Carrera Crossfire-E Electric Bike Review

Video review of the 19″ Carrera Crossfire-E bike. Purchased from Halfords. This is the stock bike but with an upgrade to the tyres to Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres.

Bike can currently be purchased for £999 with a 10% discount available if you get British Cycling membership.

My first bike review. Hope you enjoy.


Ethan Beddow says:

Hi there good review does the bike give you a lot of help and do you have to put much pressure on the pedals and can you cycle longer without getting tiered… Cheers

Airlite X says:

Saima B, if you’re still monitoring your uploads how are you finding this bike a year on?
I’m thinking of buying the 2017 version and wondered if you’d encountered any of the power drop outs reported by a few of the reviewers on the Halfords site. My commute is a long one for an e-bike at 20 miles or so each way but mostly on a gently undulating/flat coastal route, always into a headwind no matter which way I go (or so it seems). As something of a lard ar$e myself I’m looking for an e-bike that’s robust enough to reliably cope with me and the mileage on a regular basis. Any new info would help. Thanks in advance.

Old man from surrey Joliet says:

Helpfull review thx! Does the diplay be take off? Have u considered any other ebike before purchase this one? Have u heard of the gtech bike? Any opinions? Thx again.

Sim Sima says:

best investment ever

Poll Mak says:

not a goat (lol), but a Gazelle, they are fast! Nice review.

moussaemad says:

I’ve got the Carrera Crossfire – non-electric. It’s alright, but I’m not overly impressed. I wanted to get the electric version, but haven’t been very comfortable on the regular version – the geometry of the frame wasn’t great for long rides – I decided not to go ahead with a heavier electric version. Now I’ve got the A2B Hybrid – a magnificent e-bike.

sinnis biker says:

great review can i ask what sort of speed do you get out of it with no assist and then with assist

Saima B says:

I tried out various bikes before I got this one. It was the best for me and I’m happy with the purchase. The display doesn’t come off unless you unscrew it but it’s waterproof so not worried about leaving it outside.

I did look at the GTec one but the battery capacity on that one is a lot lower so went for this in the end. The Gtec battery is less than half the capacity of this one.

In terms of power. If you put it on full assist you don’t have to put much effort in. If you put it on a lower setting you’ll have to put more effort in.

Dave Dawson says:

So tempted. Thanks for the info.

Saima B says:

Linda. Hope you enjoy the bike. It’s really good. Gears work fine. Didn’t change them whilst moving in the video as I was mainly cycling with one hand. Definitely recommend using both hands. 🙂

Brian Gil Ciro says:

Is it for sale?

Linda Causer says:

Thank you very much for this video. I struggled to find decent reviews etc about this bike. I have now purchased the female version today and am currently charging. Can’t wait to get out on it. I will be using 2 hands though.

will powell says:

hi, did the stand come included , i can’t seem to fit a third party kick stand with the amount of cables on the frame .i need one ,thanks

Rick west says:

Hi. The puma is the top speed and the Goat is to assist climbing hills.

cresshead says:

tops out on assist at 25kmh due to EU law

rohit a says:

can you charge it while pedaling??

Linda Causer says:

I didn’t notice you changing any gears, any reason for that.

Mr Fatapotimus says:

Hello, does the bike go without any peddling, just using battery power only? Also Does the battery charge when peddling only

sinnis biker says:

got one on order

dodge2451 says:

Thinking of getting a bike like this for commuting, just wondering how many miles does the bike do on a full charge? dont know if you have the numbers between what was achieved when new compared to now?

Umar Baig says:

what is the max speed of this bike


A goat?!?! Its a Gazel

TheMaltesePenguin says:

Thanks, enjoyed your review, especially seeing it out in action over some trails.  Encountered one in the wild the other day, owner was pretty happy with it.  Online spec still states 9aH battery but they seem to come with a larger capacity battery (11.6) like yours now.  The price has gone up to £1100 recently though.

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