Electric Bike Outfitters Front Range 2.0 Kit Video Review – $1.4k Powerful Ebike Kit

https://electricbikereview.com/electric-bike-outfitters/front-range-2-0-kit/ The Electric Bike Outfitters Front Range 2.0 Kit is a powerful internally geared hub motor that is well-suited to cargo bikes and climbing applications, it weighs more and produces more noise but offers more torque. Comes with motor-inhibiting mechanical brake levers, an eight magnet cadence sensor, and a fancy LCD display with integrated USB charging port. This kit can be setup as Class 1, 2, 3, or off-road, you can adjust the top speed and determine how quickly the cadence sensor responds, choose from half-grip, full-grip, or trigger throttle. Excellent customer service with a 30-day return policy and 1-year warranty, hand-spoked into your choice of wheel size, customizable wire lengths, there is some delay in the speed readout on the display, kits require more work to install and can look cluttered.


aaron quinn says:

Yea that seems abit steep, my first kit was $700 3 years ago and it was 1200w with a 555wh battery.

Phil D. says:

Hi , thanks for your reviews , always interesting and usefull, did you know if this exist for a trike , and do you have a test in the near future of a trike like the new hp-velotechnik s-pedelec , take care

Ajemo Haltom says:

Great mention of the controller current specs Court. Heat dissipation is a big issue when the battery leads or the phase leads are close together. But the more the controller can draw out of the battery at once, the easier hills are to climb with hub motors… especially with extra load going up hills.

metamorphicorder says:

So this is the same cost as a rad wagon but doesnt come with the bike.
Even if you had a bike, you could buy an entire rad wagon and have two bikes.
When i see kits like this, it makes it seem like bike makers are just giving their bikes away.

Wilian Constantino says:

Saludos,como puedo obtener este equipo para rodada 24 y 26,

Gigi Marga says:

I bought the same kit on ebay for 500 bucks:))

Oil Technology says:

This kit is garbage for a start its a cheap crap bafang lcd that does not switch on when temperature is below 35 degrees the battery box is the stupidist design ever the usb port is on the side meaning every time you peddle your leg hits the port knocking it off also the connection is loose the motor on the rear is noisy and weighs a ton , the spokes need constant adjusting as they come loose were never designed to take the weight . Try owning something for a year and discover how poor these kits are. The battery design is badly flawed meaning if you go over a bump the battery jumps out of its housing destroying it when a simple designed spring loaded catch was all they needed to add.
Everything is always great when it is new but when you own it you discover it is cheap chinese rubbish 6 months down the road do not rely on any of these kits if you are pro the will continually let you down with never ending issues I am not calling out EBR they do a great job but reviewing new kit and owning one long term is completely different ball game many kit suppliers are buying from alibaba and slapping their brand on them .

BornToRunBarefoot says:

So you couldn’t do the introduction on the other side of the building?

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