Bafang MAX Drive Review – Integrated Mid-Drive Electric Bike Motor

The Bafang MAX Drive is a new electric bike motor that mounts with a special interface to the mid-section bottom bracket area of a bicycle. Older BBS01 and BBS02 designs could bolt directly to the spindle tube of a bottom bracket while this one requires a specially designed interface meaning the bike frame is purpose built to be electric (much like Bosch, Yamaha, Impulse or Brose). I tested the 43 volt version of this motor (250 to 350 watt output) on the Volton Alation ST Mid-Drive 48V electric bicycle which worked well on road and off-road. I found that it offered plenty of climbing torque with 80 Nm and yet performed very quietly. I also found that the assist settings (0-5) were smooth and responsive, relying on both pedal cadence and torque. Unfortunately, it was easier to mash gears with this motor while shifting under power because it does not include a shift sensing system like the Bosch Centerdrive or the Impulse 2.0 and 3.0 models.

You can see the entire Volton Alation review (the bike used in this video) at:


Mark Fisher says:

These Bike will keep dropping in prices I seen better. Iv been looking for one that can do 60 miles just not willing to pay that much for a bike just yet. I want one a for distance.. But Good review.

cartmanrlsusall says:

whats the difference between a hub motor and a mid mount if you use the same size battery?800 to a grand is a lot of money to me,so I would like to get the most bang for my dollar,i would think a hub motor would be the best as it doesn’t change the bike other than respoking the wheel

HTFAT says:

fat bike from Onway bikes with this mid drive 999.00 36v 13.5 amp/hr 4.0 kendo’s rigid aluminum .

Douglas Shieh says:

You incorrectly stated “no torque sensing” near the end there. Also, according to the doc you showed (1:16), there is a gear sensor as well.

Festivejelly says:

I dont find mashing problems with my haibike Yamaha one. I guess im always ridden like that though… I never try pedalling hard when i change gear. Also I know it sounds weird but I think the Yamaha ones look a bit better than the bosche ones. I find they blend into the bike a bit more.


could you recommend a good quality electric, mountain bike for riding around Rainy Vancouver BC, Canada, and one that would also be good for off road trails. I would like to find one with a very long range and and fast charging battery, any advise in the right direction would be great. thanks in advance.

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

I’ve got the Bafang BBSHD on my Merida hardtail and I love it!

How2RC says:

That round thing with the points on it that go into the chain, is called a sprocket.

l6j8b32 says:

Would a Nuvinci hub work with this bike or is there a reason we rarely see them on e-bikes?

Rich Reano says:

shouldn’t smaller chain rings = more torque, larger chain rings = speed?

Tahir Rana says:

@4.15 no chem trails!

George Lawther says:

Court would it be possible to have the quoted dB (maximum) of any given motor or drive unit under load on future videos as it would be nice to see how much quieter ebikes become as generations go by?

John Moura says:

Great review! Their website says $2649.

Esther Paris says:

At the highest speeds the chain was going “backward”! It was mesmerizing & freaky. 🙂

mike x says:

bike manufacturers could use same technology single crystal structure metal used in jet engine turbine blades for bike components, frames and motor parts such as motor gearboxes to make them stronger with longer lifetime on motor pinion and gear teeth

bjorn1583 says:

l use the kill switch in the brake levers to turn motor off while changing gears, l will be putting in a dedicated kill switch that l press with my thumb

Yu HaDeN says:



take the fucking film off you lemon

v1nce n7 says:

‘no there is no torque sensing’… yet technical specs says there is torque sensor…

Clothed in shadows says:

The way he was out of breath when he increased speed was somewhat of a turn off. He shouldn’t have been out of breath. The bike did appear to perform well but, something was just out of place about this.

robert trost says:

Luna Cycles has the best bafang systems!

Ron OBlack says:

Odd that it has a rear fender, but not a front fender. You’d think that it would come with both or none.

Tracey McNeel says:

I am surprised that e-RAD systems are not on more electric bikes. e-RAD is a much better system compared to BAFANG.

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