Electric Bike “GoPLUS” Unboxing-Review

GoPLUS Electric bike unboxing / review.. and i was about 5 feet away from Bambi ( baby deer) it did not know what to think of me.. Prob same reaction my mother had when i was born. lol
VLOG Episode_340
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Dr. Awkward says:

I ordered one today. I guess this video sold me, plus it seems to be the best bike for the price.

AwwChitSon FPV says:

I have this bike as well. Love it. Just took it to the beach for vacation and rode it 5 miles every morning on the sand. The only issue I’ve had is where the left and right side cables enter the frame, it was rubbing threw the wire insulation so I wrapped electric tape to keep it tight into the frame holes.


1 second ago
https://youtu.be/qyaTxpiii5A. hi casey can you help launch this amazing looking bike..its tesla inspired. Ether9 or Ether369.com

i like your videos…i think your cool..this is badass looking..

Jesse James says:

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father except by me John 14:6

tupu says:

is yours still going? mine died after a week…:/

IndependentSinema says:

thx for uploading this bike…


U are awesome

Dub Fpv says:

Where did you buy it. What’s the link

Dj HotSt3ppa says:

U one funny guy man lol

Peter Rodriguez says:

Trying to find where you bought your bike would like the information on how to buy one for my Son Please send me A phone number so I can purchase one

Djn 403 says:

You suck!!!!

Pașca Alexandru says:

I hope people realize that the shifter is the absolute bottom-shelf from shimano. I think they give it free in some shops…

Matthew Lannoye says:

can you pedal without using the battery

Holvin Xumux says:


Jhon Rodriguez says:

Cuantos kilometraje hace x cada carga de batería amigo . Gracias

Matt says:

Where did you get this bike I can’t find it anywhere. Do u have the exact name of it?

sijil o says:

burnout on payton nest

Johnny Padilla says:

Been looking at all the various modals and I am dizzy, I particularly like this one , this modal you tested on this video and so on this page there are different modals and I want or need to know where to get one shipped to me like you had yours shipped. if you could share with me how I can get the exact identical one I would love it cause I would like to see about ordering one , I like the big tires and the instruments to operate seem simple enough so please if you can forward me some information about the same contact me at goodfellow6721@yahoo.com and I can reach you and maybe forward a contact phone number to talk about it, best regards. Johnny

Djn 403 says:

I want to know about the bike not you Jesus Christ

Mike Perkins says:

How much?

DENNIS yedreshteyn says:

Great review,
I wanted to get the same bike but I can’t find it anywhere, where did you buy it and what did you pay for it.
Thank you.

Yuan Tronz says:

Where are you, is that Florida?

Steve says:

Nice video, Good energy kept me around for the whole thing! Cheers


1 second ago
https://youtu.be/qyaTxpiii5A. hi can you help launch this amazing looking bike..its tesla inspired. Ether9 or Ether369.com


97warlock ismyname says:

Think you could hit 30MPH on hard road ??

minnie saab says:

aaron deminie says:

I have the same bike. An my brakes don’t not. Work how would I set the brakes so I can actually stop

Wasabii says:

What website did you purchase this at?

adrinz says:

Very nice. I’d love to get one! How long did the shipping take? And is it easy to assemble??

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