A compelling alternative and price – Sondors eBike Review

The Sondors eBike offers some of the highest value for a complete electrically powered bicycle. It’s a definite must-consider if you are looking for an affordable and practical, electrically-assisted bike for running errands, commuting, and social rides.


Eye on art says:

what size is the wheel on the fat bike need to know for rear cargo rack.

peter kirby says:

how much???????

Eye on art says:

do your research these tires are great for all terrain. some bike companys get on youtube and bash the Sondors because people are buying them instead of their over priced ebikes.

Robert Pirlot says:

Have you ridden in the Middle of the Winter? Fat Tires is the only way to go. It may not be worth for Summer but winter or Sand the size of your tire matters.
BTW this bike is crap.

alencore says:

dont care about the bike lol…but those super nice dedicated paved bike trails are just so onviting to ride awaybunmotorized hehe….and yet your ebike sounds good enough and fat tires do kinda make sense for that design.

Jim Austin says:

I’ve had a better experience with MY Sonders e-bike than this guy in the video! I’m 300 lbs, and this thing CRUISES! On the down side, there aren’t any real instructions that come with it…like should I open up the case to turn the battery off EVERY TIME that I put the bike away or can I just push the button on the handle bar to turn the battery off completely? AS it is, I get about TEN miles to the charge, whereas this video states THIRTY miles per charge. Over all, I’m really happy with this purchase.

Graham Bullman says:

Great looking video, and very informative. Would love a chance to ride some of those tracks if only I was in the right country.

Life Yang says:

Yes! I was right! In the beginning of the video, I had a feeling that was Sacramento. I lived there for a few years. Great place. Oh, and great review video.

DeadlyDanDaMan says:

You keep saying that fat tires are virtually useless…go ride in the snow or sand with your regular mountain bike and then try a properly calibrated fat bike. You’ll QUICKLY understand why fat tire bikes are superior to regular mountain bikes in almost every way. They can do things and go places that regular mountain bikes just can’t. That is a FACT.

Start Michael says:

“Thanks Sondors”
Can I break a Sondors Ebike?


Jim Jenkins says:

great review

niko grigory says:

thanks for the infotmative video. are there any dealers in tty he usa? or do we have to buy directly from the manufacturer who is in china ibassume.

Jason Chaplinski says:

Awesome review WOW, great job.

Charbax says:

Really nice drone footage, wow. What’s your drone? What else do you film with it? Is this the best review of the sondors ebike on youtube? Good job.

Don Mega says:

4:00 wrong. more surface area does create stability. that’s why small wheeled bikes are totally useless in a forest track as you’ll be bouncing off the roots into the bush. also comparing 26″ to a fat bike the outer diameter is much bigger so they’re more like 29″. also when it comes to riding on icy roads fat tire doesn’t dig into the rails and other rough spots, again resulting in a smoother stabler ride.

Greg McRae says:

Good review.  Great video production. Thanks.

ayahuascayage says:

When you mention the range, it is unclear if you are saying “50” miles or “15” miles per charge. Please clarify.

dknight211 says:

This was a well done video!

Eye on art says:

does the end pop out of the grip to be able to add a mirror?

MandoMountain says:

UTTER RIP OFF!! Do not buy. There is not one person for support, the two weeks I have had mine I had a blow out that forced me off the bike and another flat on the other tire a week later. They are stiff, only give me 15 mile range on flat terrain (they sell it as 50), not even close to their selling point. HORRIBLE. I cant even write on their page anymore.

Ivan Saric says:

this is an awesome bike

Joe Haupt says:

A great video overview of the Sondors e-bike. I ended up buying the Sondors thin bike and am very happy with it.

Sweet Gritty says:

Hello David…Let me ask you something. Im kinda looking into buying the Sonders bike. But, since I’m 6’1″ I’m concerned that the bikes height wouldn’t be adequate. You and your brother to be pretty tall. Would the height be a problem for me.

Dru Safa says:

Awesome job with the video. I have two Sondors fat bikes and absolutely love them! Your review was helpful getting a better feel before purchasing. Thanks!

Roy Poud says:

a shame they arent allowed in NY state.

Rocket Rose says:

Nice review, very fair.
I LOVE my Sondors Thin. I had my bike tech have a look at it and he was scratching his head when I told him the price. $700 delivered to your door. I added the LED controller to unlock pedal assist up to 5 and a back rack that I use for add on batteries.
Pure fun right out of the box. I can’t wait for it to cool down a little here in Phoenix so I can ride more often.

Allen Zanetel says:

very nice bike!

David Bogard says:

Has Cahill been to North Padre?

_ALtai[R]_ says:

what is the highest speed? and how many hours does it need to charge to ( and what is its ) highest milage per charge?

Stacey Story says:

Nice love it affordable prices

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