Cannondale Contro E-Rigid Video Review – Tough Urban Electric Bike The Cannondale Contro E-Rigid is a sturdy, tough looking, urban electric bike that uses smaller 24″ wheels paired with fat 2.35″ tires providing quick steering, a lower standover height, and improved strength. Unique Lefty fork adds to the artistic quality of the frame and tight metal fenders, it reduces weight and makes servicing the front wheel slightly easier. Included folding lock with mount behind seat tube, unique adjustable stem is stronger than most and has a custom tube for the display mount as well as a light mount if you add one aftermarket. Excellent weight distribution, the fenders rattle a bit, the internally geared hub is clean and can be shifted at standstill but can click and shift slower than a derailleur.


Alex NC says:

Nice bike! I like the style.

yoma measureacher says:

if you press reset button in range mode info
it shows you 120+ km range reserved)
but its perfect condition range..real life range in eco no more than 80-85 km in best road condition

Cameron Blue says:

Can you please review the “stark drive” e bike?

Caesar Tin-U says:

I’m surprised that your gimbal mount didn’t get detached when you kicked it a few times by accident. What mount are you using ?

Greg McMahon says:

You should try a 12″ strip of velcro, fold your pants out of the way then secure with the velcro.

Eric Simon says:

This bike looks futuristic. 24″ wheels is a good idea, less weight, more acceleration and stronger wheel than 26″, with better speed than 20″

Dejan Loncar says:

Great review Court, nice bike, nice setup..

Johnny Grant says:

Very nice

Will says:

I should unsubscribe from this channel, you keep introducing me to bikes I really really want. Although not sure yet I can get this one in the UK. Big thanks again to you and the bike shop guy, sorry I forgot his name.

123bigred says:

his and his??? her and hers???? are you serious man? Marriage is a sacred thing between 1 man and 1 woman GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Onoroian says:

neat bike,that Propel shop is really cool,I got my bike from them

Michigan Mister says:

Court, your review is as tight as this bike. this is where I’d be thinking, if I were a younger cat still doing tricks. the design begs for it. hell, even with the weight I see guys tying to do more stunting with e-bikes soon. besides the straight forward approach, the auto shifting being fine tuned has really got my attention. what a “cool” factor in city traffic? not sure about the fork, but it also yell’s “cool”. price?- too high. the major brands know they can pull it off, so they do. ok with me, just makes the “new kids” work harder to be competitive. I say it’s a win, and I want to see a lot more auto shift in the near future.

Andrew Hunter says:

This is definitely a love hate bike and I’m definitely in the hate camp call me a conservative . but I would think there goes a prat if i court site of enny one riding it.

Vipes SRT says:

I have a Cube Suv hybrid with the same hub its nice but every 600kms or so i have to replace the chain so next time im buying a ebike with a hub that uses a carbon fibre belt. Nice vid and nice bike!

Olivier MAILLOT says:

This bike is very nice… I love it

garygareth says:

overpriced and shit looking .

Andre N says:

No suspension? That’s a deal breaker for me.

James Mason says:

Cool bike and my favorite color

Israel Adams says:

appreciate all youve done for the e-bike community, i’ve seen most all your reviews which are nicely done btw, i’m a cannondale guy,but have not been able to afford an e-bike yet, wishing you would comment on cannondale/trek being american made as it is a consideration for me and others, i know the components are not merican but just sayin. have fun…

ilikewasabe says:

love this cannondale e-bike. its a kind of bike that you can easily weave around traffic. And didnt know shimano made trigger shifter nexus hubs now. wow i guess i know my next upgrate is

YouCantSeeMeENT says:

NYPD is cracking down on all electric bikes in NYC on the westside highway bike lanes

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