Electric Bike Company Model S Video Review – Fast, Affordable, Cruiser Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/electric-bike-company/model-s/ The Electric Bike Company Model S is an affordable, but powerful, cruiser style electric bike available in four colors or with custom graphics, impressive battery quality, and size, integrated lights and basket. Comfortable upright body position supported by large tires, swept-back handlebar, vibration-dampening steel fork, plush saddle with rubber bumpers and a suspension seat post. Pedal assist and throttle mode for those who want instant support, powerful hydraulic disc brakes with adjustable levers for small hands, stainless hardware to deter rust in beach environments. Single-speed drivetrain is simple and durable but limited in terms of pedal cadence options, the bike is heavier than most at ~75 lbs and the rear-heavy frame flexes, shipping costs ~$200 extra.


braian polariz says:

I would like you to do some climbing tests to these Ebikes, that way we could see some real power. however, this was a real good Ebike review, I wish I can get one someday.

yORT Parkorn Mairaing says:

@1.45 I think that biker need attention.

Baron Of Hell says:

You should have knocked that guy off of his motorcycle and told him to get a real man’s bike. Then told him he better not come around you while filming unless he wants to get beat down on youtube.

Trevor Vermillion says:

what’s the price on this?

Mark Elford says:

Very impressive factory builds.

David Macdonald says:

Hi did you do the price on this one or did I miss it, personally I think it’s quite some bike the battery size is what others should be doing by now .

em forty says:

very nice attention to detail and design the only thing i would like is redesign the battery mount in the middle instead of being top heavy rear heavy and making rear cargo even higher from the ground it does make a big difference when weight is shifted lower and its safer too. Top heavy rear heavy is never good and since rear wheel is already stressed for having the motor there[torque stress] the battery weight even makes it harder and add additional stress by adding weight on top. have the battery straddle the lower down tube shifting weight in the middle and shifting it lower

brighton dude says:

Excellent front racks on those bolted to the head tube and not turning with the forks. That is a very stable set-up. As a European I’ll say I do like these US style bikes with the cruiser handlebars.

FastFriday'sFacts says:

Electricbikereview.com can you tell me about the motor. I want to know about what size controller is on the bike, as well as maximum torque?

Thomas Sjöberg says:

is there an eu version from that company?

Seb K says:

The hub motor cables have metal coils wrapped over them as they exit the axle . This is to stop the axle from cutting into the cable .

Ed E.J.Shonka@cox.net says:

what is the price on the black bike

moinsen mann says:

I rly like to see the use of a hubmotor combined with a singlespeed system.

Sean L says:

Great Review – detailed – knowledgable – passionate – nice looking bikes too

pipeman451 says:

Very nice looking cruiser. The company seems to have done a great job of designing a complete package at what I now consider a vey good price point. I may have found my bike for this summer. As always a nice review

Tedward says:

Taking a look at the website, this looks like an amazing value. Just used their online chat to ask a few questions – and they were super responsive. Highly considering this one.

George Herman says:

Wow !!! Now that is a great deal. Thorough review too.

Ed E.J.Shonka@cox.net says:

do they have throttle or thumb throttle

SM says:

Nice bike! Not too flash

Michigan Mister says:

just another great review. really surprised at the weight? I like it tho, with one eye because I get my Boomerang Wednesday. Court, can you speak on the mag wheels vs. spokes? thanks as always.

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