Dillenger 350W Geared Electric Bike Kit Video Review

http://electricbikereview.com/dillenger/350w-geared-electric-bike-kit/ The Dillenger 350W Geared Electric Bike Kit is a one of the easiest electric bike kits to install that I’ve ever tested, front wheel mounting, color coded quick-connect wires, clip-on 12 magnet cadence sensor ring. Offers both throttle mode and pedal assist with five levels, can reach 20 mph in the US and 15.5 mph in the EU. Optional trigger throttle, one year comprehensive warranty, secure and organized shipping box, smaller LCD display that can be tricky to mount.


Alex Townsend says:

Why are you wearing your helmet inside? hahaha

john dunn says:

im thinking i should go with a model that has pedal assist, still looking to get the exercise of riding.

Jason Leroux says:

Do those included brake levers work with both disc and v-brakes?

john dunn says:

HELP!!! I have been checking on e-bike kits and now im more confused than i was. I have a mid-grade mountain bike and would like to get the hill assistance of an e-bike, BUT which one?????? more i watch the more confused i get .

Mark Hoffman says:

You’ve had that helmet on for a while. Sleep in it to?

Shipmate says:

Whoops!  I like your reviews… and having balls for posting a video showing a mistake.  One I could easily see myself making.

Adolf Shitler says:

6:45 I’m surprised you wouldn’t know the pretty obvious reasoning behind this. I may be wrong, but I’d say this is to stop water running straight down the wire and into the motor.

Jesse Kramer says:

The reason the cable comes out of the axle and angles down it to deal with any water ingress. If water manages to get into the system (via wires or axle) it will just harmlessly drip out.

SNZ says:

Where can I buy this and can you ship it to Nepal?

Gardener Rob says:

I’m probably going to buy my kit for my next ebike from this company, really good to here your opinion on it. As you said they are popular with Australia but I didn’t here about them until fairly recently so I wasn’t sure about going with them. They do however have a large range of kits from 250 up to 3000 watt  with very large batteries and the prices seemed pretty reasonable.

LeonMyTube says:

Where can i buy an extra throttle to this kit?

thomasojii31 says:

Very interesting , however after watching this video I was left with a touch of vertigo !

Benjamin Colwill says:

I bought this kit with knowledge of the company stating how reliable their product is. After two weeks the gears broke in the front hub, before that, the speed would jump to 35mph plus on the display for no reason, causing the motor to shut off. Not fun up a hill! Customer service is a b@#$! They except video only regarding any problem. If you need the kit sent back, you have to pay for it be shipped to Australia. You could probably buy another kit for that price. I had a problem with my display and asked for the original replacement and was sent a display that had no manual, no mounting bracket and never understood the motor, displaying all zeros. Very disappointing, already saving for another kit

Dr Abdalla Alkhashmani says:

Hi… very nice review as usual… u r awesome.
Which one is better, this one the Dellinger 350W or the 10k E-Bike Kit from LEED?
I have a MTB Giant Talon 3 2016 model

mdrautiii says:

How much was the kit?

Sudz says:

are you chewing gum while filming? gross in headphones. :-S

john nakashima says:

Good thing you got that bike helmet on for the unboxing! Big fan of your vids tho, just can’t decide what to buy. Need a good second hand market for Haibikes.

steven collins says:

how does it climb on the motor ? , cos thats what its all about ?.

roybofmn says:

My guess is that the cable comes out of the front hub then down to create a drip loop so water is diverted from the motor and drips off the cable instead of dead ending at the motor. Very common where rain or water can accumulate. So intentionally make as nice loop there as you can. Anyone else please comment.

Giorgio Cappella Di Piombo says:

minca, giai cristionasa pagu.. ma poitta cazzu nn ti coddasa.

larmarbev says:

Have you ever looked at The X tream 300 trailmaster on ebay .  It’s 300 watt Li battery sells for around $649. 00    Thanks

Mike Brink says:

If I was making or selling electric bikes I’d get with the solar company that builds the thin flexible light weight solar panels and make a foldable  laptop/book size battery charging panel that could easily unfold- foldup and fit into a backpack. You could fold up probably 400 watts of charging power & have it still lightweight enough to be easily transported, that and or a clip on outer solar panel for a back pack. One E-bike had light weight solar panel disks covering the wheels so it would help keep the batteries charged a little while riding. I like the fact that the E-bikes are quiet but due to price, range & power issues my first bike is going to have to be a DIY jackshaft full suspension 2 stroke motoped.

jisidorfisk says:

Watched some of your vids already, well two so far. I owned a Motorized bike company. Like your vids. I am retired now. Retired = Poor. I need a good kit for a 26″ cruiser. $400.00 is about all I can afford. Daily rider. Less than 10 miles, any ideas? I use Schwinn. Have a Sun 29″ also in new shape. Thanks for any help. 300.00 for a battery is a joke right? Hope so!

Cameron Waggener says:

hey can this kit be installed on bikes with a pre-existing disc brake system?

Mohammed Ashraf says:

My mate in the uk bought one dono what make and brand it lasted about couple of weeks and then it stArted having faults

Luke Hoisington says:

can you add the motor to any old bike

SCmotorized says:

Good video. haha, you put the motor on backwards. Motorized bikes never want to go together right, the first time around.

Michael Owsley says:

Yeah, the wire into the hub motor is meant to go down first so if water travels down the wire it drips off harmlessly at that low point and doesn’t travel into the hub. Note when power supply lines travel into a building above grade they always have low drip point so water doesn’t find its’ way inside.

Ronnie SeCoy says:

Many city cops in certain areas of USA will pull you over BELIEVING your a motor scooter needing a state license plate & insurance.  This complex system is a BOOST system on a PEDAL BIKE.  A friend of mine got pulled over.  He had to demonstrate it was really a pedal bike with gearing when Sheriff said, “PROVE IT”

Gdsamplify says:

Australia represent!

Mazxlol says:

i dont understand why is it so expensive? ive seen some on ebay for $200. is it just the quality of materials, battery etc? I would prefer not to buy off ebay but the price difference seems to be too steep ?

Tamsin Mc Cormick says:

The reason for the cable going downwards from the front axle is so that there is a loop for rainwater to drip off . If it went straight up water would run down the cable and straight into the works !!

NineWhiskeyTwo Zek says:

Great review!

i’m just getting my E-Fatbike with the same motor and battery, very impressive!!!

Ali Badarnah says:

does it include a pedal sensor?

Jefferson S says:

Jared leto?

mace FTL says:

Love this, Do you know a cheap lithium/Life battery for $300- ? thanks!

Thomas L says:

For that kind of cash it had better last. Sounds like a few people disagree with how well this kit is suppose to be. I wouldn’t waste the money for something that’s just going to break.

MrJareth says:

can one use a 48v li battery rather than a 36v for further mileage?

Mainframe says:

What if your bike has disc brakes? How will they operate when the replacement wheel doesn’t seem to facilitate it?

Eskil Eriksson says:

Had to wait in suspension until 12:45. I new what was coming, still made me laugh like a madman 🙂 Wonderful review, nice to see how easy a conversion is.

Festivejelly says:

Dont chew gum when you’re talking dude.

Carol Oakes says:

We have a Dillenger on a 20″folding bike that pulls a child trailer & boy can that bike move

Ohms Law says:

I brought this kit 3 years ago, it’s a 36v 250watt kit. I found it ran better on 48v, and achieved a top speed of 38km (motor only no peddling). Also Geared motors tend to run noisier than direct drive, I found.

Michael Scott says:

Wow! you really, really like wearing your bike helmet don’t you? even indoors and not actually riding a bike.

Might I suggest a hi-vis tabard be worn at all times too? you can’t be too safe.

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