5 Most Affordable, Attractive And Fastest Electric Bikes

The Fastest and Most Affordable Electric Bikes EVER

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5) Sondors,
4) Wave,
3) FLUX,
2) Freeway,
1) Turbo Levo.


Apolaudi says:

This is the kind of bike that i’m looking for to catch up with my kid. As i’m nearly 50years old and love riding together with my kid. But the issue is a lot of stop after few kilometers snd my son will be saying like come on dad you to far behind. Thanks guys for this new era of bike that i called it.

kylelife1995 says:

I think these are great. Escpecially the Wave electric bike. But my question is, when will government catch up and require registration and licensing for them? The govs gotta take money from us some how……

RideLover Electric Transport and Mobility says:

And about this mini foldable electric bike ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-I5Rm9HrQ8

rcfanaticdublin says:

I like the Sondors machine as its very reminicent of early motor cycle’s

James Evans says:

Why are cyclists getting ripped off thousands for a bike ? Ridiculous

Cat Figueroa says:

Affordable my ass each bike is $1500.00 or more you can make one yourself, cheaper and it will be faster than these!

SuperMustanggt88 says:

I got rid of my ebike and bought two cars

Craig Max says:

I was looking at the add motor e bikes. they look good most under 2500.00 ? anyone know the best mountain ebikes. Thanks guys

Martin Skaar says:

The wave e bike tanked hard as they are shady at best.

Dragon Destroyer says:

Say wave electric bike one more time XD

mike x says:

improvments that could be done with ebikes is ultra large battery storage space by using a longer frame like the length of a tandem frame and longer wheelbase for space for 48v 200ah -300ah capacity battery. people could design a ebike as large and as heavy as necessary to give 600 mile range at 20mph cruise speed

Robert Fyfe says:

No prices

Philip says:

So much ads fuck you

tbocain says:

What does “industry-crushing” lithium battery mean?

ricardo cortez says:

all that pedaling and no way of charging it up while you ride. what a waste of energy. And the many miles wasted because of the charging time that you have to do everyday. I guess no one wants a bike that can go as long as your body’s is willing to pedal. Let me know when someone makes a bike that can go on for ever, and that’s affordable.

latest videos says:

tell the price bro

Ei Pi says:


Crome267 says:


glowdusty says:

don’t ever get that wave e-bike that is shit

Nikolai Janiszewsky says:

what the flux?

Izznogood76 says:

can not belive they show us the bikes and people ride them with no helmet? what is this America?

norby rivero says:

these bikes are too expensive.

Screww Googlle says:

I had to shut this one down when I heard that Global Warming Horse-Shit !

bruce budd says:

The wave ebike is a scam! I know, I have one. It died after 4 months, they never replied to my emails, don’t make the same mistake I made. I lost a lot of money! This company should be prosecuted!

Y Z says:

Which one will get me the hottest girl, I’ll take it !!  Just a note, there are speed restrictions in the states otherwise it’s a motorcycle license requirement.

E-MountainBiker says:

eBike Guru – Follow us now! ://www.facebook.com/eMountainBiker/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Dez Nuts says:

most affordable? really? guys just look at the price of turbo levo bike….

Paul Giovannetti says:

This video is nothing more than free advertising for those particular e-bikes. Pretty useless to actually learn something new about e-bikes.

andy765gtr says:

hub motors. the newb , i dont care if it looks dorky, ebike solution

Electric Bikes says:

5 new electric bike models at https://electricbikesandscooters.com

Oleg efov says:

someone go make FLUX affordable!!!! finally someone put the motor before the transmission, climb anything, achieve good speed, suspension, thats a fucking bike!

Fida hussain Hussain says:

From which website can I buy becoz I need it

bostonguy27 says:


lottsalasagna says:

Idiot throwing up the devil horn sign …gay

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