eProdigy Magic Pro Video Review – $3k Belt Drive, NuVinci N380, Throttle, Mid-Motor Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/eprodigy/magic-pro/ The eProdigy Magic Pro is an approachable, highly adjustable, high-powered electric bike with lots of utilitarian extras including fenders, lights, extra reflectors, and integrated rear rack. Compact mid-drive motor keeps weight low and centered on the frame while freeing up the rear wheel to work with a NuVinci N380 or Harmony continuously variable transmission. Reliable Gates carbon belt drive won’t fall off as easily as a chain and doesn’t make as much noise, hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power without requiring much hand strength. Responsive cadence sensing pedal assist with trigger-throttle override and motor-inhibiting brake levers, only one frame size but they offer two colors (dark grey or white), extra USB ports for charging portable electronics via the battery pack or LCD display panel.


TuxKey says:

nice looking motor.. only thing they have to improve is the cabling. that should be running in the tube..i payed way more for my Riese&Müller and this looks as good so i’m impressed..

philodygmn says:

Excellent attention to detail with minimal sacrifice to keep the price out of the stratosphere and the weight manageable. I’d love sensors that obviate motor inhibitors for less cabling (though recognize they’re justified by the trigger throttle from stand-still), a removable hot-plug display that turns the bike on, and a fixed front basket mount, but those amount to relatively minor quibbles in a package this dialed-in. No bottle cage bosses *shrug* It seems plenty stable parked without a double-kickstand, but mighta been nice.

The only other contender for me right now is Evelo’s Quest Max folding bike but I think I’d prefer Magic’s superior stability and cargo hauling.

I really wish it were as quiet as Bafang. Court, have I somehow missed any comparably equipped Bafang mid-drives?


Pretty good components and incredible n.m for that price point.

DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA says:

The only thing I question is that little motor, lets see how it holds up and what people have to say about it. Who makes that motor??? Court. Channel is starting to get more Subs gratz!!!

Dan Wolf says:

You guys should do a dad edition where you rate the best upright comfort bike while pulling a two kid trailer.

okanaganmedia says:

The motor is a modified Bafang. Probably the BBS02. The high wattage lends itself to the BBSHD.

TuxKey says:

i do like Nuvinci i read an article here in The Netherlands that the Nuvinci was first made for bikes but flopped it’s not efficient but that’s less of a problem with electric bikes. in efficiency from more to less (this is what i found doing my own research).. 1) deraileur, 2) Rohloff hub, 3) pinion gearbox, 3) Shimano alfine 11,…4) NuVinci… yep least efficient is the Nuvinci.. but still i went for it because of other benefits..and i wanted the same bike as my wife ..nice e-bike no hassle no maintenance.. if you can afford it i would go for Rohloff first and second Nuvinci depending on your use..

david bass says:

Yes with belt drive would be my choice for a city bike, and sure less price would not hurt. With throttle and Nu Vinci hub very nice bike.

Dennis Dowd says:

Super looking, and I like the setup and the ability to upgrade the NuVinci to auto. Another great review, thanks so much. I like the other color, I truly want to be seen, rather than looks.

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