5 Of The Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy In 2016

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Faraday Bikes https://www.faradaybikes.com/
RadRover http://www.radpowerbikes.com/
CENTINEL http://hycore.co.kr/
Sondors Electric Bike http://gosondors.com/
Bolt http://www.boltmotorbikes.com/
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Kidzzz drama says:

awesome cycles

TheMilestonerecords says:

Good ranking, but shit video quality.

Bradley Hall says:

5 commercials in a row (+1)… just what I’ve always been programmed to want…

Ayoub 44 says:

2:20 I don’t think I can trust a Samsung battery

diipii1 says:

Fat tyres look clumsy and must affect range.

drAgo says:

you forgot greyp bike

Esteban N. Parra Nossa says:

Anything but those are far far far away from be the best, you should check out bikes like greyp or rockit

doposud says:

Weak Weak and Weak ….. wtf kidding me ? how can you even name it 5 Of The Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy …… so many better e bikes are there …. like stealth e bikes … beat every of thesee ez

Eva Devine says:

One thing you can always count on in the comments section: Satire. I guarantee when those folks look in the mirror they see perfection. But, I’m pretty they’re alone in that assessment.

Sonu Choudhary says:

very bad

WRider says:

average downhill bike 1400€… all you need is some strength 😀

Gary Spong says:

More standard def crap.

Omar Faisal says:

In Iraq we are in a serious need for such bicycles, all what is available in the Iraqi markets are electric motorcycles which are very heavy , I wish such good bicycles are available

Josman Mohamad says:

Good Today All Off Your Takahashimaya

Alex Tran says:

If the sondors bike had suspension I would of bought it for sure!

TurboMitsubishi says:

Electric motors have never been a problem…it’s feeding them for long periods of time. Batteries are still garbage, they need to come a LONG way before I’ll care. Oh and green LOL, ok.. go visit a lithium mine some time.

liam mc cann says:

motorbike wheels heavy to push if brokedown

Sami ullah says:

attach in front and back and double the horse power.. for no. 3

Jason Magik says:

$6k for an electric bike? GFY

xcale gaming says:

it should say top 5 most expensive bikes that you should never buy

Josman Mohamad says:


Invisible Howling Wolf says:

Stromer Elite is the best E bike hands down.

CDMV says:

the last one looks too much like a motorbike.

Hanranjit Kaur says:

plz tell the prices in Indian rupees

Dan Moorcroft says:

Shittest bikes

Rajagopal S says:


Joel Andrade says:

origin until request lfgfyyo break flip yourself

xNeurotic here says:

The first one is for lazy people

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