2019 Bosch Electric Bike Updates: Kiox Display, Heart Rate Monitor, Bosch Ebike App, PowerTube #AD

While attending Interbike 2018, I was invited to visit the Bosch Ebike booth to speak with Claudia Wasko and Jonathan Weinart to see the new Kiox color LCD display panel and button pad, which is set to arrive in October 2018 to brands and show up at dealers sometime in 2019 (Jonathan mentioned winter 2019). I was told that the display functions as a training partner and is designed for active riding. It connects to the bike using a magnetic system that secures it firmly but also makes it removable. This means that if you crash, the mount for the display system is less likely to break… and the screen on the Kiox uses Gorilla Glass that is super tough. There is an optional set screw underneath which can be used to more permanently fix the screen for rental units and bike show types of situations. They tried to keep the Kiox clean, compact, and optimize the reading angle. It looked great at the show but I’m curious how it will look in bright sunlight? I noticed that the display was well protected above the stem of the bike vs. up high on the handlebar. Bosch can provide an optional socket to install the display on custom stems or in the frame tubing of electric bikes… much like the Stromer or Smartmotion display systems.

One feature that I really appreciate about the new Kiox display is that there is a Micro USB port built into the bottom that can be used to charge accessories and run diagnostics. This is similar to the Intuvia display panel. The smaller Purion display had a Micro USB for diagnostics only, not charging. The button pad on their controller felt very consistent, much better than the Purion control pad which didn’t always click as easily. Buttons include Power and Light on the display as well as Left, Right, +, -, Walk Mode, and Select on the control pad. There are lots of settings buried within the Kiox display including My eBike, Bluetooth, System Settings, Information.

The display unit has a day and night mode, where the background changes from white to black so it reduces distraction or becomes easier to read, and this can change automatically with the built in light sensor. When changing assist levels, the Kiox goes from Grey (Off), Blue (Eco), Green (Tour), Yellow (Sport or eMTB depending on the motor), and Red (Turbo). This allows riders to more quickly determine which level of assist is in use without requiring you to read. In addition to range readouts, Bosch has now moved to battery percentage. This is a big improvement over the 5-bar battery infographic used on the Purion and Intuvia. Bosch also sells a display called the Nyon which is only available in Europe.

Display readouts include: Clock, Assist Level, Battery Infographic with Percentage, Current Speed (MPH or KM/H), Range, Trip Distance (Odometer), Trip Time (Minutes), Power (Watts), Cadence (RPM), Average Speed, Max Speed. The display uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect with smartphones for use with GPS and future Bosch Ebike app. It can receive updates over the air using smartphones. One of the immediate uses for Bluetooth with the Kiox is heart rate monitoring. You can connect to a bracelet or chest harness and it will readout your heart rate almost realtime so you can track fitness 🙂 Jonathan used a Mio heart rate bracelet but said that Fitbit and others would be compatible. Kiox does not have GPS built in, but it sounds like it could take advantage of your smartphone GPS eventually.

Other updates from our talk include Bosch being recognized with an innovation award in 2018 for their PowerTube battery design. I was able to test and review this battery on several 2018 models from Bulls and Riese & Müller. It weighs a bit more than the PowerPack 500 and requires some frame customization work, but looks beautiful and generally positions weight lower on the frame. Claudia talked about the current trend in e-road bikes and electric gravel grinders as she took me over towards a Trek with Bosch Performance Line Speed and Cannondale with Active Line Plus motor.

To run the forums, host the site, and travel, I have introduced a service fee for my reviews and some in-depth videos like this. Bosch did not pay for this video, but I have received advertising dollars from them in the past and plan on covering bikes that use them throughout 2019. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and post are not meant to be an endorsement.

Kiox introduction at 0:32, Bluetooth at 8:03, Settings at 9:55, Software Updates & Ebike App at 10:18, New Buttons at 12:38, Innovation Award & PowerTube at 13:57, LAPD on Ebikes at 17:13


Barry Jepson says:

Hi Court- another really great review- thanks a lot from here in the UK.
I am really curious about the Bosch COBI/Smartphone system. Do you know if thats up and running yet? Maybe you will get chance to review it I hope.

Michael Andersen says:

Should have made it like the Garmin mount. But otherwise a very neat and properly done upgrade. And a high five to Bosch as well!
And that Trek almost makes me drool. Yeah baby, yeah!!

Tambo74 says:

Looks like 2020 will be the year to get a new Bike for me hopefully Bosch will have a newer motor as well as the new display. Awesome

Tony yates says:

That was a fun review!, getting a German to laugh and joke is no mean feat.

Chris King says:

I have had a Smart Motion bike with a power type tube battery on the down tube, for over a year, what is the big deal ?

gpg20s says:

I swear I’m not goofing. Why do you wear a helmet interviewing these people?

cresshead says:

will be interesting to see if the percentage display is following in single digit precision or like my yamaha sduro 1.0 led percentage in 10% chunks.

Bannu Hemanth says:

Please india to launched

Dat Tran says:

awesome videos. have been watching for over a year. one thing that has been mentioned before, but needs to be mentioned again is you really need to get the camera out of the people’s faces. people have been gracious in not saying anything, but if you had that camera in my face i would be really annoyed, haha. if audio is the problem then get a small directional mic so you can be farther back.

Martin Jensen says:

if u make the app for watch haert rate is possible from the watch amd if bosch make a good deal with apple can get the fitness info from the bike’s sensors tourge speed sensor

supernova1976 says:

I have been watching your videos for years, I still can’t get used to how close you get to peoples face with your go pro 🙂 they must get really annoyed lol, have you thought about a different solution ? I know your issue is the sound , you are getting close to pickup the audio better , are you using a mic ? or the inbuilt mic ?

tompaah7503 says:

Wow, that Trek roadbike looks awesome, with the Performance Line Speed motor.. any more information on it? Could not find it on Treks website

Joe Blow says:

Why are you wearing a helmet?

Gary Fujioka Sr. says:

Chris, open your third Propel store in Seattle. Streets teeming with well-compensated tech employees.

Mitchell Barnow says:

Great products from Bosch! Thanks for this great review from the trade show.

Paul Djerassi says:

HAHA i love to see you showing up the Reps who are selling the product GOOD ON YOU MAN,your reviews are number 1 for me ,but i worry for your future how do you make a good living and that lady you love will want children and a nice home ,maybe slowly switch over to cars plus bikes .your understanding of these small computers is second to none you are keeping these guys on their toes another great review EBR keep safe ,paul

Gizmos for you.

Stephen Kasapis says:

can we buy a update this system so we can put this system on the old Bosch system

John Durkin says:

First of all, I really respect Bosch’s commitment to the ebike market amid the somewhat chaotic competition. My criticism is that their innovations take so long to get to market. The down tube was 2018 big innovation and its being presented again in 2019. One year has gone by and the roll out and market penetration is still so small. I get the impression they are very corporate. The down tube innovation is really great and deserves to have a higher share. Price too high? Meanwhile, Specialized has introduced an update to the Turbo Levo, which has had a down tube battery for something like 3 or more years. So with all due respect suggest to Bosch to move faster. 🙂 BTW I may also make these same comments to Haibike. Lets see how their innovations particularly Flyon roll out. 2019 AllMtn 6.0 looks awesome.

Jojo Crazy Cat says:

I just want an electric bike that gos 200 miles before it gos dead.
But i will just have to carry many batteries.
And the more batteries the more weight.
And the more weight, the faster the battery gos dead.
I have seen those little trailers that can pull behind the bike.
A good way to carry stuff if you are going on a bike trip.
But i doubt a battery bike will be good for trips, unless they are short trips.
Maybe can stop at hotels and motels to charge the bike while staying overnight.
Maybe carry 4 batteries and get over 100 miles ride in.

Chris Till says:

It’s cool to see the Kiox and how the powertube is catching on so well. But at the same time, it is disappointing when you have a bike and you know that you’re essentially stuck with what you have for the foreseeable future, because the bikes are so expensive and can’t be upgraded as far as I’m aware. I don’t know how long I will keep my R&M, but definitely long enough to the point where my next one will be a huge step forward. So that’s the best bit. Love the current bike, and then dream of how amazing the next one will be.

Marky Mark says:

Love this channel so much, great interview! I’ve noticed that you never ask about price? Is this because Bosch never comments on price?

Dennis Dowd says:

This was a wonderful display. Thanks.

Mario Passendorf says:

Hey Bosch we n eed more torque

Cannondale2019 says:

i’d much rather use my phone with rokform mount.Turbo Levo is the best bike out there, integrating the battery for years.Everyone else is playing catch up

bdub2868 says:

Can you give a link to when bike shows are available, im willing to travel to go to a few shows….

Armin von Werner says:

Take a step back and think if you’re going to go with BikeReview instead of EBR. It’s going to be like with mobile phones. Hard to imagine nowadays that there’s any other type that’s relevant. 🙂

Sergey Yevtukh says:

Wow Tesla push even Bosch to do OTA updates, loved when tech invasions keep the manufacturers, running fast in development race…

bigballer says:

Thanks for the update on the Bosch system Court. Do you think they will feature the Kiox on “normal” bikes in the future too or is it more MTB focused? I just got a touring/commuter bike with the new Active Line Plus and Intuvia display. Having used the Bosch system for many years, the Intuvia display, although good and functional, is starting to feel pretty outdated at this point. Do you know if there are any new displays from Bosch being developed for regular bikes?

Fred Vaughn says:

Did you look at the Bafang M800 mini mid drive system. Looked interesting along with the Bafang M400 and the M600.

D B says:

When the price of a bike makes this information irrelevant to 99% of the population. I guess I’ll stick to riding my 90’s Schwinn to Subway for my BLTs.

mvh808 says:

Great review, good vibe interview.

Troy Bond says:

That orang & Black Treck bike is what I would be interested in. Very sharp looking bike.
I would like to find out more information about ordering the Bosch Street Treck bike please?

Scruffy's Human says:

Love the new display. However, it would be nice if you were able to upgrade your Intuvia to the new Kiox. Any plans for that do you think?

Martin Weber says:

dude her native language is German so cut the PC crap you metrosexual dimwit

Sohail Khalid says:

Hi great videos very helpful n informative thanks
Is this Cantrol calls as answering through control button on handle bar?

simsjef says:

I really liked the openness of the Bosh reps and their willingness to do a give and take type interview. Also I appreciated when Chris addressed issues concerning the downtubes. He is a wealth of knowledge and he does smile well. I remember his info on bike locks and on tires and he really opened my eyes on those subjects. it’s obvious he’s a good friend. You bring out the best in people by just being open and being yourself. Keep up the good work!

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