E-Glide ST Video Review – Sporty, Feature Rich Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/e-glide/st/ the E-Glide ST is an affordably priced urban electric bike that’s pavement and packed trail capable, fully outfitted with a rack, integrated LED lights and some fenders… though the fenders are a bit basic. Five levels of pedal assist with three power modes (to optimize torque or efficiency), premium backlit LCD with integrated USB charging port, partially inset battery blends in and keeps weight low and center on the frame for balance. Nice hydraulic disc brakes (180/160 mm rotors) with adjustable reach levers but no motor inhibitors surprisingly, throttle on demand power that overrides all levels of assist for instant power. Shipping costs $175 extra or you can pick it up free in Santa Monica California, semi-vulnerable motor cable at rear, available in three frame sizes, one year comprehensive warranty, nice saddle, pedals and suspension seat post with upgraded saddle and grips.


Bruce Ballad says:

Finally, a nice looking, affordable, kinda stealthy e-bike with override throttle ♥ That seatpost suspension and remote fork lock are “huge” pluses too. ♥ I also like this tire type.
But I guess they ships in US, not to Australia. Right?

Victor Right says:

Great electric bike!

Benjamin Jehne says:

…What a beautyful and stealthy bike. For that price tag, really awesome…

Dave Caldwell says:

That’s a really handsome bike at that price.  Dave seems like a nice bloke too, another reason I wish I lived in SoCal !

Alex Davis says:


Ed E.J.Shonka@cox.net says:

how fast does it go on throttle

Daniel Denney says:

“I appreciate the safety” as he walks towards oncoming traffic while jaywalking.

What's the deal with that show says:

I just ordered one of these and also own an SS. the SS is great and I ride it everyday to work. I’m just too tall for it really and want more power so I can’t wait to get my new one delivered. I tried the one shown in this video early on and loved it for what I need. it probably had more than I need but I decided to treat myself. they are really nice guys over at eglide too and are always helpful.

Seb K says:

He sounds like Donald Trump !!!

Anyways back to the bike . I don’t know why manufacturers don’t fit guards on the bike to protect the cable . Even better the axles should be smooth and not sharp .

Don Mega says:

my battery is so huge there’s really no space for a bottlerack, and it’s a pretty standard 26″ wheel size frame too. btw the front mud guard is no good, because you still catch dirt flying in your eyes as there’s nothing in front of the wheel. got my white jacket full of mud when i had something like that.

cresshead says:

he does some good bikes at great prices

Bayu Oktaviantino says:

Hey man, if you can get your hands on it please review Xiaomi Qicycle.. Thanks

MG Rogue 2017 says:

I have the Woosh Zephyr-B 2017 myself. It’s a foldable electric bike with full front and rear suspension, with top-end parts. Kenda puncture resistant tyres. Has 36v bafang SWX02 rear-wheel motor and hydraulic brakes. five speed pedal assist, 8 speed-gears and also has throttle on the right handlebar. I bought it for £1049 about a week ago, and been happily riding it since.

Kyriakos Liotas says:

Nice bike and this guy looks very friendly. I prefer small businesses with people that love what they are doing than big faceless brands.

Gary G says:

Okay. I am thinking “is that Dave ‘Tinker’ Juarez?”

Larry Basinskl says:

You didn’t mention if the display is removable? Thanks for all the E-bike reviews! Great service to a growing market!

Baron Of Hell says:

Talks about how good it is to be safe. Then proceeds to ride bike one handed holding camera. 🙂

Jelle B says:

nice glasses

Steve Mullholand says:

One of my favorite bikes so far.

yoma measureacher says:


TuxKey says:

good looking bike. one year warranty isn’t good at least we Europeans consider one year not impressive. but i do like the price..

Kenneth Marimow says:

Since The bike Med. Do you the hight of the Guy own riding The designer?

Tony says:

That frame is a copy-cat of the FLX!

nonny pants says:

Court, what was it like riding this while using no pedal assist or throttle? Was it any different than riding a non e-bike?

Robert Groves says:

Court, the frame, battery, front shock and rack look VERY similar to the Magnum Peak.

Austin Gonzalez says:

This, Magnum Mi5, Juiced. There seem to be a lot of very similar bikes with this design. Is there an OEM?

Miles McDonnell says:

The website say introductory price of $1,699 with an MSRP of $2,699 are they going to hike the price after release?

Donandnan Elmore says:

Good review! Do you have any experience with the FLX (or FLUX)?

samuel Townsend says:

Looking good Dave we wish you all the best good to see your evolving your product line. We’ll see you on the boardwalk this summer in Venice. Or sooner are you going to the Ciclavia from Venice to Culver City? It’s in two weeks March 26th If so let’s go for a ride.

slappy76 says:

Unfortunately this throttle setup would be illegal in NYC. Oh well.

Court, Seriously can’t keep up with all the video you post. You are a e-bike reviewing machine. 🙂

manifest 73 says:

FLX clone.

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