BESV PSA1 Video Review – Comfortable Compact Electric Bike The BESV PSA1 is a comfortable, stable-riding, compact electric bicycle available in three fun colors (white, yellow, or red) with quality parts and a 2+ year warranty. Adjustable full suspension hardware eliminates the jitter and noise that many other compact and folding e-bikes products produce, the frame doesn’t flex. Despite using an efficient 250 watt geared hub motor, it feels zippy because of the smaller wheels, the motor and battery blend into the frame beautifully. The key must be left in while riding and the battery cannot be removed if the seat post is in a lower position, the display looks great but is not removable.


raiddaid fpv says:

mais j’ai bien aimé ta vidéo j’ai likeR va faire un petit tour sur ma chaîne voir ma dernière vidéo je pense que toi aussi tu vas aimer n’hésite pas à commenter à plus

gustavo bello says:

wait i domt see the difference with electric and with the bike pedal like your moving it can someone tell me what is the difference

Jon Stern says:

I test rode this bike today. I suspect it was THIS actual bike (ELV Motors had one white PS1 and one red PSA1 in the store).

I thought it was a blast to ride. I thought the power delivery was very smooth (unlike some other bikes I tried). I tried to hit some bumps to see how much I’d dislike the small wheels, and I was amazed how smooth the ride was thanks to the dual shocks.

I’m pretty short, so I’m looking for a smaller bike. This might be taking it to a bit of an extreme, but it just felt really good.

I have reservations with the 250W motor. There are no hills around the ELV store (just some ramps), but my commute has a very long, fairly steep grade that has me wanting electric assist (I tired it once on my hardtail mountain bike, and arrived in no state to work). On the other hand, I do want to get a bit of a workout on my commute (otherwise I’d just drive my car), so I’m not looking for a motor to do all the work.

As for the looks, I really like it. I can understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but then I tend to go for unusual (striking) designs.

Soundafek says:

My Walgoose is 50 lbs and would destroy both of those bikes. 😉

BashfulLion says:

Been meaning to check out elv motors after you told me about them. Thanks for the review, Court! It looks like a cool bike.

i122luvu says:

Dose anybody think about bike frame fail to collapse? My everyday bike did

stevebitburg says:

Do not like leaving the key in or the battery movement. Fixed display unit is a big issue. Should fold-able.

Chathura Gunasekara says:

cost almost as a car, not for someone who wants to save money. When will these bikes be affordable to an average person(<$500)?

actnowone says:

I don’t know who would buy a bike like this it’s neither here nor there, I mean it doesn’t fold and I would imagine someone who wants a small bike like this would want to put it in the boot of a car or on a boat, take it on a tram, keep in the office etc?

As always an excellent review

Martian Megafauna says:

I understand that many ebike riders are not card-carrying cyclists, so you need to speak to that audience, and that helps them out. For those who cannot get on to the bike without problems, your attention to pointing out the top tube situation is a good idea. In addition, one should remember that if you simply tilt the bicycle a bit, you can more easily get your leg over, whether you are stepping over or stepping through.

K Simpson says:

I would personally rather have a key to turn it on and off, for reason’s it’s harder to steal without a key. Would would really be nice is if the key actually locked it from being ridden at all, locking the hub or motor would be great.

Chris I says:

why you always wearing the same shirt ?

Daria Khokhlacheva says:

That’s a prettu good value right there! Also I appreciate you taking more time on the riding bit, and still keeping the video under 20 mins. Would be nice to make them even shorter tho 🙂

Grape Eyes says:

One word: *_UGLY_*

hdidane00 says:

is this the best compact ebike under 2k?

Steven Wilson says:

Pedals close to the ground can hit the ground when cornering. That can mean crash ouch.

GoodDay says:

0:09 even your red bike greets you by moving the front wheel

fabrizio olmeda says:

chiave + ruotabloccata + pin da digitare esagero ??

H.Ayvaz says:

They used Axe deodorant can for rear shock 😀

pjwchung says:

My favorite and only ebike shop elv motors in Santa Clara. Besv ebikes are top notch quality bikes.
Love your reviews!!

George Herman says:

Court I wish you would review the new Rambler EVO Terra Trike.

TinyFPV says:

Poor man’s gocycle G3 ^^ It also looks like the early full suspension bikes
Nice review though, seems to ride nicely

Don Mega says:

what a pretty bike too. the big question however is does your compact bike need to fold? you’re right about sunlight causing wear to the monitor. i had my bafang dpc-14 color display left in direct sunlight and there was a black spot that looked like someone had hit it with a spike or something. fortunately it completely disappeared after a while.

George Sears says:

This is a nice bike but a 250 watt motor is not going to climb much of a hill. The Sondors Fold is interesting. Clean design with a big battery and 500w motor for $1000 delivered. The Scoozy Veego is nice with fat tires and suspension.

Cracking down on RV’s in Palo Alto.

People will have to live in RV’s around there. Wonder how much this will escalate? You live in a Prius still?

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