Easy Motion Evo City+ Video Review – Large Electric City Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/easy-motion/evo-city-plus/ The Easy Motion Evo City+ is an efficient commuter style e-bike with great safety features like integrated LED lights, reflective sidewall stripes on the tires, and motor-inhibiting brake levers. One of the most beautiful, normal looking, electric bikes around, Easy Motion is known for their integrated battery design that is paint matched and seamless. Premium rear rack with bungee cords and KLICKfix Track compatibility, sturdy but light Curana alloy-composite fenders, oversized chain guard, you get 24 gears vs. 10 on most other ebikes. The rear mounted hub motor adds clutter and complexity for servicing the brakes, drivetrain, and rear wheel compared to mid-drives, it’s not quite as efficient as a mid-drive but it does allow for both throttle and pedal assist drive modes, throttle only works in level zero which is annoying to me.


Nisco Racing says:

Not a fan of the loud motor wine.

123bigred says:

You would think they would have found a way to hide the cables by now

Bruce Ballad says:

Cool, this is one of my favourites. Probably, one of the best looking ones too. It has all my needs. I just don’t like the quick releases. It doesn’t feel secure enough to me. You can change front one but I don’t know about rear one with the motor.
Also, there is that lack of override throttle. But of course, that is same with all the easy motion bikes. Not a huge problem for me. Presumably I would ride it on no assist mode almost all the time, and use the throttle as a boost.

Wayne Rhea says:

my problem with e bike is that they cost so much I could buy a bike for 500 a motor kit from eBay for 250 and a 48 volt 30ah battery for 450 and for under 1500 I got a bike that will go easily 40 miles and have a top speed of 35 mph.

Ravindra Kempaiah says:

Nice review, Court!
The most important aspects of an E-bike are the motor and the battery. The power, torque, capacity etc.
Sometimes I feel like you get distracted by small things like pedals, fenders, rack but discussing those two important aspects makes it valuable to those who don’t have an opportunity to test ride all bikes. Rest of the small items are all changeble or upgradeable but the motor and battery difficult to upgrade right away.
The motor in the 2017 line up has tremendous torque and it is designed that way to match the performance of a mid-drive.

Pevano1 says:

Probably the best looking battery integration I’ve seen so far, the rest of the bike also very clean but all the cables and wires in the front are ruining it for me. But still a nice design.

actnowone says:

Good review, is this bike available through a UK dealer and if not could it be imported?

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