First time riding an E-Bike! *2018 Giant Full E+ Pro 1*

These bikes are so much fun! such a weird feeling riding trails I’ve always ridden but going up them with hardly any effort!


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amk says:

cool vid

Casa Del Amo says:

honda xr400 bro, get on with your life stop wasting time with e-bikes

Chuck Beef says:

How to be obese and still enjoy xc biking lol.

paul deavin says:


Mike McLeod says:

I’ve been thinking about getting back into MTB after a pretty big injury a few years back – this could be the way! Looks hella fun!

James Symons says:

Totally changed my perspective on ebikes after watching this. I am looking into them for an old dude I ride with (70 years old) but now I want one to alternate with my own rides. awesome. Thanks dude!

getyaboogieon says:

would like to see how it handled that bastard climb out of Pipeline

eBikeSupply says:

Motor is the Yamaha PW Drive System also available on EasyMotion,Haibike and Yamaha Bikes themselves. Check them out @

larrysite says:

I traveled 1450km on self-made e-bike

VeganTruther says:

e-bikes are a crime against real cyclists and cycling.

protizemo s says:

Mental note: plus size tyres are the ONLY TYRES

dik head says:

best thing about ebikes you can ride them anywhere a regular bike goes unlike dirtbikes we dont have anywhere within an hours drive to ride them unless you ride organised trail rides and great for stuffed knees

Kevin Durden says:

Having that mono-shock is a HUGE feature for aggressive riding. My 1.8k american $ only got me some decent fork shocks, 500watts, yamaha crank motor, German made, 20 mph tops. Gets it done here in Asheville NC. 54 male, probably run 100+ miles in my 20’s – 40’s in addition to easily 2,000 bike cycle miles… Partial knee replacement. This set up gets me OUT and pumping the pedals with some awesome electrical assist ! I can bust up on some radical grades. BUT…my bike is set up more dirt than street. I want more street to dirt usage. I’m sure I’m gonna change up my bike settings.
Word !

Ed Ng says:

That is a cool bike

lazer tag says:

the noise he makes is hilarious

Scott says:

My 2019 Trek Powerfly 7 LT Plus will be here in a couple of weeks, can’t wait, I also will be “tuning” the motor so there is no restriction on assist speed. Big governmment can suk it.

charles says:

OMG! I just heard about E-mountain bikes last week. This is my first video I’ve seen.
Luke! You did such a GREAT job with your video. I was lol too! No joke.
I’m heading to Giant’s website as soon as I finish typing this…..
IG: camouflage.hallucination
background lead actor, fashion model.
West World S2

shannon shull says:

Cool vid. I have to chuckle at this E bike craze with bicycle riders tho. As a motorcycle enduro rider, I often ran into other bicyclist during conditioning on my Giant Trance 2… they would give flack abt having to have a motor to enjoy gnarly trails and hills and would try to convince me to feel guilty for my KTM and KDX love. I see those same purist giving in to the E mountain bike like a gateway drug foaming at the mouth abt how fun it is to have power… oh the irony. A slippery slope folks! Sign me up tho. lmao

Stay Out of the BOX says:

No Thanks bro, that bike is for riders that need all the help they can get (suspension, gearing and now power! 30 +years riding/racing bmx, mtn and road – nothing like climbing a steep hill for hours and enjoying the ride down – good for the soul!

Hannes Beukes says:

bought a 2018 dirt e + 3 power : , its MAD fun !!!, all mtbs will be ebikes soon unless youre a real hater.

CaptGamer 101 says:

Whats the whole point of this? I would love to see it how good it is uphill. I really don’t find it any useful seeing it downhill that much but it does looks great.

watch man says:

I’ve got oil on my disc brakes has anyone got any ideas what I can do?

Johnboy says:

Unfortunately, at $6,500.00, I can’t exactly swing down to my bike shop and “pick one of these up”

Asmir Sulejmanagič says:

will buy it

Stephen Petitt says:

I love mine!

1954 FA Cup says:

Ignore the first 2.5 mins, for a smashing video.

WogDdario33 YT says:

reign sx 2019 review, please

Noor Hossain says:

That looks awesome!

Jose Perez says:

Enke lugar es aki? Alguien q me diga, para ir enmi Visi

Jack Theripper says:

3:44 epic laugh..yeah

Mike Traslin says:

Looks super fun. Who is going to maintain the trails?


Where is the this ride?

morxy49 says:

Intro song?

James Kerwood says:

bike is amazing…been out of biking for 8 years with 2 bad knees and a hip, it allows me to enjoy riding again

Dave Schulz says:

I would just like to reiterate you can’t leave one locked up somewhere . The crack-heads will steal and sell them for a couple of eight-balls . Those rugged ubolt locks are not as secure as advertised . I can leave my rusty old chromoley-steel bike anywhere and if it is stolen so what ?

Dpt0401 PzT says:

Is that pedal assistance or you can just enjoy the ride without pedaling

Oliver Batchelor says:

Bought my first new (road) bike from that shop, about 10 years ago!

dag681 says:

The thing not well shown is the fact that much faster speeds are possible on flat and rolling terrain. It’s fun to watch guys that have never ridden MC, get a taste of power on demand. This is NOT for old or injured people! The bike starts going much faster, corner lines change radically. Reaction times must increase. Another thing you learn to do is “scrub” rather than jump, because you are trying, just as in motocross, to get the power back on the ground. I’m never going to back to a regular bike.

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