CIVI BIKES Cheetah Video Review – $2.3k Motorcycle Inspired Electric Bike Design, Powerful & Fast The CIVI BIKES Cheetah is a motorcycle inspired fat tire electric bike with powerful 750 watt geared hub motor from Bafang, unique battery integration designed to look like a gas tank, two battery size options. High-volume tires provide comfort and stability, padded grips, oversized sprung saddle, and swept back handlebar deliver comfort and an upright body position, this bike can handle taller riders. With a maximum allowable weight of 330lbs (150kb) this is a great electric bike for big people, integrated headlight has high and low beam, beautiful paint matched steel chain cover, three color options. Only available in one frame size, basic 7-speed drivetrain with somewhat limited 13 to 38 tooth cassette means there aren’t as many options for climbing or pedaling at high speed, I experienced some delay with the 12-magnet cadence sensor but the twist throttle is smooth and both brake levers have motor inhibitors. This thing is a sturdy electric bike that would work well for big people, whether you’re tall or just heavy. It really looks a lot like Sam’s Harley motorcycle when we compared the two in his parking lot.

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Festivejelly says:

Something weird that ive noticed is there are no dips in the kerbs near the shop. I thought it would have been law for accessibility purposes.

Vannette Brown says:

Cool bike, but I can see the cops having a great time stopping people on these just because they can

Michael Logue says:

You mentioned that the tires were 26 x 2.4 – Could you verify that? They look wider than that……

jake pot says:

You need bullet proof tires

Marky Mark says:

wow them motors are loud! Give me a mid motor bike any day!

Elaine Saloka says:

I really love this bike and have considered buying. The only thing that stops me is no suspension. I live in PA. and our roads are nowhere near good, I don’t ride offroad, I only ride street and it would be a pretty stiff and uncomfortable ride even with a good springer seat. Beautiful cycle, just unfortunate that it has no suspension. These companies have to realize that we all don’t live on the beach in California!!! Love it though.

Knight B says:

6000$ for 13AH nah I will pass. waste of money

spektrumB says:

Movie Terminator 2, T1000 quotes, “It’s a nice bike…” 🙂

Benjamin Jehne says:

The black’n’brown one is so beautiful. By the way, congratulations for reaching 100k subs. Keep on doing such a good job.

Elaine Saloka says:

Good news!!!

Chris S says:

Imma be getting their brown one in a couple week’s

ValhalaFiveSix says:

I like it.

MMA Clips says:

Could u do a review on the scrambler by juiced bikes

Gilberto Restrepo says:

I think they could sell all kinds of accessories like Harley Davidson does. Handlebars, seats, turn signals, etc…

John C3333 says:

Want one, would consider moving to States to get one, 🙂 blue one would look cool with iridescent tank and mud guards on wheels

Karl Korp says:

Brown bike moved by itself at 2:22 wooooooooooohhh

Bill Van Raam says:

I like this bike the only thing that would give me pause on a purchase would be not being able to remove the battery easily for recharging when needed.

Jim Doolan says:

That’s cool like it

ricky rice says:

Great review! Great looking bike.

giusy zhou says:

We have big discount for this ebike for Thanksgiving day and Christmas!!
13% OFF!! send me message to get it.

eXBack 40verland says:

27:06 finally rides the bike

Kamil Grabarz Styczynski says:

I like that frame. I always liked board trackers, and I’m riding Greaser for a season now. Large, almost motorcycle frame bikes are my thing. And to my amazement, my 30kg (custom 26,1Ah batter, standard is coming lighter by 2kg) basically beach bike is so pleasant and good for riding thru the woods and even on some trails for mountain bikes. I even had 2 crashes that may be far worse if I was on lighter bike. And Vmax on my bike is the same as here circa 28 mph. I love Hi/Low on lamp I want to implement this in my own bike.

I like when you are covering bikes like this one.

Emma H says:

If I had a son who wanted a motorcycle, I feel like this would be a great option. Major speed cap but still has the cool factor. Teens wouldn’t need a license, either, and commutes to school probably wouldn’t be as far as work commutes.

Burningdaylighter says:

How fast does this go? I feel like you never get to the point of the MPH in any of your reviews. Full in depth reviews but lacking the biggest selling point..

Mo Poppins says:

I’m really lovin’ the motorcycle-inspired e-bike designs coming out! They’re gonna entice even more people to either leave their cars at home, or ditch their cars altogether. I’ll miss having the bike lane to myself, but I guess it’s for the greater good. 😛

toddguitar19 says:

Looks like the Rayvolt Cruzer, which is a little more attractive. Court, I would love to see your review on the RayVolt!

Agam Singh says:

Hover 1 xls

Mary McGovern says:

Hi EBR looks like the back tire is very close to the frame ,a true big mans bike love the look but not the price ,the cost of the Vtwin says it all man.another good review ,not from mary im just using her LT ,paul djerassi.

Daz Mayes says:

Looks like style over practicallity, no mention off range.

Gilberto Restrepo says:

When I built hub motor kits for my kids I had a local bike shop check and true the wheel before I installed them then I built one for myself and didn’t check spokes and lost a spoke in the first week of riding.


Super sexy, I want one

Alex Blake says:

Need mud guard

vortecemachine says:

I can already tell that this bicycle will be my next electric bicycle. Right now I have the specialized turbo. But this bicycle looks cooler and looks faster.

Sean McAleavy says:

I have had one of these, painted flat black, for a couple of months. I got it direct from China for $875. I had to do the customs process myself, but I wasn’t charged any tariff. In fact, I didn’t get charged anything at the customs office. I customized mine by cutting the seat post tube down as far as I could and lowering the seat and I put on some Apehanger handlebars and my old leather saddlebags from my motorcycle went on the back rack that I added, Plus I took the back fender from an old fat tire stingray and painted that flat black also. I was going to buy about 20 0f these to rent out on Catalina Island but it became apparent right away that it would not make a good rental for a few reasons. One of them being that you can’t switch out the battery. That right there makes it unusable to be a rental bike. Another reason is the balance. With the battery and controller placed high and forward it makes for an awkward balance. When you are up and running it isn’t noticeable, but it makes for wobbly starts. But other than those things it’s a cool bike and an attention getter for sure. I ride it with my three Golden Retrievers, one of which sits in a wooden trailer I made for her and the other two younger dogs run along the side of me, so that may be responsible for some of the attention. Bottom line is it’s a cool bike and I am glad I got it.

Carl Billimore says:

This is by far the best looking ebike I have seen, really think it would benefit with a bafang ultra max mid drive with a 3 speed rear hub though.

Andy hoff says:

I agree, should’ve called it the Bobber.

Battery not portable? Would be nice to change out batteries easier.
That’s a deal breaker
Also, I would change the seat to a Brooks saddle and black on black color.
Other wise it’s a nice looking ebike.

Michael Johnson says:

I fell in love at first sight with this bike. My ebike was just stolen. I’m replacing it with this one..
I want to point out the wheel size setting was correct at 28in, before it was changed to 26in. I had the same wheels and they measured over 28, but under 29 inches tall. The size settings in a cycle analyst would be 2325mm. In order for the speedo to be accurate, it has to be 28in. You can check with a gps speedometer app on your phone..

BK42 Channel says:

Very nice bike. I would love to have one, but the frame could be a bit bigger, it looks quite weird big guys on it 🙂
Great video. It is very nice to know all kind of ebikes out there

Andrew Gibbons says:

im 5.7 so i hope i will be able to ride this bike and ill have good reach

ElektroBike Fankonto says:

Cool 🙂

Bonnie Lee says:

EBR just wondering. Have you seen the rowing machine bike yet? It’s so neat, I think you should do a review on it showing how the very beginner could put on adult training wheels on it for stability till they get stronger and an electric bike kit for getting up hills. Check it out! “ Rowing Machine Bike “ by, mashable deals.

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