$499 Walmart/Amazon Ancheer Electric Bicycle In-Depth review after 3000 miles – What Broke so FAR!

Since I made this video the Ancheer brand has changed names multiple times, here are the links to the new lineup!
Link to Cyclamatic $599 – https://amzn.to/2I06j5x
Link to Kemanner $599 – https://amzn.to/2wIVMnK
Link to Merax $599 – https://amzn.to/2Py7uZc
Link to Unbrand $629 – https://amzn.to/2oG40sg


Tony Pelton says:

grease on the disc brake ? that is like something you should _never_ do.

James Zimmerman says:

Dude you have a bent der. hanger

Al Vapez says:

Think this would handle a 300lb man?

Clifford Williams says:

This guy should be a used car salesman!

JadEn Nicolee says:

I use to live across the street from those park

anton oudenhoven says:

Good video maybe beter to get New braken lol.
Instead of moving The Tire also for safe being

Isaac White says:

You might by changing your tires to street tires the bike would be more efficient even though you would loose some traction on dirt the advantage of going further on the street might have a better advantage ,iv dont this to my dirt bike and you can feel the difference in perfomance.

Clifford Williams says:

Bike abuse taken to a new level. This is quite a test for a bike! It must be very entertaining hearing the comments of the bike repair shop after he’s gone.

Joseph Taverna says:

That motor sounds like it’s about had it

Shaahin says:

So every part of the bike has been problematic. Nice review. Thanks

Uh Caiapó says:

Hello Crazy Romanian, sorry I understood a little because I do not speak English. I want to buy, an Ancheer with more powerful battery. Tell me, is this battery good, durable? The one I wanted, another Ancheer, has a better battery (36V and 12Ah) x 250W. I’m afraid I will not find the battery when the original runs out. I’m in Florida-US

Gordon Wiessner says:

How about abuse factor? Your riding a e-bike not stunt mobile.

Michael says:

God watching you touch your brake disc was making my skin crawl LOL! I’ve been told oils from your hands can contaminate your brakes and degrade the performance of them greatly.

Dennis Simms says:

Sounds like a maintenance nightmare. Good thing you are creative and mechanical.

Patrick Ryan says:

When you say rocks, do you mean boulders and cinder blocks? Jesus you beat the hell out of it!

Michael McHenry says:

It sounds like you might have bad Hall sensors causing the noise when starting out. I had that problem and Ancheer sent me a replacement motor on the Amazon one year warranty.

Keith West says:

Hey man I just wanted to say thank you for all of the information about the ancheer ebike.I just ordered one. I hope to get 3000 miles out of  mine. keep up the good work.

Thomas V says:

Amazing review that you for being so detailed and going over all of the different parts of the bike. I just bought my second electric bike. A cyclematic power plus cx1. It is made by the same company as your bike and it has several very good reviews. I agree with you when you say that everyone should have an electronic bike, I think I would be lost without mine lol. By the way. My first electric bike was a spark. It was a realy good bike but I rode it until it wore out so I had to retire it but the motor still ran great and it got me where I needed to go. You get a definite thumbs up and subscribe from me

Real DC13 says:

Get a helmet. A real bike shop to tune your bike. You do not put grease on rotor you moron that’s deadly.

Mark Gunnison says:

Great review. I’m trying to talk my wife into getting some so we can ride but she is not sold yet. Your videos are helping though.

Calvin R says:

I have the folding Ancheer. I don’t have as many miles and I only ride on pavement. The only problem we have in common is the hard seat. For $649, I have a pretty good e-bike for my transportation purpose.

cynot71 says:

Thanks for abusing your bike and making this video!

Steven Leek says:

I like this one a lot more because most of us are not screaming down 12% grades.

1978 magical mystery tour says:

it goes over steps pretty well

Mike Reiffin says:

Thank you..

Mike Reiffin says:

Run on impact wrench power ?

The Dancing alien says:

There is avideo on youtube shows how
To glue magnets back in place original
Glue a bit suspect and they loosen up
After time

jacob Kilbride says:

4:37 did you say the top speed is 80mph or am I hearing him wrong. Cause there’s no way this thing is going that fast.

Stev Rex says:

What sort of range do you get when using all assist – As in no pedaling? Also how long does it take to gain a full-charge?

Benjamin fontanez says:

which e powered mountain bike gives the longest ride

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