Felt Tote’M Video Review – Nimble, Light Duty Cargo Electric Bike, Shimano STePs

https://electricbikereview.com/felt/totem/ The Felt Tote’M is a light-duty electric cargo bike that can carry a single child seat on the long rear rack, available in three frame sizes, nimble handling, optional front rack. Not as heavy as other cargo e-bikes in part because of the Shimano drive system, it’s less powerful but also quieter than some competing motors. Excellent utility and safety thanks to fenders, a rack system that can be expanded through accessories, quality integrated lights, and a pair of matching pannier bags. The Shimano STePs motor used here isn’t as powerful as the Bosch motor (seen on the BRÜHAUL) but it doesn’t cost as much, Removable display and battery.


Ken Nash on Pickering says:

Diluting the EBR Brand is risky business. Stay true to the Brand’s message – Solely your perspective on a bike. I see from other posts, people follow other ebike channels than EBR; as I do also. Eliminate any interference clouding a pure EBR Brand. Nice guy and all who did the video. But this is not the point. A Quarter with Cheese from McDonalds, is always hamburger and cheese, not chicken, pork or lamb. A predictable Brand experience builds trust and credibility. EBR is a stellar Brand worth preserving its authenticity.

Lysle Basinger says:

I like his voice. He sounds like Kelly from Citrus Cycles in Canada.

Jason Day says:

great review, beautiful bike, definately next time use the camera stabilizer software

Richard Day says:

The review is good it is a little shaky get the stabilizer and do more reviews Thanks

Guysen Pauline says:

Great stuff!!!

Anup Dudani says:

@electricbikereview, It would be great if you put the price of the bike in description, so people can decide if they want to watch the review. Checking on website is one more step and sometimes it doesn’t show up in google results, just a thought.

Chuck Chambers says:

Price? Weight? Cassette or freewheel? How many gears? Nice review but a few more facts would be helpful.

tyler anderson says:

follw-up comment: I like the guest-reviewer format a lot. If that helps you cover more bikes and you’re workig with folks you know / trust to do the reviews, I think it’s a great idea.

Dale Hall says:

I’m wondering why you haven’t done a review on Luna Cycle’s offerings? You get more power choices, great service and non proprietary systems to work with. I believe you should check them out if you are interested in REALLY presenting what is available to those of us with an interest in ebikes.

Casey says:

You are giving specs and then say “if I remember right”? Worthless information if I remember right.

nkydbfbsjsjueueueueueh says:

I thought he did a great job, agree on the stabilization. His other videos at Blue Monkey are very informative and entertaining. They err on the shorter side which would be good for directed short answers to specific topics. It’s a good idea for collaboration and wouldn’t mind seeing more, but you can’t help making comparisons. I guess there has to be a standard guide for you!

Silly Wabbits says:

Great review Mikey✌

David Shultz says:

It’s nobody’s business what how why or whom he’s getting paid from it’s no one’s business but his own and the people that are doing business with him. He owes you no explanations or anyone else for that matter he writes very good reviews I feel he is honest with his opinions and his reviews he has a unique style all of his own if you don’t like it don’t watch him but don’t call him out and put him on the spot asking him who’s getting paid from you got some nerve.

Benjamin Jehne says:

… He is doing really good. I also watch his reviews.

But I think, you will need this for the future. More and more bikes will come, this market will go such much up, but you’re just one Cort. And yes, maybe you have to find someone who is editing the hole stuff, so you have enough time for your site.

But as I said, good job, I love your reviews…

Bruce Ballad says:

He is cool. I am following their channel too. He is good at his job.

The colour of the bike is really interesting it looks like bronze or brass I guess. I like the bottle cage holes. Integrated lights should be a standard for cargo e-bikes. Generally, the bike is looking very useful. I think removable cargo rack is really practical too. However, since he said there are bikes which have this part welded but broken, I don’t if this bike is strong enough with those screw holes.

ZiggZagg11 says:

I really like my RadWagon and for the money it is great…

Vipes SRT says:

He is good too but you da man!!!!

rccrashburn says:

Please put the MSRP in the description. Jesus Christ.

tyler anderson says:

I’ve had a Totem for about 7 months and LOVE it a lot !  It’s not the fastest bke on the road and it’s not the biggest cargo bike, but I wanted 1 bike to cover all my needs (commuting, grocery-getter, riding for fun, hauling bags of compost to a gardening project, even taking a passenger occasionally. This bike does it all pretty well and feels like a regular bike while doing it. Very stable under heavy load. And unlike most cargo bikes, I can lug it up a flight of stairs if necessary.

Keith Knudsen says:

Yeah, really miss the camera stabilizer… hard to watch.

D Danilo says:

Excellent review by Mike! He’s very fluent and concise. Only YOU, Court, can properly evaluate your EBR platform, but I would be cautious of “giving away the birthday cake in favor of eating the candles”. I’m sure you’ll work it out to your satisfaction! BTW: I remember being taught to come to a complete stop at the octagonal red stop-signs…Mikey seems to blow right through them!

bloodandwhisky says:

Why no Luna Cycle reviews? Word on the street is that you are getting paid by the big manufactures. Is that true?

Taz Brown says:

If you are going to do this using other people, make sure they have other bikes to compare to under their belt… if the reviewer sells the bike he reviews everything is gonna be “really nice”. (Lost count) His details are good though. Also you are VERY polished in your delivery. Keep up the good work!

todkapuz says:

different, but works… ^_^

Robostark says:

@electribikereview, can you please review the latest bikes from Luna Cycle? They are making great stuff worthy of your viewers’ time.

Lysle Basinger says:

Good review!

Knut Essigsud mit Dill says:

17:25 so close! :O

Cal 20 Sailor says:

Video is a VISUAL medium, not a narrative one. This guy really needs to work on his camera technique and rather than just talk about the components he should SHOW them, and he should learn to keep the subject IN FRAME. He needs to learn to keep his mind on what he’s supposed to be doing. Maybe he improved his technique after I quit watching at 3:10, but that just goes to show you how irritating I found this video review…

runner4eg1 says:

didn’t even watch the review soon as you said somebody else is going to do it I turned it off and went to something else. I don’t own an e bike too expensive I would rather have a recumbent bicycle. I do like watching your reviews.

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