2017 Ebike Updates with Sam at the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, California

I visited Sam and Kanika at the Electric Bicycle Center (Formerly Myron’s Extreme Machines) in Fullerton California to see what new Ebike models have shown up. Sam has been in the business for 30 years, previously selling gas powered kick scooters. Now he’s focused exclusively on electric bikes and his location in Sourthern California means that companies like Haibike, Bulls, E-Joe, Magnum, eProdigy, Super 73, Motiv, Raleigh, E-Lux, Populo, SmartMotion, Juiced Bikes, Bulls, Momas, I-MAX, EcoReco, Glion, Goped and others can swing by easily and drop new bikes off. Sam and I have been friends for several years now, I review a lot of products with his help because I feel he’s unbiased and has a really positive outlook. Once a year he does this Ebike Party at his shop with a bunch of manufacturers where you can test ride bikes, much like the Ebike Expo. Definitely check him out if you’re in the area and get excited about all of the cool new models for 2017! I’ll be reviewing as many of these as I can 😉

I don’t have much info on the gas scooter business that Sam sold to Hector but it’s going to be called Propeds and will be located in Garden Grove. Call Sam for more info if you’re interested in those products.

Address: 400 E Commonwealth Ave Unit 6, Fullerton, CA 92832
Phone: (714) 992-5591
Website: https://electricbicyclecenter.com/


rommeo27 says:

chip from roumania nice! im from roumania, great work pall you do a lot for people into electric bikes

James Ledesma says:

good job both of you you guys talk the right stuff you tell this way that way it is but I still don’t know which bike to buy if you’re fat LOL I like her that he’s doing well I like Sam I just need some better input what bike to buy that would be best for a heavy person who’s going to write it in the city LOL what is the value price 2000-3000 now this one with a basket and two batteries I’m confused again which motor has the most reliable don’t know I still get so dumbfounded

Vicki Boyer says:

Dear Court- please review the Raleigh Trike soon- this 58 year old would really value your opinion!

Tomos13 says:

Yep, no pressure, no BS, straight talk from Sam on everything that he knows about the product. Glad that the place is a bit roomier than the previous.
I’m off for a ride on my bike haha. Later!

Welsh Whoopee says:

we could do with alot more of these type of shops in Wales in the UK, sweet shop and just started out on my first electric bike called a Electrobike, super fun and can’t wait to be riding to work every day. keep up the great work mate 🙂

Bobby Shah says:

Best video yet….

101AOK says:

Ha no prices talked about….hmmm

Tim Boggs says:

We need a Bicycle center here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nice report Court ✌️

Leo nitus says:

I bought a CrossCurrent and I commute from Anaheim to Santa Ana and back on a single charge no problem about 22 miles with the 10.4 amp battery.

Orlando Hernandez says:

Had a chance to meet you yesterday! The shop looks amazing!

GrupoSentenciadeWKGN says:

Pre ordered my 2nd Juiced Riders bike aka Juiced Bikes it will be the Ocean Current in a step thru frame in a Sea Foam Color for my wife.I can’t wait for it to be shipped and if it’s anything like my Odk U500 which is a solid well built bike with very nice components I personally think my wife will enjoy riding it as it will be her first ever E-Bike. What do you think of that bike Sam have you gotten to see or ride it yet at any bike expos yet?

semidemiurge says:

Sam’s a great guy

softpedistul100 says:

I love this fat bastard. He looks like Dom Irrera.

RoyMcAvoy says:

I wish I had a shop like Sam’s back in my place.

willie bezo says:

im glad for sam, and corys is such a nice smart ebike guy..i have a brand new go moterboard with a depleated battery to donate to sams shop if corey ever come to brooklyn again…

sournote28 says:

Hello Cort—if you could only have one type of electric bike, would it be the city/commuter, beach cruiser, or mountain type electric bike and why?……could you also tell me why internally geared hubs and gates carbon belt drive are not more often employed on electrically assisted or regular mountain bikes for that matter

Gunnar René Øie says:

5:50 A 12V outlet would be so useful for a lot of accessories, but a thermo-electric cooler box is probably the worst possible thing you can plug into it: Those things kill truck batteries if you forget to disconnect them when you stop the engine. Maybe if you had regen and Mark Cavendish pedaling you might keep your lemonade stand cool.

Ed Meyer says:

Sam is a good dude!!!

John Clifford de Grood says:

If I lived in the States…I would buy my bike from Sam..

samsacre says:

Does this guy dicker or what! I don’t see any prices on anything! my brother is in Huntington Beach and says everybody out there it’s got eBikes

Seb K says:

I have noticed more ebike shops popping up around London in the last couple of years. Definitely the ebike boom .

James Ledesma says:

If I Only Had Sams input exactly which bike to buy it would be nice I trust them and I trust both of you but you have to be biased and he doesn’t have to be that will make me get around town and cuz I’m happy make it so I can go more than 5 miles on the bicycle and not have to buy a battery every year maybe Sam will give me a break I’m Homeless looking for the best value bike I can get I will take a used bike when I just need to make sure I buy the right one to start with I’m thinking about a kid I’m thinking about this I’m so confused I have no idea which one to buy which is going to Reliable long-lasting and easy to pedal is it a townie is it a juice bike is it a it’s just I can’t figure out which one it’s a guessing game I can’t make a mistake on

Surfdocsteve says:

Sam is the man. Hands down the best ebike dealer in the area. I bought my Haibike from him and not the dealer less than 2 miles from me. I’m coming down Thursday to check out the new shop. I didn’t see you or Sam at the ebike convention in Long Beach a few weeks ago, but everyone knew Sam. BTW, it was super fun and I rode over 20 bikes! Thanks for all the reviews!

andrew hunt says:

Sam is one of those guys that you just wish you could have known your whole life.I really like it when you and him have a chat about the past and future of ebikes.

Lester Ma says:

No wonder there are so many electric bike videos, you can buy a car for the prices their asking!! My local dealer will demo one for $100 but the battery only lasts for a few hours?

Midway says:

Super 73 Awesomeness! Fast & Fun!

UncleHarry says:

This is the kind of e-bike expert I’d be willing to purchase from. Damn, maybe if I were younger, I’d just buy a one-way ticket to California, and then e-bike all the way back home to Ohio!! That black e-bike with the basket from Electric Bike Company looked very appealing. Cort have you ever done a review on this particular model? again thanks for this video!!!

Mark M says:

I hope his rent is cheap.

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