BULLS Sturmvogel EVO Street Video Review – $4k Sporty Urban Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/bulls/sturmvogel-evo-street/ The BULLS Sturmvogel EVO Street is a sporty urban electric bike available in metallic grey or glossy white, premium fenders and front rack add utility, mounting points for a rear rack and bottle cage, quiet Brose Drive T mid-motor. Beautiful stitched ergonomic grips and leather saddle from Velo, unique brown tires with whitewall sides and reflective striping for visibility, premium integrated lights from Supernova. Reliable and quiet drivetrain that can be shifted at standstill, internally geared hub with trigger shifters from Shimano, powerful hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable levers. Clean cockpit, simple display panel with Micro-USB charging port, extra-large battery capacity at nearly 650 watt hours, comes with a fast 5 amp charger, sold through a vast network of global dealers but commands a higher price.


Mitchell Barnow says:

What a beautiful machine!

schmitty8225 says:

Nice looking bike. I’d go with the white and get a shorter more raised stem, more swept back handlebars, rear rack, and upgraded front light with about 1000 lumens. I like those flat pedals with the grip tape.

Jim says:

For the people who just shrugged at the price I understand. You can buy a really nice electric bike for under a grand. So don’t let the $Mercedes$ model bikes run you off. Electric bikes are fun and great off the beaten path. My first one is three years old and is still good for 18 miles a day. Read the reviews of course.

redrum murder says:

I always heard with fast Chargers the battery doesn’t have as long of a shelf life…
Is that a myth or is there any truth to that?

philodygmn says:

Glad to see another quiet motor out there besides Bafang. I myself want something more like Townie’s upright position, and am only interested if there’s no chain, just belt(/s). Shimano’s hubs ruin this model’s quiet for me because of their clacking while idling, but an Enviolo, though heavier, would preserve a peaceful ride. I hope these caliber of specs come down in price in the next few years; maybe then for 4K we’ll get feature completeness like a rear rack and higher rated front rack, and for 2K something with all the right core specs the rest can be added to.

Gary Fujioka Sr. says:

I really enjoy these reviews and watching as the industry matures. Serious question: Are we considering Brose ‘premium’ simply because it is not made in China? To me personally it’s lack of shift detection would disqualify it. It’s an attractively styled bike for sure, but if I’m busting out my cash I think the Gazelle CityZen T10 is a better value; $1000 bucks less, 10 lbs. lighter, Bose Performance Line motor, same warranty, both hydraulic rim brakes. The Gazelle has an integrated rear rack with higher payload capacity, and pannier rails and blockers. The Sturmvogel looks nice but I think the Gazelle with Bosch, rear rack, 10 lbs. lighter and a $1000 dollars less money makes more sense.

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