EccoBike Nashorn Video Review – $1.6k Full Suspension Fat Electric Bike, 750 Watt Hub Motor The EccoBike Nashorn is a full suspension fat tire electric fat bike with powerful 750 watt hub motor from Bafang, responsive 12-magnet cadence sensor, lighter than some full suspension fat tire electric bikes at 66.5 pounds. Excellent battery position on the down tube, it’s semi-integrated design means the battery can be charged on or off the bike and its location keeps the bike well balanced. 180mm mechanical disc brakes provide ample stopping power for a bike with a top speed of 20 mph, both brake levers have motor inhibitors to ensure the shortest possible stopping distance, can also be used to manually override the motor. Excellent kickstand placement (not all mountain bikes offer this), sturdy platform pedals, two color choices, one frame size may limit who can comfortably ride this frame, direct order only means it can’t be tested before purchasing.

To run the forums, host the website, and travel, we charge a universal service fee for reviews and in-depth videos like this. Our goal is to be transparent and unbiased, this video and accompanying written review are not meant to be an endorsement. Because this video involved payment from EccoBike, we are labeling it as #Sponsored


john mccay says:

Almost every fat tire bike sold in the US has a 750 watt motor and can do 25 MPH and this review was mostly about how dangerous this bike is. Wanted to hear more about this bike not generalization on fat tire bikes

Chris G says:

Looks like M2S

lonestartex1 says:

Since this is similar to other e-bikes I like to see an EBR exposé on Chinese e-bike makers 🙂 There’s lots of curiosity about who these factories are, and what arrangements they have with US companies. I hope Court saves enough money to go to China 🙂

Oprea Dragos Constantin says:

Cool looking Bike, and the price is not bad at all!

Whistling K9 says:

To much talk about nothing.

Reverend Al says:

LOL. Universal Service Fee. Yes, though, those fat tires are lame — too much friction and rotating mass.

ForbinColossus says:

Wish I could pay a few hundred more to option FOX shocks front and rear. As the Brits say, looks like a nice bit of kit…

Robert Rob says:

This guy is too long winded and too little information in this video.


Hi! What about fenders?

Christopher Moltisanti says:

I was ready to settle on a Yukon or Shred. And now these guys are in my backyard, I think this Ecco bike is better than both of those. Thanks guys. And they bring the bike to your door to test ride if you’re in Vancouver. What?

LongIslandADED. says:

The frame reminiscent of a BMX bike

n8tvbrn ed a says:

Nice i like this one for my pops

James Stanovic says:

Enjoy all of your videos but would like more info on hill climbing ability and battery range…two very important factors for me!

Gary Paisley says:


metamorphicorder says:

Wow. This was about the first ebr scandal ive seen. Ive been watching Court for a few years now. And this is crazy.
He made a business decision that sounds like it was more mutual than it was adversarial. People are throwing shade at Court for being open and honest. You guys think he was gonna be able to do what he does for ever without adapting his business model to survive the you tube changes and how online advertising is changing. OF COURSE HE CHARGES FOR MAKING LONG FORM IN DEPTH HONEST REVIEWS ON THE LARGEST VIDEO BILLBOARD IN THE WORLD. Of course he does. Why wouldnt he unless he was independently wealthy and just doing a hobby?
Gimme a break.
As to the other issues.
Yes Court can come off as annoying sometimes. Maybe even a little smug. Especially in his much earlier videos. Ive even mentioned that in comments.
Has he made mistakes in terms or how a thing specifically works? Sure.
Ive commented on stuff like that well.
But you know what?
He never promised you would like him. He never promised he wouldnt make mistakes.
He said he would give honest in depth reviews which are based on the standard of his opinions and preferences and to show you actual ebikes and bike related items. I mean for the love of god he gave really fair reviews to sondors, moar, schwinn bikes. Like if i was doing what he does i would laugh at those guys and their jokes of bikes. But im a jerk.
Court may be a slightly smug looking hipster type person but hes not lying to anyone and hes doing a pretty good job.
I mean heck he was able to make a decent watchable video with the guy from luna cycle and thats no small feat.
Yeah hes probably a little too concerned with bottle cages and pedals. So what. You dont like his videos hit that thumbs down and go make your own.
Brett, i hope you do well in your future endeavors.
Court, two things: keep doing what you do.
And man, you know they make strap on bottle cages right? You can just add one where you want it. A piece if inner tube and some color matched duct tape and a strip of 3m vhb will stick a bottle cage just about anywhere you want.
Just kidding man. Keep doing what you do and dont feed the trolls.

pirafu shu says:

nice bike. wish they had a version without the full suspension and just fixed gear with a lower price point 😀

Pablos Pancake says:

Brad you have to slow down on talking. It is too hectic.

Gia Hua says:

Good review, but i think I like the Tern Vektron 2018 version foldable better than this bike

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