Easy + Cheap eBike!! Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit REVIEW

iMortor Electric Bike Wheel ➜ https://goo.gl/CSi1CZ

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This is a cheap/affordable way to turn your ordinary bicycle into a super cool eBike (electric motorized bike).
Wheel size (3 models) are suitable for any 26-inch mountain bike, road bike, or leisure bike. (Tread width: 48.26mm)
It’s an electric brushless 240W hub motor and removable rechargeable battery (36V 130Wh). There’s even a USB outlet to charge your devices on the go. Connect with their app to view live speed, distance, and other information.

Top Speed (flat ground): ~15 mph
Distance (rated): up to 15 miles or more with pedal assist

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Nosgoth of Kain says:

Couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the price…

bdub2868 says:

where does it ship from?


Can an extra battery be purchased by itself? if yes how much for an extra battery?

TrumpCorp. says:

That’s junk.. Get a proper Bafang or RWD Hubmotor

David Charles says:

Not if you have front disc brakes

Raiden Ripper says:

Im interested on the product. I like to know if can I climb inclined roads relying on the motor only? How about noise too?

Ian Alaman says:

Cool. I like it. I. I already subscribed. I like all youre videos published. Please Keep it on the future video. Please make more videos and on transportation like hoverboard

Buster 1 says:

And I thought it would be 150 to 200 dollars

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Super easy, fast, and cheap eBike conversion kit!

Check out current pricing! ➜ https://goo.gl/CSi1CZ

Zujia Huang says:

Awesome, it would be even better if they can incorporate a quick release/mount hub to greatly shorten the conversion time

Kong FoToes says:

Love all your videos. After watch review DJI Spark….i go out and order one lol

Jasper's Review says:

just get banggood to sponsor

PsykoWheels says:

400? I can get a battery for $200 and a 500w motor for $130

Michael S Off Grid says:

$389. that is a good price i might buy this one.

Undoeszerzs says:

Ben, im looking for a motor that can go the speed of 60mph or faster that can be controlled by a remote. I need this for a skateboard. Can you help me find the motor to my needs?

yorkshire vaper says:

ben love your reviews

Dion Wilfred Domingo says:

pls buy the ideafly grasshopper

Aksels Nemme says:

A great idea but wont work on all bikes

Buster 1 says:

And I thought it would cost 150 to 200

xXSalomon Xx says:

Nice video!

Aaron Roach says:

$400 isn’t affordable

Bee Highve Drones says:

Thank you so much for your tech reviews (clever name, btw). This was so awesome I’m buying that E-tire (which is only $300 from June 13-20)

Would you be able to do a review of the Lou board? It looks so good and affordable. Thanks again for all you do. You are one of the good YT reviewers out there. =8-Þ

David Blackburn says:

Where can I get one


dude that is so cool

ImVirgoZ says:

Nice!! Love your video’s man!!

Louis La Grange says:

Hi Ben! I was wondering if you could implement metric distance measurements alongside the imperial in your videos? I know it’s always just a google search away, but it would be so much better if it were included in the video itself.
Thanks 🙂

Dan Velasco says:

Do they come with 27.5″ wheels? And also does it fit still fit with disc brakes in front?

Sak __ says:

Awesome video, I look forward to,every one you upload. Keep up the awesome work! Great drone footage and I like how you showed the install and the issue you had, one room for improvement, lower the music a little and PLEASE make your videos longer, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. I always feel rushed watching it due to the short length and quick pacing, we on YouTube like more detail and depth and can do without some of the fancy cuts and edits. In any case, love the videos bud!

Holly Crocker says:

i need a 29 inch

Brendan Hsu says:

thats great 4 my grandmother

Ihtisham Khan says:

where are from please told me

Ihtisham Khan says:

where are from please told me

Dion Wilfred Domingo says:

pls buy the ideafly grasshopper

Jayden V. says:

love your videos

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