Coboc ONE Soho Video Review – £3.9 Understated, Efficient, Single Speed, Electric Bicycle The Coboc One Soho is a lightweight, understated, single-speed, electric bike made in three sizes, priced higher with many custom-made and premium parts, combined torque and cadence sensing pedal assist. Great option as a second bike or “Sunday bike” because the narrower tires and lightweight design are fun but less comfortable at long range, unique bull horn handlebar offers two body positions. Simple built-in control interface (on/off button with 6 LED lights indicating charge level), optional Bluetooth app with lots of features like GPS mapping, precise battery feedback, and motor performance tuning. Battery is not designed for removal, it offers great capacity for the size and weight but you’ll have to park the bike near a plug and may want to bring it indoors to protect from extreme heat and cold (which is hard on Lithium-ion cells). Beautiful vintage styling.


Carvell1122 says:

Well Court thanks to u Trek just sold a Conduit+

Joerg Luehmann says:

Great review. I own a Coboc Seven Vesterbro. The one with lights and racks. I am pretty satisfied with it. What was also important to me was that you can easily drive it without the motor.

Malone Fontenelle says:


mattyj342111 says:

Way over priced bike 5200 plus shipping charges no dealers in the USA So many other bikes available for that kind of money that offer so much more

mac mcmullin says:

SOHO =South of houston street NYC

Urban Cargo Bikes says:

Slick and fast, nice!

Christopher Moltisanti says:

Deadly I hope China is watching and clones this.

Rusty Paul says:

Haha that kid at the end though…

David Keleshian says:

Hmm when did they change the sound of ambulance sirens in London? I always thought they had the Hi Lo they sound like regular ambulances here in the US. 🙁

Weareallbeingwatched says:

13kg is pretty light for electric

James McClellan says:

I think I definitely want the One Soho. That thing is nice! Pricey, but it has a nice clean look and it’s basic a single speed which is what I prefer. Just put some Continental Grand Prix 28mm instead of the 25’s and you’re good to go.

trekkeruss says:

A hipster and his money are soon parted. Admittedly, it is very attractive, but it it wildly overpriced for what it offers, made more ridiculous by seeing the frayed handlebar finishing tape flapping around in the wind.

Gary Bryan says:

Great looking ebike!

frank doster says:

Beautiful bike !!

James Bighands says:

Hi C it a great looking bike…..But as a very experienced rider those pedals (echo softening) pedals pedals pedals……….those pedals when taking an aggressive 90 degree turn will catch on asphalt (road surface). The result if that happens is a high side flip over the bike. I have had many colourful experiences(crashes) those pedals are not going to be forgiving. So advice to anyone who buys this bike change the pedals.

Younes Tennoussi says:

I love super E bikes

Roman P says:

13:07 five days, for that price it needs to be 5 hours

Christopher Wain says:

Forget the price and this bike is awwwwsom


Beautiful bike!!!

Mole Js says:

think a little over price .. hope more bike company will fellow this light weighted good  design  .Carrying to MTB

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