EUNORAU FAT-HD Review – $2.4k High Speed Fat Electric Bike The EUNORAU FAT-HD is a massively powerful 1000w mid-drive electric fat bike with internal pedal assist, twist-throttle on demand, available in two colors with commuting accessories included as standard. 46 tooth front chain ring for greater torque, combined with the fat tires, pull of an immense 1000w and extra weight of the unit adds greats traction in loose terrain. Commuting accessories come standard; metal fenders, dual pannier rail rear-rack, integrated from head light, and battery powered rear light. Included mechanical disc brakes need regular adjustment to stay on top of the increased wear from the high speed and weight of the bicycle. I’d encourage swapping for hydraulic disc brakes for routine high-speed rides.


John Puccetti says:

I just bought a RAD city thanks to your reviews. I would love to see a review on airless tires for the Rad city or the armour tires and or Tuffies and thorn resistant tubes. I never had any luck with slime.

Bill Felix says:

I could not give this (WAY OVER PRICED), E-bike, nor the review a thumbs up. There are to many things wrong with this bike that were not mentioned. Also there are a lot of improvements that could, and should be made to this bike. I wouldn’t even test ride this bike, never mind purchase it. If you ask me this bike is not safe to ride, as is. I rode bicycles, dirt bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, quads, you name it, my whole life, and never ran across a thumb throttle on the LEFT. That is just plane ridiculous. The front sprocket with all that power, and speed has no chain guide or chain guard. Not only cheap & unsafe, but that is downright scary! The mechanical brakes are totally inadequate, and unsafe for a bike of this weight, tire size, and speed, (cheap & scary). The seat has to be the cheapest, and most uncomfortable looking seat I ever saw in life. As for that small, badly located LED Display. How am I even suppose to see that tiny thing there on the left while watching the road or trail. It would most likely be wiped out, broke off with the first tree limb I brushed by anyway. May as well have no display then to have one you have to squint to see and then go off trail and crash, very unsafe. The color choses are black or blue, that’s it. I do like blue, but would prefer a bright color choose like white with orange. Something that can be easily seen on the road, and at night. Noteworthy to mention is there is only one sticker, (decal) on the side motor, and a tag in the front to an otherwise solid colored bike. Not a lot of imagination nor thought put into that one. I do like the battery style, and how it seems to mold, or blend into the frame. That is most likely the only thing I do like about this bike. At first I did like the metal fenders, but then thought, metal they will dent easy, and most like rust fast. This made in China bike does offer some limited US support, and with all the grinding, and banging noises I heard test riding it in the video I’d say your gunna need it. In conclusion I see an E-Bike that was designed in a way to keep manufacturing cost As Low As Possible, while maintaining the highest possible profit margin. I should also address the fact that this bike with a top speed of 28 mph with or without PAS, and the 1000 Watt battery make this bike NOT STREET LEGAL in most, if not all US States. Like I stated in the beginning of this comment, the bike is way WAY OVER PRICED ! I will not give my opinion on the value of this bike, to me there is none.

B B says:

blue monkey Mike? W(where)TF is Court?

dipi says:

17:11 These sound recordings are invaluable, they keep showing me how silent my Shimano hub gear is in comparison. Great video as always, cheers!

Sir Fed says:

Like this guy, hope he stays around..

Ken Rihanek says:

Seems like you ignored a lot of the problems with this bike.

Richard Day says:

What happened to the other dude that was doing this show?



Gerry Gunn says:

Great review as always Mikey, thanks!!

Ian Mangham says:

I could never have a mid drive, I just switch out my front wheel/remove battery and I’m back to a 30pound mtb.

Adog828 says:

Who is this? I never seen him review bikes

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