Desiknio Pinion Classic Video Review – $6.1k Light, 6 Speed Pinion Gearbox, Gates Electric Bike The Desiknio Pinion Classic is a lightweight electric bike with downtube-integrated battery pack, efficient 250 watt geared hub motor, six-speed Pinion gearbox, clean and quiet Gates Carbon belt drive. Available in three frame sizes for optimal fit, carbon fiber fork and high-volume tires improve comfort, stylish Brooks leather saddle and grip combine with three unique colors for a classy look. Compact charger is easy to bring along for extended rides but fills a bit slower with two amp output, battery is not easily removable (it slides out through the bottom bracket), gears can be shifted at standstill. Minimalist single-button control panel allows you to select from three assist levels, optional Bluetooth app provides more feedback, made in limited quantities.


Fred Bissnette says:

6k for 250w 🙁

TheDavenator7 says:

For rich people who need to feel special.

Javan Russell says:

Mmmmmm… Silky sexy simple n sweet!!!

Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

Beautiful bikes, lovely in frame battery solution wish more e bikes adopt this method and make it impossible apart from dealers to change the batteries as theft is negated. One day I’ll buy a pinion and belt drive! Cheers

Estêvão Pessotta says:

Thank you for the metric values.
Displaying them on screen during edition is also great.

visualray says:

Great review!! Could you review the Orbea Gain as well? They are finally selling it in the US. It has a similar motor and interface and it’s also very light.

ralo says:

Looks very similar to the ORBEA Gain

Vert N Dirt says:

Always sketches me out when you hold your camera with your right hand and hang on to the bars with your left hand (front brake). Safer in the old country
Pinion needs to do an electronic shift

F T says:

6k? Suuuure. Uh huh. Yeah.

Steve Tobin says:

ouch 6k and thats what you get

Thomas Lee says:

Pinion gear box mid drive and rohloff hub gear would be faster and more useful


I love these. You posted this video before right? A while back.

EverythingElectric says:

$6100 for an ebike?? I’d rather get 2x$2500 his and hers CSC City Slicker electic motorcycle with 40mph speed and 50mile range and have $1100 left over. $6100 for an ebike is absolutely insane. In fact any ebike higher than $1600 is too much. Crazy…

Tony yates says:

Lovely but pretty pricey, nice review Court.

Javan Russell says:

Joaquin got this E bike thing down pat!!! Real expensive but it looks to be the real thing for the right people.

benzoesan sodu says:

Riding on that bike without electric motor is easy make speed more than 30kmh. Motor is limited to 25kmh. Thats non sense. Btw. I dont know why people choose ebikes without suspension. Its not comfortable. Except the price, production cost is about 1-1,5k usd.

Edgar Escobar says:

:O It’s too expensive, but I really like this kind of e-bikes, minimalistic and straight forward.

Gareth Glover says:

Euro and dollars? Why? How about a ££££ price.

Isaiah Yhomas says:

Looks boring. $6.1k and no one would even notice or realize it’s worth $6.1k. Looks like a regular Walmart bike slapped with an ebike kit and hydraulic brakes.

Christopher Wain says:

Good video…. I love the look, & thought thats gone into these bikes… I could look at these bikes all day

epic time breaker says:

You cant say that hub motors are less efficient…..

Chris Till says:

Pinion is awesome. But can’t wait to see combined gearbox and mid-drive motor in one unit. That’s got to be the ultimate goal for ebike drivetrains.

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