Giant Full-E+ 1 Video Review – Full Suspension Electric Bike The Giant Dirt-E+ 1 is a full suspension electric mountain bike with capable hardware, excellent dealer support and impressive range, four frame sizes accommodate a range of riders, impressive pricepoint. 22-speed drivetrain with Shimano Deore XT Shadow Plus allows you to engage a clutch to tighten the chain and bolster shifting (important given the 80 Nm peak motor torque rating). Custom battery pack design fits neatly into the downtube but can be charged on or off the frame, compact display and button pad were large enough to read and press but stayed out of the way. Stiff thru-axles with boost hubs (longer than normal) support 2.6″ tires, tapered head tube and ebike specific suspension from Fox is stiff, Maestro suspension design improves stopping and reduces bob.


botchok5 says:

Damn I’m torn between this one and the Quick E+….. I prefer the Quick E’s aesthetics and practicality for commuting, but these bad boys have a lot more torque. I tested both, I want the torque of these bikes onto the Quick E, then I’m sold.

Gahhhhh it’s so hard to choose, especially because it’s quite a big investment on a bicycle.

Robert Groves says:

This is the ONE….. This is a super sexy bike!

Tahir Rana says:

Anthony looks like a part -time drag queen!

eversdu20 says:

Hello ,

I’m from Paris, i follow your vids with enthousiasm .Please continu .

Ted Kidd says:

Giant rides nice, but the one I rode was quite noisy compared to Specialized. I rode one that had a double last weekend.

I want a bike that is a quiet as possible.

28 minutes before the ride? Anybody else wish you’d show the ride before the talk?

brighton dude says:

Good to see Giant Ebikes in the USA. It is true we have had them in Europe for a long time now. The more diversity the better.

Kirk Dillon says:

Great review! I’m the market for an ebike. Looking at the Haibike, Trek, and now Giant. This is a nice
piece of kit.

aaron quinn says:

dude you’ve really upped your game, I’ve been watching you the last year since the 36v going uphill video around that corner, man that thing struggled and daily full length reviews now is pretty impressive. Good job:)

Juan Noval says:

Cool bike. love the reviews.

Michigan Mister says:

can you explain the different class’s and why the bud doesn’t utilize a suspension package? many thanks as always!!


Court I have last years model I have a “Muckynutz Gut Fender Mudguard” From MTB that goes on the down tube to stop mud/stones etc hitting the down tube and myself hope this helps.

Tamas Varga says:

I don’t understand why they put 2x crankset on this bike it’s completely unnecessary. Good looking bike though…

Andriy Levin says:

IMO the best looking ebike ever.

Andrew Hunter says:

Not keen on the Orange livery. still nice though.

Bob A says:

Nice bike Court. I asked about this bike and you have delivered! You are a man of your word indeed! I test rode the lower model of this bike w/o full susp and it has a nicely tuned Yamaha motor with that nice cockpit. I would put this up against the higher end Sduro Haibike for comparison. Giant has truly stepped up their game on this one at a great price point for all these nice components IMHO. Good review indeed. Not sure why they would not make the interface removable, however I do like the walk assist for a 50 pounder- Yay!

daxdagr8t says:

A reign ebike and im sold!

Aaron Mathias says:

Awesome review mate! In your opinion can an E-Bike like this Giant be outfitted for cross country touring? Also in terms of Laden weight – Rider + Luggage = What would be the sweet spot for such a bike? Once again, keep up the awesome work mate!

Griglia Pronta says:

Top bike!

Oversized Pelican says:

Is it just me or this guy looks like coyote Peterson

Flatslide says:

Nice bike. Giant always offer good value for money. Court, if you have knee issues like myself, I recommend trying a pair of Pedaling Innovations flat pedals. I’ve been using mine for 7 months now and they make a big difference to the stress load on my knees. It took months getting used to having the arch of my foot always centred over the axle, rather than using the ball of my foot in the pedal. The platform is massive (I use Sam Hill 5-10 shoes ), and for me they have made a positive addition to my cycling experience. Also I semi-regularly ride lift access downhill and have smashed them into plenty of rocks; they’re tough too. Merry Easter etc 😀

Dave Caldwell says:

Nice bike ! Is that Sam from the ‘shop around the corner’ in the background at 17.44 ?

Manish Kumar says:

it’s a great bike but way too expensive… we can buy a couple of Yamaha R15 150cc motorcycle and run the bike for 2-3 years for the money left…..

Juan Noval says:

btw, will Giant bring a commuter/city ebike in the near future? I’m sure Europe and Asia already gets one. thx.

skyungjae says:

Fullerton bikes is awesome! Buena Park, their sister store, is better. Long live Ricardo!

samuel Townsend says:

So great to hear from the guys at Fullerton Bikes I know they’ve helped us out over the years tremendously shout out to Mike and the whole crew thanks for everything.

ForbinColossus says:

Court, have you noticed any improvement in the newer Yamaha motors like this-? Foolish that the display is not removable. Advantage: Bosch

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