Electric Bike Outfitters Phantom Kit Video Review – $1.1k Lightweight, Stealthy, Quiet, Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/electric-bike-outfitters/phantom-kit/ The Electric Bike Outfitters Phantom Kit is one of the lightest weight, coolest looking, most affordable electric bike kits from EBO, it emphasizes efficiency and style over brute force but still performs well. Hand-spoked into a wide range of wheel sizes and available in multiple hub spacings to replace your front or rear wheel, custom wire lengths allow this kit to work with many different frames. Optional motor casing and rim colors (silver or black), optional display type (fancy LCD or compact LED), excellent 30-day return policy and one year warranty, phone support. While it does look cool, the bullet style battery does not have an integrated USB port and the pins in the mount that interface with the battery can get stuck and damaged over time, the display panel also has a lag before showing speed.


rccrashburn says:

Performance appeared barely adequate with a featherweight 135# rider. So at $1100, where is the value?

Chauncey Smith says:

First. Yea I’m first. I love your reviews.

dAz B says:

I really have to say I don’t like those battery connectors, after a while the battery will jiggle in the holder then what happens is the connectors start to arc which turns them black pretty quickly to the point where the power doesn’t flow and the motor loses power, cleaning the terminals and jamming a piece of card or folded paper will make the battery fit tightly and not rattle solved the problem for a while, eventually I bypassed these connectors and fitted Anderson plugs.

Andrew Boothe says:

GReat job with these videos!

Thomas Mehiar says:


Seb K says:

These are the best style motors . They have far more torque than mid drive motors (as well as no clutch which you need with mid drive motors) .

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