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– Stevens E-Sledge+ ES €5,599
– Focus Jam2 Plus Pro £5,199
– Scott E-Genius 700 Tuned
– BMC Trailfox AMP LTD £10,860
– Merida EOne-Sixty 900E £5,500

E-bikes may be dividing the mountain bike industry like nothing else before, but they’re also developing at a whirlwind pace, and as total bike geeks, that’s pretty damn exciting.
Substantial design, engineering and marketing resources are being thrown at the segment, but it’s a steep learning curve for everyone involved, so the end products are hugely diverse both on paper and in the dirt.
We took a spin on a sample of 2018 models in the mountains of Italy to see where the market is heading, and discovered some big differences in performance.

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Helgi Berg Fridtjofsson says:

Why did you guys not review the Focus Sam2 ???
170mm travel and longer slacker geometry than the Jam2.


Mario Passendorf says:

Talking about Ebike and watching downhill is like talking about iceream in the middle of north pole :/

JP LaMere says:

Wish they would have contacted us, we have one of the only available 150mm AM full carbon eBikes with the new Shimano E8000 motor and built up any way you want, check it out here: https://www.lamerecycles.com/diode

makinatotal m.l.g. says:

la bici eléctrica es el futuro, y al que no le guste que no se la compre

Atropin I.V. says:

second good review on merida. but they have no retailers…and battery still not in tube!

Rideoak says:

Shimano Promo….

Ted Wensing says:

Hurt the mountain bike community, how, let me guess you still ride on a horse because cars hurt the riding community. We aren’t here to take over, it’s just another option, but by all means ride your horse to work.

Fawstes says:

Wait a seconds! Aussie man reviews in a calmer voice?? 😀

mcgraphics50 says:

We need ebikes to go a minimum of 30 mph and offer an independent throttle, not just pedal assist in order to tempt people away from motorcycles. The 15.5 mph UK restriction is bollocks. We need more bikes to rival the Bultaco Brinco but for half the money.

Sephardic says:

Specialized LEVO TURBO?

4c1dr3fl3x says:

We live in a world where Harley riders still whine about Japanese motorcycles, skaters whine about longboards, and longboarders whine about Boosted boards. Hard tailers spent years fighting full suspension, and full suspension downhillers whine about eBikes.
Can’t stop the future, lads. You lose every time.

korkmaz dayanç says:

Merida price performance good…

Saleucami says:

I’d just get a scrambler.

Joe M says:

Any Thoughts on this eBike? Full Suspension, full Shimano e8000, Shimano XT, RS Pike forks – promo currently $3500

jo smith says:

wtf 250 watts what the fuck is that is this day and age

G Rad says:

You could of got some good riders to test them out atleast

Aerobie Pro Dog says:

BMC spelt BMX wrong!! Doh!

Patryk Luna says:

Why no Specialized Kenevo?

Phoenix Fury says:


Raven M. says:

Moar.bike best looking and feature packed for the money.

F15Ranger says:

Best bike hands down Luna Apex!

Dindo Nuffin says:

The “hottest” bike of 2018 has to be the all new

*GREENSPEED MAGNUM XL* A really cool laid back bike with Shimano StepsE8000 crank motor!

NB: Your title says “E-Bikes”, not MTB!


Shimano motors only I see.

Barskor1 says:

You can help a graphene battery maker demonstrate his product in a 900 mile 1448 kilometer car trip on one charge of his batteries https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fwg-powered-by-paper-roadtrip/x/18349842#/ help bring the future into the Now.

Tech news by Dmitriy says:

Why so little likes?

Eric s says:

Greed is going to take these bikes off the market 10,000 dollars for a e bike piss off. The most I would pay is 2 grand and it better go 50 mph or I will stick to my 500 dollar gas bike which goes 35 mph and I can go all week on 2 dollars of gas. My first car was 500 bucks not everyone has a money tree in their backyard.

Heresiarch says:


marax says:

so these bikes are actually made for downhill ? but instead carrying them uphill you can pedal , am i right ?

isbn says:

Jeezuz Christ. I had no idea there were so many wankers in the push bike community. I bought an e-bike because I wanted to get out and about after my knee injury. It’s legal. I love it. My 5 month pregnant wife loves hers. She rode 80km the first day of not having a bike in 5 years.

We have gone places we would have never dreamed of going. People say “lazy fuckers”. Serious, what’s your beef? Get a life. People buy different toys for different reasons. I cruise at 30km/h and guess what it cuts out at 25km/h.

I don’t have to, nor do I want to bust my ass getting up long hills and pushing into head winds. Dissing someone for buying and e-bikes is akin to abusing someone for walking with their dog and not running. Get the fuck over yourselves. Guess what, if you don’t like them don’t buy one!

North Wales Shore Hugger says:

The batteries are pretty bad, why aren’t the company’s utilising graphene systems?
Also they need a power unit that charges like a supercapacitor and discharges like a battery meaning it takes a fraction of the time to charge as it does to discharge.
It’s simply not convenient enough for full on use as the charge times are too long.
Let’s say your power lasts 8 hours, you don’t want to be waiting for at least 4 to use it again.
These companies need to speak to Robert Murray-Smith he could make them a serious power unit that actually works like you want it to.

Mountolympus2001 says:

You didnt even out the speed it goes you fucking idiot or the prices fuck this channel

intermarer says:

No Haibikes?

Polk Native says:

Wish the financially well off people who can afford to buy these e-bikes would hurry up and buy them so the poor boys can go to the e-bike junk yards and get some parts to build their own e-bike for there personal needs that will out last and out preform their models.
Mid drive e-bikes that need sensors for shifting and when they get worn in and sloppy then there goes the chain and rear freewheel.

pixie quicksilver says:

Full beast mode on a 250w motor!? LOL you weigh 90 pounds? hahahahaha

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