Electric Bike E-Bike FOR $500 – ANCHEER 20″ Folding Bike – Unboxing Assembly and Test Ride – Ebay

Electric Bike E-Bike FOR $500 – ANCHEER 20″ Folding Bike – Unboxing Assembly and Test Ride – Ebay Buy. I found this affordable E-Bike on Ebay but…Was it worth it? (36V 250W) Lithium Battery 7-speed E9. We Unbox – Assemble – Test Ride – and Review this Bicycle.

Ebay Search – https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H1.Xancheer+electric+bike+19%22.TRS0&_nkw=ancheer+electric+bike+19%22&_sacat=0

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Qspeakz theTruth says:

nice video. are you still liking the bike?

Chantiel McKeiver says:

Thanks so much!

97warlock ismyname says:

Yes, Wish your wouod review the GoPlus Ebike. Im in the market for an Ebike, due to large neighborhood dogs loose sometimes, If I can pedal my butt off on one & hit 28 mph Id do just fine.

Clark Kent says:

very very very good job my new friend

Richard Sequeira says:

Does anyone know where I can get and electric horn that is similar to the one include with this bike?

Silvester F N Lima says:

This bike is less than 400 dollars!!


Shauna O'Neill says:

Would this fit in a suitcase?

cnjjr says:

I echo these other comments: great review.

blewyd says:

RIM BRAKES??? ON AN E BIKE? you got ripped off.

Juan Hermosillo Diaz says:

This guy looks like the guy from black panther

Jake Dilla says:

Great review…how is it holding up? Do you still have it on the road?

CholoKiD92 says:

is there any way i can get a battery replacement? for that bike?

Tim Early says:

Well done.

Rene Renato Rivera says:

what size tires?

Gloria Sarp says:

it would take me the whole day to put it together lol, i’m on a hunt for an E-bike

Mike Victor says:

Paid more for mine but Amazon had a deal with a local bike shop that put it together….love it! nice video

Yeng Wong says:

Can you test and give a tutorial on MEIYATU E-Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle? I looked high and low and couldn’t find any video reviews on it…

Mike Dempsey says:

GREAT review! You did a nice job describing the features, this is a bike I saw at Walmart and was wondering if it was any good. Like you said – why can’t they put good instructions to go with these things! I wonder if it is 1969 when things weren’t that complex, but paper was expensive???? I mean really, they can’t provide better illustrations and instructions? Thanks again for the review!

Ara Gregorian says:

Thank you brother! Much better instructions than the original Chinese sounding one.

mva1985 says:

thanks for the review

Country City Media says:

Nice! I did a review of my Citizen Frisco over on my channel. The Frisco is about double the price of this one. I’m curious how the two would compare and how the longevity would compare. They look very similar. Thanks for the review!

Jonathan Allen says:

I like it reminds me of my dad’s old school folding bike we took on road trips when I was growing up in the early 90s

DJ and The Blue Denim Band says:

thanks for the great video helped me make up my mind if i really wanted one.

Tink Tink says:

Got mine yesterday worked good today now I only get assist no horn now don’t get it

Scott Hacker says:

Enjoyed the video, heres a tip ….any bike shop could find you a shock seat stem ,it will give you a Cadillac ride! Think the brand is pyramid .or try online.

frank miranda says:

Ancheer Bikes for the money our the best once you up grade it to your liking .

Cassandra D says:

Do you still have/use this bike? Does it still run well?

Tim O'Brien says:

Nice bike make a good transport for a live aboard boat.. l like the folding design..

E vazkee says:

Stupid music. I’ll find someone else doing a review

Rick Mathes says:

Great Video. Thanks so much

Steven Murray says:

Great video just bought one

Magued Mahmoud says:

HOw math of this bike and wre u from?

Das Kai-ser says:

that is a very pleasant review, thank you, and keep it up

FL moseley says:

There is a fat tire ebike on ebay for only $660 and im considering buying it. Would love to see a review on it. It has a 500 watt rear hub motor powered by a 36v battery. Its nearly the same as a rad rover which has a front suspension fork and a 48v battery but the rad rover also cost $1600. If the $600 ebay fat tire bike works as well as a rad rover it would be a grat buy. Thinking very seriously about buying it I hope I dont get burned.

blewyd says:

That is no where near a mountain bike…

Marco Rubio says:

I bought a folding bike. The same thing happen. The instructions were vague at best and the pictures were pixelated. It would be better to just put in diagrams.

Michael Martello says:

How many miles can you get on a full charge? On full electric mode?

oliver butterface says:


Tim Reynolds says:

Did you remove your speed limiter cable?

ataisha atkinson says:

Awesome video but what is the range ?

garip ozgun says:

Hi man Why do you speak english and not african?

Peaceful Prepper says:

great review. Thanks for doing it. How is the bike doing now?

Robert Irizarry says:

Hey, I’ve been eyeing this bike for about 2 years if I can get it at your price I might finally be getting it. Thanks good job. I thought you were through.

omg hey there says:

awesome! thanks!!!

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