Daymak EC1 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike Video Review The Daymak EC1 is a carbon fiber electric bike available in three flavors: Standard, Advance and Pro ranging from $1,899 to $3,499. A light weight, value priced carbon fiber electric bike available in three flavors: Standard, Advance and Pro with larger batteries and more carbon parts on the higher models (including drop bars on the pro!). More modest 250 watt planetary geared hub motor drives all three models, paired with the wider 700c wheelset this motor is on the weaker side but also weighs less, it’s a “active” setup. Delivers five levels of pedal assist and a trigger throttle with override so you can pass fellow riders or top hills without changing gears (though it does have 21 gears which is nice). Value level components including Shimano Tourney TX derailleur, extra shipping charges for the US, only one frame size ~22 inch, decent one year warranty on frame but only 6 month on the battery and motor.


Alex Nexus says:

I dont understand the idea behind an electric bike!!!!

Shreds1620 says:

Oh yeah, btw- Keep up the great job making these videos! Ebikes are the future!

Ivan Zhong says:

Is it power on demand

kamehamewhat says:

is there a reason why you use a selfie stick instead of a helmet cam?

Shreds1620 says:

Hey buddy, I am a Colorado resident who watches your videos, because I am in the market for a e-assist kit or bike. I currently own a Surly Krampus (29+) that I am either going to sell, so I can purchase either the Volt Yukon 500 watt ($1350), the Ohm 27.5 plus($3500) with the Bionx D500, or just keep the Krampus and install the D500 ($2700)myself. If you were in my shoes, and lived in a mountainous area where I would probably mostly commute, but would also like to ride some packed snow trails and singletrack from time to time which would you lean towards? Any suggestions or insight on which direction I should proceed would be most appreciated kind sir.

DrZarkloff says:

you had it sold until you gave out the nonkickstarter price.

Pixel dirt says:

If you have a motor on the front wheel you will have awd on snow 🙂

Jay Gurung says:

Hey Mr. Court when is new BH easy motion EasyGo race review coming? Thanks in advance.

Flo Mo says:

Pretty cool. I think like you. ^^


perfect your video!!!!

Torian Allen says:

once I build my house next year, your site will be my north star when it comes to finding my main mode of transportation.

eric jones says:

under $1,000 I could possibly consider the investment

vibe2light says:

Is lighter stronger enzyme batteries the future with Mtn-ebikes Court ?, and what’s your prediction for “off road multi-day back country Fat-Mtn-Tour ebikes (design & types) in future? I heard that a “multi day luggage loaded fatbike tyre needs to be 6-inches wide in order to not sink in the softest sand, do you agree with that estimate ? Take care an “cycle on brother”.

Kim Jong Un says:

What is your favourite bosch powered Bike out of all that you reviewed? says:

Hey guys! I highly recommend reading the written review for this one if you’re considering a purchase because a few things have changed since I shot the video. One major difference is an increase in price from when it was on Kickstarter, it is now $1,899 vs. just $899 for the standard base model I do like that they offer a more refined pro model with drop bars! It’s one of the fe electric bikes around with that option but it costs $3,499.

inferno4001 says:

Great review man! I followed this bike on kickstarter, but I’m not too familiar with that concept…. Looking at their increased price, I doubt if it is such a better option than the cube reaction hybrid models for instance.. (and to all people that are interested in getting a similar bike, if you are not willing or able to spend at least 2000 euro, than forget it…).

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