FLX Trail Video Review – $1.9k High-Speed, Throttle, Hardtail, Electric Mountain Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/flx/trail/ The FLX Trail is a hardtail cross country style electric mountain bike with quiet Bafang Max Drive 350-watt mid-drive motor, adjustable top speed upwards of 35 mph position it for private property or OHV use only. Three different colors to choose from – White Lightning, Carbon Black, and Gun Metal Gray – with several different upgradable options including a larger battery, rear rack, fenders, and integrated lighting. Custom designed frame with sturdy rear-end, internally routed cables keep it looking clean and reduce snags, large LCD display, powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with motor inhibitors. Offers pedal assist and trigger throttle operation, excellent weight distribution, only sold direct at the time of this review but comes with a one-year warranty and FLX has been around since 2016.


Gary Bryan says:

Nice drone coverage, thanks for the review much appreciated.

izabela bien says:

I want the blade so baaaad

Hello World says:

Is there anyone that can answer a question about the led display. I can’t store it inside, when I have really hot or really cold weather will it hurt the display?

benzoesan sodu says:

Next remarked cheap frame from China xd
I dont joking. You can get identical frame for 140 bucks. So that bike have +- 40-50% of margin

Urban Cargo Bikes says:

I need a bike that goes that fast!!

roflsyndrome says:

They have made some nice progress in the last year.

Brian Moore says:

@ ebr The speed limiter is configurable on the controller, If I recall correctly, by default they are configured as a type 3,. You would have to go into the config to change the top speed, this is no different from any bike where you can get into the configuration. You can set up the controller to be a class 1 or class 2 pedelec. I have an attack, but I have removed the throttle, if for no other reason, throttles are stupid on ebikes, and I have configured it to be a type 1, so I can take it on bike trails. So the pro is you can configure the FLX to be a type 1,2 or 3, and technical be unregistered vehicle if you set the governor above the legal classifications, but IMO the benefit is not there vs the potential legal jeopardy, in combination you get very little speed upside.

You are incorrect on the cassette, unless they have recently changed them, it is an 11-34t, IMO this is an area that should be upgraded to a 11-38 or 11-40, it is less than $50 upgrade and if you are in a hilly it is well worth the change.

BTW the their bike is ok but they continue to have challenges on supporting their products, I think you should make that part of your review. IMO they have been trying to improve, but IMO they continue to be challenged. I have created a wiki for FLX bikes to help owners find information that you cant get from flx and how to support their bikes.

Ian Mangham says:

Gun Metal Grey sounds nice

D Danilo says:

Well done, Brent! I’m glad you addressed the issue of legality with the higher top speeds. It’s nice to have these things figured out BEFORE an unhappy incident! Thanks!


One suggestion : Pls mke each video bit short. I understand you deliver all meaningful information but still who has 30 mints to watch a bike review

Herbert Torres says:

You made a very good point about your legal liability if you get into an accident with this class of bike. Even if you are not speeding and get into an accident. This is something that is often over looked by reviewers. And should be stated when applicable. Good for you and thanks.

stratostear says:

The max drives I’ve ridden top out 26 mph. That’s with swapping out the 38 t chainring for a 42 t.

roadpanzir says:

One size frame? that’s pretty sad.

joes joey says:

This one seems nice! where can i get this i want the highest motor highest speed for off road every bike ive bought in quebec is 32kph but need one for private terrain off road pleas help court!!will this come unblocked?great reviews!

Joe N says:

The forks, the brakes makes this bike dangerous and your asking for your death! Immediately take those horrid horrid Suntour and tektro and throw them in that field. For the wild life to piss on lol


That has got to be some sort of record for top speed on a 350 watt mid drive motor. The future is here, now. Thanks for the review.

Mark Chapman says:

Hard to believe that any 350w motor goes 35mph. Mid drive or not, how many amps and how miles with out pedaling. Braking system sounds good, and I can shut down motor myself. I can build better than that for less money.

Ian Mangham says:

keep your trousers clean that crank disc and stop tearing the bottoms of ones combat trousers, I’ve shredded more pants on the chainring than I care to remember.

norcalchrismeister says:

Nice review bro! Is that trail in the bay area?

manifest 73 says:

I own this bike your not going to hit 30mph with those tires, change to street tires then yes. But your going to have to pedal pretty hard. The draw back is the 350 watt motor, its good but torgue could be better.

carl marcelin says:

mentioning the warnings about power will most definitely catch the ears of bikers!…….bound to spark sales!
as a bbsHD rider I have to say that I love it and no way could I would go down to an anemic normal ebike!

F r e e l e e says:

Another under power e bike .yawn……

Steve Donovan says:

I’ve gotten a new impression of you, you’re a safety, safety feature kind of guy – I hope you can temper it some. I enjoy your reviews, and selection of bikes.

Ed Sinofsky says:

that front shock is spring, not air.

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

That’s on fast bike!

David Bradford says:

Court is so busy he is getting another guy to help do the reviews, glad to see that! Keep up the good work , both of you

mobgma says:

Where is the other guy?

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