Electric Bike Review. 1000 watt, rear hub e-bike motor. 40 mph.

1000 watt, rear hub motor. Conversion kit. 40 mph.

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I have been riding my Augustine, 1000 watt theebikemotor.com company’s brushless rear hub motor for a while now. And it’s great. Plenty of power, quiet, easy to maintain and the people at theebikemotors were great to work with. Once installed the motor is controlled by the onboard computer which controls up to 15 different functions on the electric bike including the speed of the motor. See my video on the sw 900 computer.

There are 3 types of electric bike motors. Front hub, rear hub and mid drive. This is a rear hub brushless motor. Made from German Quality 180 Thermal class, copper winding, with high quality magnets, The hub width is a standard 135mm with a top speed of over 40 mph. The rim is made with a puncture proof double wall and comes with 2.6mm thick spokes for extra strength. The motor is made in their factory in Changzhou City, china about 2 hours from Shanghai. The motor is powered by a 48v lithium battery.

Brushless motors are constructed with an electronic circuit that switches the power on and off in the copper coils which in turn creates forces in each one that makes the motor spin.

Brushless motors advantages, include high torque to weight ratio, there’s more torque per watt which leads to increased efficiency, increased reliability, reduced noise, and a longer lifetime. The motor can be cooled by conduction, requiring no airflow inside the motor for cooling. This in turn means that the motor’s internal workings can be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter and waterproof.

The maximum power that can be applied to a brushless motor is limited by heat, too much heat weakens the magnets and may damage the winding’s insulation. When converting electricity into mechanical power, brushless motors are more efficient due to the frequency at which the electricity is switched by the internal position sensor.

Because of speed limit laws worldwide, watch my upcoming video on ebike speed limits around the world. the largest market for motors is between 250 watt and 500 watts. With the increased adaption of ebikes in markets without those same restrictions we are seeing motor production of 750 watt motors and above increase. Theebikemotor company is one of a handful of manufacturers who has been producing 1000 watt motors for a while and doing a great job at delivering a quality product.

This motor is solid, reliable, quiet and gets me everywhere I need to go as fast and safely as I need to get there.

1000 watt, rear hub motor. Conversion kit. 40 mph.

If you haven’t tried an E-bike you don’t know what you’re missing.

Electric bikes continue to be the highest selling electric vehicle on the planet, and are set to account for $24.3 billion worth of annual sales by 2025.

Augustine E-Bikes

We’re Dave and Kirby, 2 guys based out of Visalia and Santa Cruz, CA. and we are Augustine E-Bikes. We’ve known each other for years and have spent the last year and a half putting together the best high performance bike with top of the line components to create an amazing E-Bike ride. The Augustine.

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The Augustine, 1000w E-bike

Range: 40+ miles Varies depending on conditions
Speeds: Up to 40 miles per hour
Bike: Carbon frame 29er, SOLO T800 UD weave
Battery: 2016 48V, 12Ah, Hailong battery with Samsung Sanyo 18650 cells
Motor: 48V, 1000W Cassette brushless hub motor

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UncleHarry says:

Just checked the amps….only 12? then the watts are reduced to around 576w??..wouldn’t a 500w motor or 750w motor just as good? think when the motor is larger, the amps and /or voltage has to go up proportionally?

Steli c says:

Hii and thanks for video
Is it geared or direst drive???
I want to buy one motor but I can find most of them geared and I heard they failed on gears and clutch.
I want to be durable more than I want performance.

dahaproject3 says:

I should buy hub motor from leafbike or theebike?

Gringo! says:

I have this exact motor and I’m only getting 40kph out of it with 12s lipo hot much voltage are you running to get 40mph 72V?

UncleHarry says:

about 21 AH?

Clearanceman2 says:

I love how some reviews of electric scooters and bikes urge caution because of the extreme power. None of these people ever rode even a 500cc motorcycle, did they? 1000 watts, try 50hp. Some motorcycles have 180hp. I saw one review of a 750 watt electric scooter with a setting to dial down the power for kids under 16. And yet there are 12 year old kids with 30 hp dirt motorcycles. I just think it’s a marketing thing. None of these bikes have the least bit unmanageable horsepower. Maybe the 120 volt ones get a little terrifying on a public road, I could see that.

Chokky Leurov says:

I say 30mph tops

Pauline Torres says:

i have problem before i stall that like electric hub on my bike, 1 of my bike i have internal hub gear? and the 1 my bike is Rear Derailleurs so what is compatible for that internal hub or external derailleurs

Ian Mangham says:


jarpen3 says:

german quality in box made in chaina ?

Mads MC says:

I know I can visit you at your website but I don’t know we’re to buy it or how expensive it would be…

Torvik 79 Verevochnikov says:

Good construction. But as for me, front gear motor is much better…

Jon dinisio says:

Where can I get one at

Ian Mangham says:

I have a geared front hub 250/500watts, great motor

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