Gazelle Avenue C8 Video Review – Approachable, Relaxed, Comfortable Electric Bicycle The Gazelle Avenue C8 is a durable, streamlined, wave style step-thru electric bicycle from an established European brand with an excellent track record of quality and service, available in three frame sizes for improved fit. Uses one of the lightest, quietest, and most efficient mid-drive motors from Shimano with an updated display panel and high-capacity 504 watt hour rear-rack battery, adjustable swept-back handlebar. Purpose-built frame routes cables internally but has cutouts for serviceability, reinforced main-tube reduces frame flex, smaller 26″ tires bring the frame closer to the ground, gel saddle and seat post suspension feel great. Integrated LED lights and reflective tires keep you visible and safe, fully encased chain stays clean and won’t drop easily, internally geared hub can be shifted at standstill and won’t get dirty or go out of true as easily as a derailleur.


trekkeruss says:

Personally, not a fan of batteries mounted on a rack; too much weight up high. Also, there are good reasons why hydraulic rim brakes are not popular. IMO, better use quality mechanical brakes that are both easier to service and where replacement parts are available everywhere and not only online.

Ddr Hazy says:

Rim brakes, small motor and small battery. Expensive at $3k, you are paying roughly $2500 for the non electric parts of the bike and paying a premium price for the “hip” design, not for it’s performance.

Eco Hut says:

Is there a throttle button? If yes, what is the build quality?

Chris Till says:

I much prefer the R&M Nevo to this but it’s still pretty good. But tyres too narrow, rim brakes instead of discs. Rack mounted battery also not great. And the badly positioned kick stand.

It’s cool to see more of the Shimano system. But I haven’t seen that system or the Yamaha being used with a belt drive. Is that possible on either of them?

Michael V says:

Very nice city pedelec. Court you selected the right spot for a navy blue bike!
Noticed the rim break mounts are attached to correct side on frame and bicycle fork so it is pushed not pulled when breaking. If I saw it corectly that chain protector covers all chain right and left side protecting it much better from sand carried by sea wind as they got quite often in the Netherland.
I’m using Shimano Nexus i8 hub since 16000 km and it is a sufficient non-problem hub for pedelecs used in flat and middle hill areas. It needs professional maintenance each 5000 km. The chain tension adjustment screw shows the big experiance Gazelle got.

Wishing all a happy new year!

Kevin Soon says:


Douglas Kmiotek says:

It’s freezing in NYC,… when did you get to do this review??? LOL!!!

David Darwall says:

Do you plan on doing a review on the smart Motion pacer gt?

Seb K says:

I have those tyres and they are really good . I have had mine for nearly a year and use my bike daily and they are still perfect .

Lysle Basinger says:


Rolf620 says:

About the AXA Defender frame lock.
It is a Dutch lock and sins we have more bikes than people you need a good lock in the Netherlands.
Firts of the key retention, it is a insurance requirement the lock is ART 2 certified and has a serial number.
If you claim your bike stolen you have to provide two key’s (whit that number) so if you park your bike and don’t lock and some one takes of whit your bike they have one of the two key’s that way they make sure you lock your bike.
The two hand operation is a child safety device we Dutch tend to take our young kids on the back of the bike to school.
You have to turn the key on one side 1/8 to be able to operate the locking lever on the other side this way a child riding on the back can’t push on the leaver during the ride blocking the rear wheel in transit.
On the other side of the key hole there is a hole were a locking pin fits in.
A hardened chain whit a pin and a big end shackle can be looped around some thing solid like a pole pull the pin trough the big end shackle and insert into the lock this way your bike is lock at the rear wheel and locked to the solid world so no one can lift the rear wheel and walk away whit your bike.
Unlocking does retract the locking ring on the rear wheel and releases the locking pin.
One key two security features.

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