Easy Motion ATOM Lynx 4.8 27.5 Pro Video Review – Full Suspension XC Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/ The Easy Motion ATOM Lynx 4.8 27.5 Pro is a full suspension cross-country or all-mountain electric bike with beautifully hidden motor and battery pack, 120 mm suspension from Fox, available in two frame sizes for improved fit. High-end 180 mm Shimano SLX brakes with tool-free adjustable levers, rigid thru-axles front and rear with quick release, removable battery pack and display panel. Nimble Schwalbe Tough Tom tires offer 650b rolling momentum and traction but quicker, lighter steering at 2.35″ width vs. plus sized, powerful climber with mountain specific drivetrain and one-way clutch Shadow Plus derailleur. Battery charger requires a dongle interface with the battery which could easily get lost, the display is a little bulky and could get damaged in a crash easier.


Bruce Ballad says:

I was waiting this review for a while. (for REVO series, in fact)
I want this bike (or a hard tail REVO). It is a normal looking, powerful, stealthy e-bike. I like E-motion designs.
They made the mid motor more smooth integrated to the body in this bike then hardtail Revo ones. I like this.
EDIT: I figured out that they renamed REVO line to ATOM. I think.. at least.

Lunatic says:

Do you know of any 24″ wheel electric bikes that do not fold?

Eric Perbos-Brinck says:

I just got a similar 2016 hard-tail Revo Cross (renamed Atom in 2017) with the Brose engine in replacement of an insanely defective Nitro City.
The bike is amazing, the engine is both powerful, smooth and super silent and the range is top-notch.

My only concern is the unbelievable shit work they did with paint quality: a slightest impact will take a chip off, every time guaranteed.
It’s worse job than a 10-year-old painting his first miniature P-51 Mustang warplane, a shame by Spanish manufacturing standards.

After 150 kms in city roads and maybe 10 kms on country side with a little gravel, I already have half-dozen paint chips (orange + blue layers gone) down to the white component, some 5mm wide !
And the battery is nixed too because of the handling so I covered it with duct tape. Ugly but WGAF.

I see they didn’t fix it for 2017: exactly like you noticed in the section about battery removal at 08:50 or the still picture at 21:18.
This 2017 bike is brand new from show-room: the battery bumped to the frame when put back in place -> took two chips off.

And please BH Easy Motion fanboys, don’t tell me “But it’s Matte, no coating, what you expect lol noob !” ^!^
First Matte is a paint *finish* like Glossy is, it’s cosmetic not mechanical. Same as paint you use on your home walls, Matte or Glossy.
Second Matte paints (aka Stealth Bomber) have been the rage in cars for a decade, including Audi/Bentley/Porsche OEM and they sure don’t chip like that at the first gravel encounter.

After a year this bike is going to be an awful mess and impossible to resell.
If paint quality is important to you, stay away from BH Easy Motion matte bikes until they hire real paint specialists (tip: hire one at VW Seat spanish factory).

@Court: it would be nice if you could investigate a bit because your reviews carry a lot of weight around the World.
Paint durability is maybe as important as “is it missing a bottle carrier ?” (TM by Court) *innocently whistles* 😉

haloShAdOwSnIpE says:

Damn that shit costs more than I expected.

ol1bit says:

Love this bike with price! My 2015 Emotion 650b is still going strong, but it would be a nice upgrade for off-road riding!

moinsen mann says:

I like the choice between hub and mid drive

Ana Sanchez says:

Hey ! Don’t cut the test run short ! Especially down hill !

hamhumtube says:

nice and serious review as always thanks

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