Giant Electric Bike Review

The extraordinary growth in sales of electric bikes in Europe and Asia and elsewhere has not been matched in Australia. This may partly be explained by cultural and social differences in Australia compared to other societies, including a rigidly held belief in the superiority of fully motorised transport. There is also a potpourri of factors including a peculiarly Australian belief that use of electric propulsion is a form of “cheating”. That of course is nonsense. At St Kilda Cycles we have been wary of promoting electric bikes which are not from a known manufacturer. We have people bringing in electric bikes which are not properly supported. with spares etc. There is more that can go wrong with the electric bike given that it has a battery , engine and crank drive motors. Giant have a range of e-bikes of which two are now available in Australia. These bikes are fully supported and I have been riding one for the past week. Great fun and I really just want one!


actnowone says:

I know what you mean about bike mirrors, I use the exact same one you are using except I use two, one on either side of the handlebars to give better field of view.

It’s strange how very few people use cycle mirrors yet they use them on all motor bikes and cars. I consider them equally if not more important on a cycle because you have far less protection if some idiot hits you. Mirrors help keep you aware of things coming from behind at a quick glance without having too turn you’re head and look back.

I am looking to get my first e-bike and decided it will be a Giant, good range of frame sizes, nice streamline battery integration and centre drive motor all helps with balance plus a reputable manufacturer offering a supported warranty.

I believe Yamaha and Giant are working on a new motor scheduled for release in 2017/2018? I was wondering if it will offer full electronic gear shifting which I think is the way things are moving as the technology becomes more affordable.

PS, like you’re city bike, looked at that one myself but am deciding more towards Explore E+1, however, it’s not available in the UK so may need too import it from Germany?

Tendy O'Brien says:

Excellent review.

tommy neer says:

great review!!!!

sam cam says:

hi great video, i have purchased the same bike Dirt E, i find the lcd screen protrudes to far out and i had a near miss with a truck and fell of my bike resulting in the lcd smashed unfortunately my local Giant dealer can’t get information on spare parts regarding replacement lcd screen. The unit on the Quick E is in a much better position and is a bit protected .

garth rea says:

Good Review, keep them coming

G Lukes says:

I’m a bit confused about the test ride, you said that you were going to tackle Mount Pleasant Road but instead just did an easy ride along Banyule Road which all the local kids can ride. I am sure that the Quick E+ and Dirt E would be great on Mount Pleasant Road, they both look to be good bikes. I have been riding for many years but I had a heart attack a few weeks ago and will be test riding both bikes, but unlike your ride I will be taking them on Mount Pleasant Road.

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