2016 Specialized Turbo S Video Review

http://electricbikereview.com/specialized/turbo-s/ The 2016 Turbo S from Specialized is an extremely fast, quiet and stiff electric bike with premium drivetrain and brake components and sleek integrated lights, available in four frame sizes for improved fit. Beautifully integrated battery pack, it matches the frame perfectly and even features a bottle cage mounting point. Heavier and more expensive than the 2015 version but nominal motor output has been doubled, battery size is ~40% larger, the drivetrain is Shimano Deore XT vs. SRAM and there’s a smartphone app. Excellent dealer network that can get you fitted properly, solid three year comprehensive warranty.



does it have regenerative brake like the older turbos?

syamsul bahari says:

does it come built in power meter?

patch rooney says:

I’m looking forward to the time when bicycles like this are more affordable.

2 bros knife And tool says:

Do you think Stromer st2 is better for a car replacement commuter? Or this? Any suggestions? Thanks ! Good video!


no link available.

lee young says:

pointless unless you’re old or have health probs

DieRunning1 says:

2016 Turbo S in Australia still has the 250watt motor.. 🙁

v1ce21 says:

Just one question: Which one do you prefer: The Stromer ST2 or this one? And why?I test drove the Stromer ST2 and I was really amazed! I want to use it to go to work, which is a trip of 46 kilometres back and forth. The only downsize is that I’m hesitant about the price tag of the Stromer. This one has a good price though…

AndreeAase seas Allardsqeqees says:

Buyers beware Specialized offers very little support for this product. You buy it and you are on your own. Very disappointed for a 7000$ bike

Henry Longmire says:

that’s actually awesome. Too expensive, but awesome. 😀

John Thornton says:

It would be really cool to use solar power to recharge the battery.

Christopher Railwah says:

I have the specialized turbo … and I must say that These bikes are build very well. I commute to work to i out some fender and ands rack which makes it a little less sporty….. but it does make riding to work extremely fun !! Just be safe guys !

Bryanet says:

Great video review,….i wanted to buy one this year (2015 model) but just waited and hoped for a upgraded version with a 500 watt motor and a larger battery. Glad i waited a bit longer. When does this model hit the market in europe?
Love your video’s btw always a enjoy watching them. Keep up the good work,……cheers from the netherlands

James Selene says:

What is it with the squeaking noises on the brakes? It was bad on the Turbo review as well. Are all Specialized bikes like that? Is it so hard to adjust that it isn’t work fixing before a review?

Robert L. Crivelli says:

Please can you review Budnitz electric Titanium bicycle.

daspecialist1220 says:

no shocks for front or rear.. hmmm no bueno

Francis Samkoh says:

i have followed some of your videos and I really like them.
i have a genesis v2900 full suspension that I want to convert it to an eb ok ke. could you please recommend a cheap kit that can handle 20 miles and hour for me.
My name is Francis from Silver Spring MD

Vince Leuenberger says:

Love your videos. Thanks.

Beenthere Donethat says:

$7000??? I don’t see it.

mobgma says:

You stopped putting the review link to the electricbikereview website….

Time Relativity says:

Note to Specialized. . Having the bright lights on during charging is a waste of power! Electric bike = efficiency. Hard to believe you put that ‘feature’ on the bike. . . .

CyberGolem says:

What a great looking bike, but what’s the range? Understandably that hills and such will vary range but given a relatively flat distance under ideal circumstances … ??

On a side note, with the cost of these bikes rivaling motorcycles, I’d prefer some kind of key to lock out the battery or even the motor itself. It would—at a minimum—deter casual/opportunistic theft.

Allan Fernandes says:

Hey electric bike review, can you tell me the best electric bikes under 2000$…. And also if they can ship to the middle east or India

Jebidiah Springfield says:

7k is absurd. You can buy a brand new motorcycle for that price. I’m sure they don’t sell many at that price point. How do you justify a 110 percent difference between the base model and the turbo, you can’t.

tomble womble says:

Can the battery be removed to charge?

Jeremiah Powell says:

I just bought new tires for my giant bike and I went to my local bike shop and I picked up the same tires this bike has and they a really smooth riding but you do feel the bumps a bit more with my front suspension because they have a higher pressure rating on this tire (I also had to buy a new bike pump so I can pump them up)

John Newlin says:

What’s the range if you just to turbo mode and keep it at max speed?

inferno4001 says:

looks like my next bike for sure! (but as Ariel below stated, really odd that this would cost as much as 2 good second hand cars… -i could obviously give numerous examples, but you get the point-). A great mountain ebike (with a 25km/hr pedal assist motor) of around 2500 euro can be tuned to go 50km/hr for a few hundred euros more… I get that with these speeds, there are bound to be issues with the frame etc. but still…. (I obviously wouldnt go 50km/hr on a bike that is not suited for this speed, but the option to be able to go even about 30km/hr, shouldnt cost so much more…)

Wayne Howarth says:

Seriously $7000.00 why? Only 500 watts, battery back size is nice, but this is way too much for what it is.

pioneer7777777 says:

2016 Turbo X review? 🙂

Angel says:

What is the major difference between the Turbo, Turbo X, and Turbo S? I was think of investing in the Turbo as my first e-bike since it is the cheapest but I am curious if there are really any major differences to consider between the higher end models. Also I am a bit concerned on how long these bikes last and how easy they are to fix or replace parts. I have heard people online having issues with the battery not working after a few months of use and recently read a post of someone trying to find parts for his Turbo X but said Specialized no longer made any so he couldn’t fix his bike. Posts like these are very off putting when you consider how much money you’re spending on these bikes.

Steven First says:

Love your reviews and perspective on electric bikes but I really really wish you would do a bit more basic off roading (hills, descents, etc) and please get a cameraman for your on bike rides so we can see more.

Time Relativity says:

Love your vids!

Alex N says:


ilan magen says:

The most uncomfortable control, look how Bosch did it.

jc hg says:

Niceeeeee…….as always. Thanks for those seconds of the video in third person. Good choice and very clean frame, I think this is the future of electric bikes, integrated battery in frame.

Siclmn Cyclerider says:

I rode this one and then a Stromer ST-2 This bike sucks. The Stromer is twice the bike in every way and it is also a lot more money but worth every cent.

Byron Sutton says:

For daily cardio/fitness exercise bike (having fun and losing some weight) is the 2016 Turbo an adequate purchase? I’m 5’5 300lbs looking to do between 30 to 45mins a day of cycling cardio after work.

fromkentucky says:

I’m really curious why so many manufacturers are still using 36V systems instead of 48 or 52V. They could get more power (Watts) from the same Amps, or the same power with fewer Amps (increasing reliability and range), and more range from the same size and weight battery.

RC says:

waste of money

Phucklord3000 says:

meh just build a mid drive for half the cost and lighter

Ariel Lezen says:

I actually can’t understand why these systems cost so much; I built my own with a 2750w motor and a 1kwh LiPo pack with an onboard charger that looks like you wrapped a plate around the triangular tube and added a sprocket, you can barely notice it’s not quite a pedal only bike. My range is ridiculous and I don’t really pedal anymore, but these bikes cost 3k and the damn things are 250w with a 360wh pack?! Bull shit! Here’s a 1000w pedal or throttle bike with a minimum of 40km throttle only range for less than a 350w ebike with maybe ten kilometers of range.

If you’re not quite DIY oriented, here’s what you can do:

*Buy a bike without the battery. Hell, buy a 1000w Hub Motor with a controller, already in the wheel *

*Buy twenty four of these*

*buy two rolls of this*

*Buy one of this*

*Buy one of this*

*Buy this*


*and one of these*

What have you got? Simply put the hub motor wheel on, connect the pedal sensor (or the throttle if you chose that) attach the chain and disc or rim brakes, get all your batteries and cut off the connectors (REMEMBER! CUT ONLY ONE AT A TIME OR YOU’LL SHORT THEM ACROSS YOUR SCISSOR xD) And connect all the reds to the reds and blacks to blacks using a soldering gun and solder (not included in shopping list) and get the small connectors that look like computer fan connectors and make sure again to cut those and wire matching colours together WITHOUT shorting them across with scissors, so cut one at a time. Use heat shrink on all connectors, included in the list. Also on the list is 8AWG wire, solder some from the connected reds of all the battery bank, heat shrink it and do the same for black. Extend the wire sideways along the batteries, they should be aligned in a smooth array of 1×12. Solder one of the yellow connectors you cut off onto both wires and put some of the massive 110mm heat shrink around the whole pack, making sure the connector and balance ports are well out away from the pack. Heat shrink it, and for about 300 USD you’ve built an 800WH pack that can be charged like a normal battery with the included charger. Do this twice, and connect the series harness included soldered directly into the controller, so you can connect both batteries to it in series. Get the parallel harness and on the output plug instead solder some of the bannana connectors from the charger so you can plug the harness into it, letting you charge the batteries at 22.2 volts and discharge them at 50V! These sleek packs will fit onto battery racks, ammo cans or the inner triangle of your bike, they look sleek and professional and you don’t get ripped off. with two of these you’ll have a MINIMUM of 40km range going 60Km/h as long as the aerodynamics of your bike don’t change too much. If you pedal? Hell, you’ll probably never see these empty. You have over 4x the battery capacity and 3x the acceleration of most of these bikes, paid about 1500 to 2000 depending on shipping and if you don’t own a soldering iron and your bike will look sick as shit.

I’ll post this around your other videos, court. Not to spam, but I want more people to see this message. PM me if you don’t want me posting these and i’ll delete them, but in my opinion if people see E-bikes aren’t just slow expensive toys that cost as much as a motorcycle but instead as fast hot rods that cost as much as a slower, smelly and gay looking (xD) gas moped they don’t have to maintain or change oil or mix gas or pay insurance on, then the E-bike scene will get a lot more interesting. The technology is there.

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