Faraday Porteur S Civic Edition Video Review – $3.5k Limited Run, Lightweight, Stylish Ebike

https://electricbikereview.com/faraday/porteur-s-civic-edition/ The Faraday Porteur S Civic Edition is a limited edition Faraday Porteur ebike with upgraded NITTO bullmoose handlebar, Paul Components CNC disc brakes, Compass gravel tires, Brooks saddle, and PDW bell. Lightweight, quiet, efficient, and responsive motor system, custom Bafang geared hub motor with two planetary gear reductions for increased zip, 35 Nm of torque climbs well. Beautifully integrated front and rear LED lights, concealed wires, great optional accessories including Yepp compatible rear rack and sturdy porteur style front rack, three frame sizes and three color options. Minimalist E-Ink display doesn’t show your current speed or range estimate just battery capacity, cannot remove battery pack for independent charging, Civic Edition doesn’t come with fenders, significantly more expensive than other Portland S models. I shot this video with the founder of Faraday Electric Bikes, Adam Vollmer, in San Francisco California at their headquarters.


Les Hsu says:

Way overpriced!

Darryl Bryant says:

Does that battery charge port have a cover, with no fenders it will fill up real quick with road grit

Shane Crowley says:


abbaby555 says:

Such a clean simple bike, thanks for sharing, awesome review as always!

DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA says:

Wish they made a low buget model. love the whole USA theme.

Shadow Girl says:

“With that 43v setup which is pretty unique to us you get this nice combination of frankly a little more torque and power then you would expect in a bike of this size.”
Somehow I am very doubtful… You’re telling me that with one of the weakest batteries in the e-bike industry, that we get “more torque and power”.

El Mission says:

I rode this bike at an e-bike ‘fair’ in Larkspur, California (basically Marin). The ride is shit. It’s as good as any of the other ebikes, which, frankly were WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than this one but had a much better, more aggressive ride. The only thing this bike had over others is the pretty design. It’s precious and designed for a ridiculous city like San Francisco, which, btw has a tremendous bike theft issue. This bike is an anachrohism — it feels like it’s something that belongs in an ultra safe suburb where you can leave it outside and no one will steal it. It’s ridiculous that Farraday has two stores in San Francisco and they’re putting out an expensive piece of shit like this. So…the ride is pedal assist only (no throttle for $3.5K), it’s as smooth as any of the other bikes I rode that day (Riese & Müller, Brompton, Stromer & others) but definitely NOT BETTER, the solid design with no shock absorption is annoying — definitely not something you can take off-road. The founder in the vid is an annoying, post-yuppie prick typical of the shitheads in San Francisco that do this elitist shit. I listened with interest as he talked about the style aspects of the bike (‘bling it out’) and little about functionality. Also…wtf is up with the non removable batteries. So…what happens when you run out juice because of the memory effect? I don’t remember Faraday doing something for this for free. So…this bike is all about the yuppie thing. NOT WORTH $3.5K. This shit is for collectors who care more about how it looks than function. Like I said, I rode it. Not worth $3.5K USD.

Andy Martinez says:

I’ll just buy a hub wheel ebike kit 1000watts at amazon or eBay they going for 200 hundred plus battery going for 300 to 500 hundred online , and they go 40 mph fast and better. Make any bike into ebike .

Dennis Dowd says:

Yes, awesome review, thanks. That ride was something else. I love the look and that it doesn’t really look like a ebike. Excited!

MeepMoto says:

Would it be possible for you to review the ONYX CTY/RCR? Seems like it would be interesting

Faye Calder says:

Very nice!

Shadow Girl says:

43v 6.8ah battery?! Wow that’s pretty bad… especially with the energy needed to go up the hills in the bay area.
(And that’s WITH them making the battery larger x.x)

MatRdmCooper says:

still wish I could get one of these in Australia
My dream bike would be the Porteur S (regular) with the internal gear hub and belt drive but the dark silver with the steel fenders 😀
(wonder how much a special order would set me back 😀

Figger0808 Figger0808 says:

Hi Court, can you do a review on the city rover s5 carbon fibre scooter/ series 5 carbon fibre scooter. Thanks.

chill bane says:

pretty expensive bike.

Mike S says:

love those wheels and tires . . beautiful commuter

Jonathan says:

160 for the motor. $500 for the battery tops. You are paying almost $2k for the design. Faraday it is a good looking bike, but man people are really jumping on this $2k price point BS. Get this stuff back down to 7-800 + bike and we can talk. This bike should be $1500 tops with bulk purchasing.

Lynn Recker says:

Has Faraday ever considered putting their hub motor on the rear wheel and then use a Pinion gear box with a Gates belt drive?

Electric Vehicle Hub says:

The design of the Faraday Porteur is very, very nice. The bike looks great in my opinion.

David Davidson says:

Love the bike, wish more range

sweet dreams says:

Idk about these batteries in the frames, frames flex a lot when riding.

Lance McGrew says:

If Apple designed an ebike, this is what it would look like however the price would be double.

Gallardo6669 says:

I don’t watch the whole vidoe. I wonder,seems like bike is dying with the battery??? Not accessible?? If so, sorry, but how stupid is that? Even an i phone can be opened by a technician. And the bike? Cut the frame or what?? Do they wanna tell me bike is only good as the battery life and then i throw it away??? Redneck engineering???

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