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https://electricbikereview.com/forum/threads/ebike-battery-replacement-repair-service.26997/ Hi guys! While reviewing the new double-battery fat bike from FTH Power, I got to visit their headquarters in City of Industry, California near Walnut California. These guys started out in the electronics repair business and then branched into ebikes and battery replacement repair services based on interest from partner brands and shops. They now offer a way to get your ebike battery repaired if one cell isn’t working, repacked with brand new cells, expanded with more power (a higher capacity), and they recycle the old cells. These guys are hazmat certified to ship anywhere in the US but can also work directly with people who drive to their warehouse. I thought it was a neat service and was impressed with their track record and professionalism. Seems like a great opportunity for people who have electric bikes that were made by companies that no longer exist or those who are looking for a more affordable option to keep their bike going than buying a brand new battery.

FTH Power has been around since 1997, repairing electronics like Kenwood stereo systems and other automobile electronics. They got into ebikes around 2016 and use them with their families for fun. The company is a partnership between the two gentlemen shown in the video. They estimate that the battery life for most ebike packs is about three years. Most replacement packs are priced $500 to $900 but their repair service costs around $300. They said that you can extend the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery pack by keeping it away from extreme heat and cold. FTH Power works with local customers directly, sometimes offers pickup and delivery, and they also partner with local shops like Sam’s Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA.

The first step is for the company to receive your battery, then they hook it up to a machine that charges and discharges to identify the issue, then they give you a quote so you know how much it will cost and what repairs or replacement services are needed. In most cases, they also replace the battery management system BMS circuit boards too, which helps to ensure that everything is safe and functioning properly. Most ebike manufacturer companies in the us may produce batteries, but not have facilities for repairs… so that’s a big part of what FTH Does, work for those companies.


RogerBY says:

Nice video ..fourteen thumbs up…;)

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

Got a sneaky feeling that these type of businesses will be insanely popular soon…

Etienne 777 says:

$600 for 2 batteries on bike, let’s say. And how many times can one charge these batteries before you have to get new ones…..or before it goes to 50% strength and you have to get new ones? So it’s not a very cheap sport. Where is Nikola Tesla with his free energy?

horus heru says:

*Do they service Bionx bike batteries as well?*

NWforager says:

We Need at least 1 shop like this in Every State . Washington State Please ! Thanks Court and Sam

John Puccetti says:

Nice job on reporting a aspects of ebikes.

Batteridoktorn says:

Awesome! Do more battery repair services videos! Must be one in every state right?

J.A.B. says:

The shop it self reminds me of a NASCAR garage with it’s cleaniness. Looks to be long term quality e-bikes and battery repair business with these guys. This is big for the e-bike owners and the repair shops around the country!. Thanks for sharing.

Rev Rides says:

This is great you guys. Thanks for sharing. I’ll contact them about doing scooter battery packs!

samuel Townsend says:

As eBikes grow in popularity here more and more people will be requiring these services I wish FTH Power growth and prosperity good luck


Nice! The other cat is JeHu Garcia I think , he converted VW bus and does live stream to build Tesla wall and bms packs 18650s and others
His channel is more of a tech type diy

Adge e bike. says:

Seems a top bloke as well.

Trung Vu says:

Great resource. Little peace of mind. Thanks Court

Marvin says:

I really love these factory videos, please keep them coming!

visualray says:

You mentioned at around 4:34 that they might be the only hope for some batteries of companies that have gone out of business. I wonder if they rebuild Bionx batteries especially for systems and batteries they are no longer supporting.

Thondup Andrugtsang says:

Great video.

johnrpan says:

FYI, I shipped a large lithium battery once without the required hazmat paperwork and it was rejected by FedEx Ground at a Oklahoma City distribution center and returned to me. The hazmat certifications are no-joke. They sent the battery back with paperwork for me to fill out, but I had trouble filling it out since it was in cryptic shipping language. The only way I was able to get the right paperwork was to take it to a FedEx shipping center and have them fill out the paperwork. The cost was $40 for a 6 lb battery from the Midwest to California. Hope this helps anyone in the future when they are shipping a large lithium battery.

Jesse Jorgensen says:

That is so cool!!!! Thanks!!!

John a Haynes says:

Can you make your own E bike

Cockeyed Optimist says:

Not directly addressed is the possible problem of firmware that may be installed on high-end emtbs that might prevent repacking/refurbishing and then being able to use the battery on that bike. Has anyone found that to be an actual problem for them personally? Maybe FTH Power could answer that question ?

Dave Sweany says:

Thanks I needed that information

FilipXMinimal says:

Only li-ion, Or also li-po?

Larry Conger says:

Love this stuff Court, keep this interesting stuff coming, love this stuff! Do they repair all brands?

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