Giant Road-E+ Video Review – 28 mph Electric Road Bike The Giant Road-E+ is an aggressive road bike with 28 mph top electric-assisted speed, drop bars and sport saddle, you get Shimano Ultegra rear and 105 front derailleurs with 22 gear combinations to work with. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful stops and tend to stay cleaner than rim brakes, all-Aluminum frame is lightweight and sturdy but doesn’t absorb vibrations as well as Steel or Carbon fiber. Available in four frame sizes for better fit, sold through Giant dealers worldwide so you can get setup right and rely on knowledgeable technicians for tuneups and any warranty support. The Yamaha mid-drive system is relatively quiet but still very powerful, it doesn’t provide as wide an RPM range so I find myself pedaling slower than I’d like at times, LCD display is not removable.


Tim Owen says:

Looking for a road style E-Bike for my wife so she can join me on some hilly rides. This video has helped a lot thanks very informative, thanks!

tjenkens says:

I think you need to talk about where these e-bikes can be used and where they can’t. This is very important on the off road (MTB) bikes. Thx.

Aaron ___ says:

this one is sweet and the price is high but not outrageous.

scootosan says:

Nice video. As you said may be great for someone with psychical limits or for commuting. I would like to have one (someday).

Jeff Perteet says:

I am in the market for a premium bike, but I really don’t know where to turn, when making that big purchase considering I’m in a very rural area, help me pls!

PETER DAVID david says:

thanks you finally did the test on the bike i want to buy

mvh808 says:

Great review Tom! What I am missing at the moment is either an app or the onboard computer to calculate and display the watts that the motor adds in vs. the watts that I put in through my legs. At the moment, all I have is Strava which is showing me a watt estimate as a total when I am on my ebike. This however does not show what part of that was me and what was the motor. Accordingly, you cant rely on the calorie burnt values, etc.

ytesb1 says:

Re the “cheating” discussion, road bikes have always been evolving to be lighter, stiffer, and more aero. That has enabled us to go farther and faster with less effort. Is that cheating? If ebikes are “cheating”, how is that different from having $3000 carbon fiber aero wheels when others on the road don’t? Both mean you have to put in less effort at a given speed. Just interesting to me to try to understand where that cheating line is.

sam cam says:

I would like to hear your review and opinion of the Dirt E. i love watching your Reviews thanks.

ziasong says:

It’s nice to be able to speak after 28 mph sprint.

Castaway says:

Why don’t you stop peddling when you shift so you don’t mash?

mike kearsley says:

Great Vid, Thanks, always learn a lot from your vids.

Dalius Jankauskas says:

When You stop peddaling, the electric motor still gives torque to the gear crank for a few seconds. It is harmful to shift gears on giving power. The solution is to press a brake a little before shifting gear. When You press a brake, the electric motor stops immidiatly. This information should be given in the user’s manual.

Jared Oelderink-Wale says:

electricbikereview link is wrong. has extra ‘1’ in url

melonbarmonster says:


moinsen mann says:

I rly like the bikes look

Alex Davis says:

Strange comment about RPM thats the 2017 motor which spins at a max 120 RPM up from 86 RPM 2016 model.the motor is more powerful than the top of the range Bosch motor.
I have this bike and have “hacked it for one Euro” see how on You Tube the bikes top speed on the flat with no wind is about 33.5 mph and I am Mr average on a road bike. Yamaha invented the mid drive motor which all the others including Bosch copy.

yoma measureacher says:

your laces is in danger!

david campbell says:

hardly riding safe is it when you have one hand on the bike and a camera in the other? perhaps you should use a body or helmet camera all the time and that way you can have both hands on the handlebars and concentrate on the road conditions. David.

Bob A says:

Wow have not seen a road bike that looks this cool in a while. Court-How does the front fork feel with no suspension? Does it have any flex to it to absorb some of the terrain. Hope you review he Dirt-E also. THX!

Noah C says:

Great review.

ForbinColossus says:

Giant as one of the big 3 (Trek, Specialized, Giant) has the resources to make a kickass ebike. My ebike tastes still side with full suspension MTBs, but this is good to see

Christopher Railwah says:

That looked really fun. I’m moving to NYC and your reviews are definitely helping me out. I’m just looking to see which is is right for me

Karma King says:

One thing that is not “spectacular” is the glare on the display. Saw nothing

Grant Wakulczyk says:

Hey Court, are you going to be reviewing the Giant Quick-E+ also?

David R says:

Did he stiff helium before doing this? Needs a voice over dude, the content is fine but I couldn’t take you seriously. cheers

KCFlyer2 says:

I just bought one of these bikes because of a health issue. This bike is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a damn good road bike even with the system turned off. It is on the heavy side, but I’ve ridden 100 miles the first week I owned it and I noticed on the Mapmyride app that the line that displays the speed and elevation, the blue (speed) line is essentially flat. I am using the same amount of effort and I have increased my average speed on 30+ mile rides from 12 to 18.2 mph – and that was in Eco mode.

As he says, it takes a little getting used to when shifting. You have to ease up on peddling to insure that all shifts are smooth. Doesn’t take long to figure out.

The bike shop told me that I’d most likely never use more than Eco unless I wanted to show off. So far, they are right…although I did show off on one ride – in Normal mode, I was going uphill at 25 mph. I;m almost afraid to use Power mode. But I love that this bike feels like a regular bike – every so often you can feel the assist, but it usually feels like you are riding as usual….just going faster. Wonderful bike. Ride one once and you’ll want one

Sorin Vasile Bogdan says:

Is every road cyclist out there a ”racer’? What happened to just commuting or going out by yourself?

Peloton HQ says:

Nice review Court – due to the lack of quality road ebike choice out there, I am in the process of converting a Bosch Haibike Trekker with carbon Enve dropbars, fork, stem , seatpost and stripping off the all accessories it comes with. With a chip, the shop says it will do 45km motor assisted. There must be huge market out there with 40+ age group who have bad knees / weekend warriors. Surprised not many manufacturers are playing in this space. Tend to be more cashed up and happy to drop $10k in a heartbeat. And….. it’s not cheating if you aint racing 🙂

ilikewasabe says:

i dig the sexy tire clearance. And it looks slick.. are the chainrings replaceable? coz on my e-bike, i tend to turn off the assist and use it as a regular bicycle and use the assist as a rest period. Thats how i extend my mileage dramatically.. Since its a heavier bike i tend to lean on lower gearing, saves my knees too 🙂

HTFAT says:

i shouldn’t have watched this.i want one now.

Ron OBlack says:

I wonder what this bike would be like with a 9 speed belt drive. I think the belt drive would be better suited to handle the extra torque and I suspect 9 gears would be enough in combination with the motor.
I like it, but I’m not ready to give up my two road bikes yet.
Too bad there isn’t bosses for a rack and fenders.

Sthilboy56 says:

Looks great wish we could get this one in Europe we are limited by law to 15 mph pedal assist for this bike , would buy it tomorrow if we could get the 28 mph one

Karl Fonner says:

Are you sure those forks are aluminum most are steel

John Swanson says:

This review is absolutely outstanding considering this is the only real way to compare these bikes since they are so new. Thanks, and thanks also for the accessories on your website. I want one of these; now to find a dealer . . .

Stars fall. I stand. says:

reviewed any bikes from m2s electric bikes ?

RelentlessC2C says:

If you like going fast that much just buy a motorbike. These e-bikes make a mockery of what cycling is all about – self-propulsion. Look up ‘bicycle’ in the dictionary. A machine powered solely by pedals.

toshman99 says:

Very cool…thinking of getting one for my GF, i would assume that with normal assist she can easily do 40 mile ride with me and at 20-22 mph and be able to keep up.

Great review man. People that make comments like this is cheating etc. have to realize this is not for racing, and if some older rider brings this to group so he can keep up I am all for it. GCN did a great video on this as well.

Louie Lamoore says:

These e-bikes should flourish in America if there wasn’t this one big red flag: most Americans won’t fit on a bike.

edgar lowther says:


gabe arellano says:

how’s the resistance when you’re pedaling with the pedal assist off just normal without the system on is there a big resistance or can you pedal like a normal bike

Doug McGaghie says:

does anybody know the price for this bike?

Seb K says:

I actually like these road Ebikes . I will make one point though . DO NOT SHARE WITH ROADIES !!! i shared a picture of a road Ebike with my road friends and well let’s just say the air was very thick .

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