Cannondale Mavaro Performance Video Review – Professional Commuter Electric Bike The Cannondale Mavaro Performance is an electric bike that blends in while offering a lot of utility as a commuter or even trekking touring platform, sturdy integrated rack, tight and extra long fenders with mud flaps. Available in five frame sizes across two styles (traditional diamond high-step and lower step-thru), adjustable angle stem and swept back handle bar further improve fit and comfort. High end Shimano drivetrain, Magura brakes and Bosch drive system ensure performance and longevity, Cannondale is known for their advanced Aluminum engineering. Rear mounted battery raises weight and these Bosch Powerpacks aren’t as common or plentiful in the US if you want a second one to go further, missed opportunity for second bottle mount, neat head shock but it’s not adjustable and doesn’t offer lock out.


Yu HaDeN says:


cresshead says:

nice bike, perfect for commutes

iliwon says:

Hello, you’re doing a good job. Can you tell me what is your size in cm ?

Robert Wetzel says:

Merry christmas to you and Monica, Court!

Javier Peletier Maura says:

Hi Court. Nice job. Thankyou.
I would appreciate your opinion about diferent headlights in the market.
The differences between lux and luminem to measure the differences between products, and what are there are in the market of good quality / price. Especially, what are the best products to mount in a speed ebike. Currently, I use a BH Nitro City, with Spanninga Roxeo head light, and does not give enough visibility and more in cases of rain and high speed.

greg harvey says:

Superbly done video!

Serious SpaceParty says:

there is a typo on your website review Movaro under introduction

Simon Fransson says:

Nice bike, clean and elegant

gazzame80 says:

I have cannodale hybrid for last 12 years it been really good the rear lock make the rear end a off balance but took it off it would interesting to see how headshock is heard they had some problem here in Europe mainly in the call them trekking bikes some great videos jealous of all them great bike shops you visit in America and you have a slightly higher speed we stuck at 15 mph in the uk if we go over we would a full licence and number plates and I would proberley need need cbt motor bike test

David Macdonald says:

nice bike apart from the Motor size the same system that the cube uses , well worth mentioning the difference for people with weak legs between cadence and torque sensing bikes

rama sita says:

Review the new HUB kit from luna cycles, please. It is really something different. Whish you well

makepeace says:

I have just a Bosch Active Line on my Corratec (German brand) and I love it. I think the Performance Line might be better for taking off in a high gear.
I think the rack looks cool on this with the integrated rear light. Rack mounted batteries means you get to mount some bottles in your frame which is nice. I have some bottle holder mounts but the battery is too big for a regular sized bottle.

I’m guessing the Bosch Nyon computer isn’t available in the US either? I would like one, even though I wouldn’t necessarily need it.

Steve Petttyjohn says:

Very nice review and bike. This is definitely can be a car alternative in replacing an automobile for some people. I like it.

Ricky Thrower says:

Very sweet

David Haney says:

Just noticed … almost 50,000 subscrbers … nice job!!!

Bart Beek says:

Test the idworx electric touring bike! Top of the line German engineering specifically designed for touring.

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