2018 Bosch Electric Bike Updates from Interbike (Active Line Plus, eShift, PowerTube 500)

For 2018, Bosch is updating their Active Line motor and supplementing it with an Active Line Plus model. They still offer the Performance Line, Performance Line Speed, and Performance Line CX for trail and mountain riding as well. Going through these different motor systems, we step from 100 RPM 40 Newton meter torque with the Active, up to 105 RPM 50 Nm, 120 RPM 63 Nm (for both Performance Line and Speed), and end with 120 RPM 75 Nm on the CX. The two new Active motors are designed to be 20% smaller and roughly 1.5 lbs lighter weight. This makes them a good option for efficient urban or city bikes and should cut down on cost a bit.

So the new 2018 Bosch Active Line motor weighs ~6.1 lbs and the Active Line Plus is closer to 7 lbs while the original Performance Line models are still ~8.8 lbs. Power for these two motors is up to 250% and 270% relative to pedal input, respectively. These two motors would be ideal for urban mobility and should use battery power more slowly and efficiently. For those who want to go extra far, Bosch has a dual-battery adapter which works with two downtube batteries or even one downtube with one rack battery.

Later on, we talked about eShift which supports automatic shifting or just electronic shifting and will support NuVinci CVT, Rohloff internally geared hub, and Shimano Di2 electronic shifting. These systems can be controlled directly through the Bosch button pad interface which keeps the cockpit clean and simple. Speaking of clean, Bosch is preparing to bring their PowerTube batteries to North America in mid-2018 (at dealers in Summer of 2018). I got to see their prototype on display and was told that it can mount up into the downtube, down into the downtube, or even from the side depending on how the manufacturer sets it up. This will allow for many new frame designs and more low-step wave models. Bosch is a leader in North America in service, they partnered with Magura and have a wide range of service centers that can help with maintenance or replacement. Jonathan from Bosch explained that they have a 7 or 8 year support commitment to each of their products. Bosch is currently UL testing their new PowerTube batteries to certify that they are safe. That’s part of why it is slightly delayed coming from Europe. For this interview I was speaking with Claudia Wasko and Jonathan Weinert from Bosch along with Chris Nolte from Propel Bikes in Brooklyn, NY.

You can learn more about the company at their official website: http://bosch-ebike.us/


gopikrishna swargam says:

haha i knew where to be to not miss the interbike updates, you were a bit too much for those guys, come on man they were literally on top of their toes trying their best to answer you questions, thoroughly enjoyed it! thanks

Mr Jhonny says:

first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheparddog117 says:

im looking to get a motor kit after new years

now looking at batteries i dont like the price to performance

so what i figure is ill make a small trailer
and just tow a little home depot generator with me and run for several hours per gallon at say 15-ish miles per hour

what im wondering though is the voltage controllers ..what kinda limitations should i keep in mined for my bridge rectifier ?

i dont wanna be 30 miles from home only to blow something while i have 280 miles left in my trip

(my plan is moving to a new state via bike with trailer for cargo)

007vsMagua says:

It seems everyone is gravitating toward mid-drive motors. Why is that? I really don’t want an e-moped I want an e-bike.

Curt Rayner says:

really great video again! manufacturer, retailer, reviewer….excellent!

Electric Bike Technologies says:

A system for each use case that is modular…. Hmmmm sounds familiar! Nice work out there Court. Not there this year so counting on you to fill me in! – JK

Olivier Sourie says:

This Bosch place must be heaven for you 🙂

George Lawther says:

Hi court long time no speak 😉 you’ll be pleased to know that whilst I still haven’t taken the eb route yet….i am going full EV on my taxi here in the UK. I’m just waiting for the uk pricing to go live and my deposit is going down on the 2018 Nissan leaf! Once I have an electric car next will be the bike as the savings I’ll make on the car will easily pay for TWO bosch bikes a year if I wanted to 😉 great video mate wow a 1kwh bike 40x less than my new leaf but 1kwh is pretty cool for an ebike!

ForbinColossus says:

Claudia’s mom is a bigwig at Haibike’s parent company WINORA — coincidence? Claudia sounds just like her mom (as heard in your earlier video):

1650million says:

Integrated batteries… it was about time, Bosch.

Darrin Burnette says:

Where are the electric trike mobility SCOOTER/ Bike?

eBikeaholic says:

automatic shifting is clutch for commuting! I saw your review of the Cube SUV with H sync, have you tried the Rohloff or Shimano eShift? Does the Bosch motor brochure list the motor current in amps? … can’t seem to find any real motor specs. I’m a little disappointed with Bosch to be honest, hopefully next year they’ll consider giving the US market an unrestricted higher torque model and maybe consider 48v. To replace a car in the U.S. we need utility eBikes with more torque and top speed to safely maintain the flow of traffic. The dual battery pack option should shift the motor priority away from extending range, no?

Lysle Basinger says:

I’ve never seen Chris without a hat. And he looks good with a tan.

joes joey says:

Another great video Court! im wondering ifyou know any ebike that is sport and goes 28mph unblocked plus pedal to go fast in montreal,qc ive been looking for one but their all at 32kmh =20mph and im looking for off road one so need a faster one then 20 mph .thanks Court!

Tom Prevost says:

Very well done!!

Super -sim says:

More power, lighter motor, Intergrated battery would make bosch even better

Reggie Tricker says:

Great insight, thanks.

shamu3838 says:

Can you hold the camera a little closer to their faces? It’s not quite close enough. Try to actually touch it to the nose.

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