2019 Rad Power Bikes RadRover Video Review – $1.5k

https://electricbikereview.com/rad-power-bikes/radrover/ The Rad Power Bikes RadRover is an affordable, powerful, electric fat bike with responsive 12-magnet pedal assist and twist-throttle on demand, available in two colors with lots of accessory options including fenders and racks. Only one frame size but the top tube is sloped and the shorter stem pairs nicely with the mid-rise handlebar for upright or forward body position and taller or shorter riders, sturdy oversized pedals. Spring suspension fork with compression clicker, lockout, and preload adjust, custom Kenda tires with K-Shield puncture protection, the fat tires offer a good PSI range for improved comfort and managing soft terrain like sand and snow, optional suspension seat post. Integrated headlight and back light but could get blocked by your coat or a rear rack bag, nice adjustable kickstand, great price with optional Velofix assembly and delivery pack with locked-off mode, great price with optional Velofix assembly and delivery.


Lenny7118 says:

I like the RadRover, The White is getting better looking with the upgraded decals, when will they Chang over to using hydraulic brakes or give it as an option for buyers. Thanks for the video and glad that Rad went back to the original pricing.

Mark Elford says:

I’ve wondered if you can get a normal fork, instead of suspension fork on this model .

Freddie the Fly says:

I’ve got a 2018 Rad City Step-Thru and I am really enjoying it.

James Mason says:

Rad bikes has great prices

n1663r says:

Are they waterproof??

Christopher Wain says:

see why you review ebikes no Carl Friedrich Gauss lol good review again really like those rad bikes

Ken seniwongs says:

I put 7000 km on my Radrover last year riding to work. Rad’s customer support is the best and behind you 100%.

tom e gun says:

I was wondering what kind of battery connecter that it had so if you wanted to get like a higher amp hr shark battery or if you wanted to put like a 52 volt battery on it.

Terance Fernander says:

Thanks Court! I just ordered mine! cant wait!!

adam4g63 says:

How tall are you and the other guy(mike)? Trying to get a idea for size. I already got a step through for my mom, looking for my dad now.

William Aung Leyraud says:

Awesome upgrade, but I think that the rear tire blocks the view of back light.

John Puccetti says:

I love it! But it is more motorcycle than bike. Maybe I love that also.

ultratec66 says:

Not sure I like the rear brake cable set up. With the cable pointing up at the caliper now, it will allow water and debris into the cable.

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