work, but here is all the geometry for that bike: http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/talon.27.5.4/18769/76226/#geometry

Any help would be appreciated.

Stephen Cho says:

With double the tire width does it double the odds of getting a flat?

The Farmer27 says:

0 is the lowest

Bass Junkie says:

This is the best deal for any electric bike but I don’t have 1.5K to drop and being a college student and commuting to school im stuck waiting for a cramped bus to show up hopefully on time.

braian polariz says:

the motor’s name is Hentai?

BaconToast says:

wish it came with thinner tires.

discjunkietv says:

Any idea where I can get a set of those black fenders? They dont seem to be available from Rad Power Bikes.

Dennis Ricks says:

Can you ride it in the Rain ?

oscar ruiz says:

Pedego vs radpower. Is there a big difference in quality? Pricing makes me feel like i might be missing something. Fyi. Im looking at pedego interceptor or this radrover.

Jeremiah Powell says:

Do you think this bike will need a suspension seat post?

Commander Toucan says:

So its like a dirtbike w peadals?

Yousuf A says:

how many miles can it run on one charge???

Kevin Clark says:

I’ve watched a lot of your videos and as a cameraman by trade I’d like to say your camera work is really good, very steady and the fact that you can jump on a bike and shoot just as well is to be commended.

JC Random videos says:

how much does it weigh??

Josh Amidon says:

I was going to get the Juiced Crosscurrent but the more I thought about it the more I thought about the reason why I want an ebike to begin with. I want to be lazy. I also want a throttle option. So now I am leaning towards this or the Rad city. I wont really be doing any trails. that’s what my dirt bike is for. and if I do they won’t be extreme. the Rad city fits the bill nicely but I love the looks of this one. I can’t make up my mind at all. Help!

terrysmith8966 says:

radrover or volbike yokon if u had to have one which one would you choose

Randeep21 says:

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jessestylex says:

These look so fun. The white one is very nice looking.

сергей иванов says:

слишком много слов!
too many words!

Jeremiah Powell says:

One thing I love is that there customer support is great they get back to you within a day for any questions right now sense I don’t have the bike yet. I will hopefully get the Rad Rover next month like they have said I will.

David Blackthorne says:

I weigh 250 pounds. Would you happen to know which electric bicycle has the highest weight limit ? I know that the RadWagon has a 350 pound weight limit. Do you know of any other electric bicycle makers that are even higher ? Maybe 400-500 pound weight limit ? I’m just curious. Thanks.

Jeremiah Powell says:

Have you done a update review of the new 2016 version of the radrover

jbss7382 says:

Im based in the UK, so would love to know if there are any UK stockists/outlests stocking this bike AND how much in the UK

Kiseong Ra says:

Hi!, can this bike climb steep hill such as 20+ grades?

Hunter says:

Wish it wasn’t so expensive

Jorge Solari says:

Hello. You have the review of: Black Electric Beach Cruiser Bike w / Rack & Basket Bicycle and Bike Lithium 24V? Thank you


nice review thanks

Steven says:

Bought one and it arrives Monday! Also I would love to see a review of their new edition where the front wheel is quick disconnect and the wires are put into the frame.

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