BESV TRB1 AM Video Review – $5k 28 MPH Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike The BESV TRB1 AM is a full suspension all-mountain electric bike with 140 mm air suspension by RockShox and a high-speed 28 mph Brose Drive TF mid-motor, available in two frame sizes and two colors. Unique plastic bash guard on the downtube and rounded fuel tank design on the top tube gives this bike a motorcycle look but I did brush my knees occasionally when pedaling. The motor is extremely quiet and smooth because it uses a Gates carbon belt drive inside, you can pedal faster at up to 120 RPM and the Q-Factor is fairly narrow at 179 mm, great weight distribution. Larger than average battery will take you further and be able to maintain the higher speeds for longer but does add weight, at ~60.3 lbs this is a heavier eMTB, handlebar may collide with top tube on oversteer, large 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power, Boost hub spacing with thru-axles and 2.8″ plus sized tires provide strength, comfort, and stability.


sam millr says:

Court, it’s time for you to use a sound meter to get an OBJECTIVE rating of noise levels. If anything, brose motors sound just as loud, but with a lower pitch compared to other ebike motors. Both iphone and android have sound meter apps in lieu of an actual sound meter.

Darnell Rucker says:

Hey I recently started getting into ebikes, I like mountain bikes and I like watching your reviews…do you think you can review the stealth bomber p7 soon?

Nisco Racing says:

That bigger top is very poorly shaped!

Larry Conger says:

I love the look, but not the bulkyness to it, it has more Motorcycle look then bicycle and I think that will deter many buyers, but I love they are pushing the envelope

Chauncey Smith says:

That bike looks so nice. I would love to get one for my rides to my mom’s place. And maybe other places in the city.

Eugene Moore says:

High end components and a high end price

Ron Brown says:

bro look where you put the keys at 17:56 in the video. not very smart

skull fucker says:

Looks nice but the cosmetics need to be convenient first hand

William Cooper says:


Michael Gray says:

Any chance you’ll review the m2s r750?

moochy vlogs says:

Hey I was trying to get my first ebike and have a budget of 700 dollars do you have any recommendations for a budget bike?


I have had my eye on this particular model for a while. The looks of it are definitely head turning. Thank you for this review.


Funny how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The comments below love the look. I think its an eyesore.

Larry Basinskl says:

I don’t know, I prefer my bikes to LOOK like bikes.

samuel Townsend says:

Well done Court very informative review your attention to detail and overall presentation continues to improve I’m Anxiously awaiting to see what’s next

Tambo74 says:

I just can’t help but think these are overpriced! 3 Grand yeah, but 5K nah sorry

Justin Hirscheimer says:

Can you make more videos on the rad rover?

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