Electric Hunting Bike | Electric Bike Review

Here is a video of my Electric Bike from M2S. I use this as my Electric Hunting Bike for use in the woods while hunting. This is an Electric Fat Tire Bike with lots of great uses and benefits for the woods while hunting.

Using a fat tire electric bike for hunting allows you to get to your hunting location while sweating less and leaving less ground scent. It is a very quiet way to enter the woods as well.



Thanks for watching!

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Chip's Outdoor Channel says:

I’ve kind of wondered how these would work. Based on your video, they seem better than I thought. I have ot traverse cattle pasture and steep slopes. I think I’d be more likely to break bones than get to my stand in some situations. Neat bike for a lot of hunters though!

Earthbound Alchemy says:

Thats a cool little bike.

Cyrus 308 says:

Love it. That baby really goes too. Your uphill climb speed was impressive. I know it’s too soon to ask, but I’ll be curious about battery life going forward. My rule of thumb on battery life in the cold of winter here (60 some odd miles west of Chicago) is simple. I shave the projected battery life in half, and it seems to work out. I don’t hunt, but I spend a great deal of time at our gun club all year round. It’s about 40 miles further northwest of our house, from Chitown. I’ve been out there when the wind chills are 40 below, and seen fresh scope batteries die in under two hours. LOL One question, how much does the new rig weigh? She looks solid. thanks for the vid.

Chad Walker says:

I really like that bike! I’m an avid bow hunter and would love this bike to access some deep areas on some public land I hunt. I’m very careful about scent control and being stealthy, scouting and getting to stands would be much easier with this bike. Congrats and I look forward to further updates on the bike!

Jeremy VanEss says:

Good video! Look forward to updates been thinking about getting one but don’t want to spend the 3k for a Rambo or quiet kat as these are at a much more affordable price point.

Chad Walker says:

Hello, I know you haven’t had this bike for very long , but I was wondering if you are still happy with the purchase? Are you happy with the power it provides and ride quality? I think I’m about to take the plunge and get one tonight! I’m trying to get any feedback from owners that I can. Thanks a bunch!

Old Man Fat Bike says:

Sweet looking Fatty! Enjoy that new ride 🙂

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