Freway VR-01 Ebike Video Review The Freway VR-01 Ebike is a light weight, super affordable electric mountain bike launched on Kickstarter in 2015, available on Amazon and Newegg now. Available in two frame sizes, a 19″ diamond in black or a 17″ mid-step in white, quick release front wheel, removable battery, 27 speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain. Fancy backlit color LCD touch screen display that isn’t removable unfortunately, nice hydraulic disc brakes with average 160 mm rotors but not motor inhibitors. Awesome 5 year frame and 2 year motor + battery warranty but some translation issues on the website and a greatly inflated range estimate.


Tracey McNeel says:

Frame material made from STEEL is a more forgiving ride; I wish there would be more e-bike makers that would design their frame with steel tubing. So far I have only witnessed the Everly 202 as having steel tubing, but I would like to see more. Also, some of us bike riders really only need help on steep inclines; pedaling on rolling hills and flats some of us are already able to ride quite quickly; more minimalist e-bike designs would be IMO more beneficial to a lot of regular bike riders. I would also assume that this type of bike would be much more cost effective than those who are 500watts+ of power as for an e-bike. The expensive e-bikes remind me that of simply riding a motorized moped.

mtlnascarfan says:

Nice bike.
Considering buying one.
Hopefully available in Canada or can be shipped here.

MunroPlays says:

What’s top speed?

Bhakta Singh says:

Can the controller and battery be upgraded to give more power to the motor?

radbcc says:

I like the GenZe better….

Rainers Altans says:

max speed

Akira says:

I truly enjoy your reviews, informative and entertaining.! Could you also do reviews on bike kits as well. Or at least give your opinion on these kits. Thanks.

Josh Englert says:

I own this bike…use it for commuting and it’s been great and my first experience with an electric bike.

Guysen Pauline says:

I was just looking at this bike on Amazon. Thinking about grabbing it. Wanna use it to commute to work

Flo Mo says:

WOW WOW WOW….. I want!!! 🙂

J-R says:

did the bike come with the battery, on amazon ppl are saying you have to buy the extra one

Alex Jeans says:

pretty cool, I have noticed that they have launched the Freway 2.0 ebike, called buffalo, will you give us the review about that , that one seems cooler

Rainers Altans says:


nerdexproject says:

Damn that display is a beauty! If I needed a bike to commute to work, this would definitely be an option especially considering the price! But it does not seem to be made for offroad action really. Great review!

DrZarkloff says:

maybe it has a 60 mile range if you’re going downhill all the way. please make that two year from now video about how your bike worked out for you.

valveman12 says: Great reviews. Very comprehensive.

Dario Hall says:

Im looking really into getting a bike to get around my neighborhood, i see your in Austin, Tx? Me too! Do you sell full on complete bikes?

MotorheadRedo says:

I knew it was just a matter of time before we see a Chinese ebike that looks good and is super cheap. I wonder if Pedego, Easy Motion, Stromer and others are crapping their pants? Ah, the benefits of allowing Chinese to manufacture everything….

Terry Brightwater says:

Nice bike for the price ;0)

Clinton Baltazor says:

Kool bike and in my price range, but even at 19 inch frame its still too small! I am 6ft.4in tall, 200lbs, I ride a 23 inch Specialized rockhopper 29er 2015. I ride 365 days a year and although I live in Iowa my daily commute has a lot of hills, around 20 miles a day. I have been searching for an ebike kit, or ebike for my size and needs! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have learned so much about ebikes from watching your videos! Thanks! Agape and phileo!

KinTree Warrior says:

How fast have you gotten on it?


we have very limited ebike in Australia

trumpsahead says:

$1200? I keep seeing prices at $599, so what gives? Is $1200 the high end? What do I get for $599, I’m afraid to ask.

sonam sharma says:

Hi, thanks for nice review. How tall are you? I am 5,10 and wondering which one will fit me better the white 17 or black 19? White is better looking to me but would not want to be hunched if its too small.

PsykoWheels says:

tempted to buy… but I’m looking for something under 1K that will do 28mph. preferably mountain type. any suggestions?


oh my God!!!!!
this bike is perfect!!!!!!

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